Each note gives a bit of hope. 96 there are already received by the Berlin police until midday on the search for the missing Rebecca.

The schoolgirl disappeared nine days ago, on Monday morning at 7.15 PM without a trace from the apartment of one of her older sister in Berlin-Britz.

Since then, the concern for family and friends, but also in the police grows, that of the 15-Year-old could be harmed. In the meantime, has turned a murder in the Commission of the Berlin state office of criminal investigation in the case, “because no longer can be excluded that the girl has fallen the victim of a Crime”, a police said spokesman.

police are searching by helicopter to Rebecca Reusch

On Wednesday, the police continued their search measures. Around the place of residence of the older sister several trains of riot police were again on the move, sniffing dogs were deployed, a helicopter circled over the area. “So far, we have been able to Rebecca, but unfortunately can’t find,” says a spokesman for the star at lunch. The search would continue.


Where is Rebecca? 15-Year-old disappeared in the murder Commission determined

According to the report, the “image”-newspaper, investigators are also trying to any existing Backup files of the WhatsApp Chats of young people, in order to obtain may be notes on your communication before the Disappearance. The police spokesman wanted to confirm the Information, nor deny.

The investigators do their work, the members of the, what you can do. On Tuesday a call to the family, dozens of Berlin are followed inside and Berlin to find in the district of Rudow to the young people. But where to start? It is the proverbial search for the needle in the haystack. There are countless gardens, parks, backyards.

A sister of the Missing published in Instagram desperate messages: “I’m not going to give up and as long as looking for her until I can keep my Becci again in my arms,” she writes. And: “We love you. God is with you and protected you.” The family’s posting in social media, online reports, photos from the life of Rebecca, thanks for the support. The Posts under the Hashtag #FindBecci be viewed thousands of times and shared. “We are sure that you didn’t just walk away. You told your dad on the day before that you want to make a photo wall in your room. They had so much. I can imagine that they are being held somewhere,” said the mother, “Focus Online”. “We suspect that she wanted to meet someone,” quoted in the “Berliner Kurier” the father of the girl.

“We’ll find Becci”

The Morning of the 18th. To reconstruct February, is one of the tasks of the homicide. Sure the police is, so far, that the student has spent the night on the Monday with her sister in the Maurerweg. At 9.50 am they had removed the start of School in the Fritz-Erler-Allee, about two kilometers in a straight line. But the girl never came.

twelve years

Cold Case Georgine Krüger: the investigators were on the trail of the Suspect

By Patrick Rösing

Rebecca was the Morning earlier than necessary, got up, reported the newspaper””. In the Morning your phone should be logged in a Wi-Fi Router to the nurse. As Rebecca’s mother had called her daughter to 7.15 PM, was over the phone. According to the “world” has sent the young people in the morning, even a WhatsApp message. To whom, is not known.

A sister of the Missing is sure: “Rebecca ran a Monday morning is definitely to the bus stop where the Bus goes to your school.” Has she seen someone? Unclear. It is striking: The student should have brought a Fleece blanket. What’s the point?

these are questions, which the investigators of homicide to investigate. But there are many more: Was the girl a friend wanted to meet? There was a fight or bullying in the school? Trouble at home? Rebecca is regarded as a popular and reliable – to draw out fit in not to her, say family members. Also, the fact that you could have done something to exclude you.

Recently, a sister of Rebecca posted another Video on Instagram. Close to tears, she is confident that “We will find Becci.”

Each new note is a bit of new hope.


Rebecca’s clothes: pink plush jacket, white hooded sweatshirt with the inscription, in black-and-white “Vans”shoes, red backpack, blue Jeans with torn knees, a beige-pink coloured handbag

©police Berlin

Rebecca is 15 years old, but may appear older. She is 1.70 to 1.80 meters tall, slim and has dark-blond to brown, shoulder-length hair. In the case of her Disappearance the girl was dressed in a pink plush jacket, a white hoodie with the words “Rap Monster 94” and “BTS”, blue Jeans with torn knees and a black-and-white “Vans” – sports shoes. She had a handbag, a beige-pink and a red backpack.

The officials have, among other things, the following questions:

Who has Rebecca Reusch on the Morning of the 18. February 2019 in the range between Maurerweg and Fritz-Erler-seen-Allee in Berlin?Who has, pursuant to the 18. February 2019 not yet seen or had any contact with her?

clues on the whereabouts of Rebecca Reusch takes the Berlin police at the telephone number (030) 4664911333 or by E-Mail.

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