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Allegra Versace Age, Birth, Nationality, Net Worth, Education Complete Biography

Allegra Versace Beck” her commonly known name is ‘Allegra Versace‘, daughter of an Italian fashion Designer namely ‘Donatella Versace’ and an American departed fashion model ‘Paul Beck’.


She was born in 1986 on 30th June in the City of Milan in Italy.


She is the inhabitant of Italy so, got Italian nationality. But also got the nationality of US.

Net Worth:

People are eagerly want to know about the Net worth of Allegra Versace. So, the net Worth of Allegra is

$900 million.

Allegra Versace instagram:

Here is Official and verified the Instagram account of  “Donatella Versace” @donatella_versace


Allegra Versace is the niece of Gianni Versace, who was also a great fashion designer of his time. Allegra and Daniel (younger brother) grown together outside Italy in the city of Milan. The piano which was given to her by Sir Elton John, she admitted that she never learned how to play. When she was 9 years old she took the classes of ballet in her childhood. And from the day of beginning, she became a great follower of ballet. She is thankful to her Uncle named Gianni because he was the man who infuses a long-lasting passion for ballet in her. On the reception of her Birthday, he introduced Allegra to Maurice Bejart.


Allegra gets her early education from “The British School of Milan” that earlier was also known as the name of “The Sir James Henderson School”. She strictly kept and cared here just like fish in the bowl. After the completion of her secondary education, she went abroad for further higher education. Here she got admission at Brown University in Rhode Island.

In 2006 she applied in UCLA. Where she learned French, theater and Art History too. During the continuation of studies, she worked in theater as a dresser, then she takes interest in acting. Firstly she performed mini roles in movies, most of them were not even released. Because of low confidence due to her physique, she never wants herself on the screen but wants to play the role of any other people. Even she was not desired to see herself in photographs.


When Allegra Versace was Eleven years old, her uncle Gianni was shot outside of the Miami mansion and died on the spot in July 1997. Then her mother takes a decision immediately and on her 18th birthday, she got a 50% share from the property of Gianni Versace S.P.A. Santo Versace who was the uncle of Allegra’s has its own 30% from its fashion empire. Not only her uncle, but her mother was also the owner of 20%. But there are many disparities between her mother and uncle, this was the reason that 50% shares which were given by Allegra. At once, she became the owner of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now she was the owner of her inheritance legally but instead of this she was in complete control by herself, work with patience, and decided to focus on her studies. So she did not take any interest in business till the age of 24. Later on, she became the Director of Gianni Versace S.P.A in the year of 2011.

Allegra Versace Life in a Nutshell:

Allegra wants to become one of the most popular women in the industry of Fashion and Designing. But she didn’t. Even she was not seen in the TV series of FX. Despite the producer of the show who even shot a scene with Allegra. Due to the wish of Donatella Versace, she quit out from the show. Recently, Allegra had been suffering from Debilitating Eating Disorder so she has seen in public more or less.

Now in Met Gala of 2016, Allegra has seen where she admitted that she really not interested to be a celebrity not like her mother. According to the statement of a former employee, Allegra stays at home all the time and only watch TV all day. She keeps away herself from Versace headquarters, instead to be the official director of Company.

As Allegra Versace has dual nationality of US and also Italy, so she spends her time in family within Milan and also in the apartment of her family in Soho. Nobody has ever seen her with her partner or any friends, she always is seen in public with her family member or mostly alone.

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