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Prosecutor: perpetrators of Utrecht acted alone and with Terror-motive (11.56 a.m.)men due to production of child porn in Würzburg (9.55 a.m.)draft by Jens Spahn: midwives should in future study (5.06 PM)study: Brexit suppressed income in Germany in billion (5.04 PM)new Zealand assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons (3.44 p.m.) prohibits

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+++ 11.56 PM: Prosecutor: perpetrators of Utrecht acted alone and with Terror-motif +++

The alleged death shooter of Utrecht, to answer for murder, with a terrorist motive. The public Prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday. He acted according to the investigators, presumably alone.

+++ 11.22 PM: Alleged former Stasi employees to be due to the Lockerbie-attack heard +++

In connection with the Lockerbie bombing, in 1988, a number of alleged former employees of the GDR state security to be interrogated, among other things, in Berlin. It is subject to appropriate legal assistance prior to seek from Scotland to the enlightenment of the backgrounds that informed the Berlin office of the Prosecutor General. 21. December 1988 a Pan-Am plane with 259 people on Board over Lockerbie exploded, on the ground eleven more people were killed in Libya in 2003 took over the responsibility for the attack.

+++ 10.41 PM: Explosion hurt people in the Chinese chemical Park +++

In a chemical Park in Eastern China, there has been an Explosion. The fire Department and a hospital in the city of Yancheng (Jiangsu province) confirmed the German press Agency that there were casualties. Of deaths was no talk initially. The pressure wave of the Explosion on Thursday damaged building facades in the area hard and destroyed many Windows, as seen on video recordings.

+++ 10.16 PM: the number of private insolvencies in Germany goes back +++

The number of private bankruptcies fell again in Germany. Last year, nationwide, nearly 89.000 citizens have filed a personal bankruptcy, the debt barometer of the Hamburg Agency Crifbürgel. That is 5.4 percent less than in the previous year. For the past eight years, the number goes back continuously. Also for 2019 Crifbürgel expects a further positive development.

“The renewed decline in private insolvencies is primarily to the continued good employment and income development in the case of private individuals,” said managing Director Christian Bock. Unemployment is considered to be one of the main causes for private insolvencies. With 166 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Bremen has the highest rate of personal bankruptcies, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, with 72 or 73 bankruptcies per 100 000 inhabitants is the smallest.

+++ 9.55 PM: men arrested for production of child porn in Würzburg +++

In a RAID due to the production and distribution of child pornography, the police has taken in Würzburg, Germany, two men were arrested. Because one of the two suspects, a reference to a day-care centre was established, comprised of the RAID, the rooms of this nursery, such as the Central office for Cybercrime of Bavaria and the General Prosecutor’s office of Bamberg said. The police sent officers as a point of contact for concerned parents and staff of the Kita. The accused to have produced the images themselves, their victims had only been boys. Both men should be brought before the competent investigating judge.

+++ 08.59 PM: Facebook: Artificial intelligence recognized the Christchurch-Video +++

Facebook’s Software based on artificial intelligence to recognize in the live streams on the platform, among other things, violence, has not responded to the Video of the massacre of Christchurch. “In order to achieve this, we need to supply our systems with large amounts of data of exactly the kind of content – which is difficult, since such events are thankfully rare,” said the Online network.

A further challenge for the Software to distinguish real violence from the Transfer of video game scenes. “If our systems would, for example, in the case of thousands of hours of live streams of video games, could miss our controller with the important Videos from the real world”, in which Facebook helper could alarm.

+++ 08.59 PM: China is also cabinets continue to be the most important import country for Germany +++

computers, televisions, cooling: These products in the German electronics markets, mainly from China. The people’s Republic was announced in 2018 for the fourth Time in a row, the most important import country for Germany, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden. The value of the Goods made in China, hence amounted to EUR 106.3 billion – 4.4 percent more than in the previous year.

+++ 08.43 PM: expenditure on education in 2017 to 4.2 percent on 295,1 billion Euro has risen +++

expenditure on education in Germany in the year 2017 on 295,1 billion euros increased. These were 11.9 billion euros, or 4.2 percent more than in the previous year, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced. The expenditure had amounted to, therefore, as in the previous two years, unchanged at nine percent of the German gross domestic product.

07.56 PM: at Least six Dead after explosions at new year in Kabul +++

In the Afghan capital Kabul have been killed in multiple explosions on new year’s day in the country, at least six people. A further 23 were injured, said a spokesman for the health Ministry, Wahidullah Mayar. However, it was unclear what the explosions caused. A police spokesman reported that there were three mines that had been placed in the district map of Sachi. The defense Ministry, wrote on Twitter of the rocket fire.

+++ 05.35 PM: EU court of justice decides on the awarding of ambulance transports +++

For the Transport of emergency patients in Germany, an important judgment. The European court of justice in Luxembourg to decide whether the contracts can be awarded in accordance with EU law, also without a tender. By the decision of the judge depends on whether private competitors get a better chance in Germany. So far, the rescue vehicle developed primarily by the German Red cross (DRK) and other aid organisations.

the trigger for the event is the awarding of the ambulance service in Solingen. The city had asked four auxiliary services, offers. The Red cross, the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) finally got the orders.

in Contrast, a private provider cannot apply had complained before the higher regional court of Düsseldorf. This has asked the European court of justice to clarify whether such orders which ha Ave now befor the promotion of SMEs from the obligation to tender shall apply. Geset0.44

+++ 05.06 PM: bill Spahn: midwives should in future need to study +++

Aspiring midwives should, in the future, instead of a training a course of study. According to a draft law of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), on the editorial network Germany reported. He should now be within the Federal government matched. “The requirements of the obstetrics are constantly increasing. A dual course of study with a major practical component, the best preparation,” said Spahn of the RND. Thus, the attractiveness of the profession will increase.

+++ 05.04 PM: study: Brexit suppressed income in Germany, billions +++

The Brexit could reduce the gross income in Germany, according to a study in the billions. It’s come to a unregulated outlet UK apply without a contract, would have to be German to a loss of income of almost 10 billion euros a year. Per capita, that would be, statistically speaking, around 115 euros less, seen in a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation estimates.

According to the UK itself would be charged, therefore, the export-oriented Germany, the gross income the strongest, followed by France and Italy. The United Kingdom would, according to the Simulation in the case of a No-Deal to the outlet, an annual income loss of 57 billion euros – the equivalent of about 875 Euro per inhabitant.

+++ 03.44 PM: new Zealand bans assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons +++

new Zealand rifles in a first reaction to the carnage in two mosques in Christchurch from now on, all assault and semi-automatic rifles ban. The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced in Wellington. A right-wing extremist from Australia was shot and killed last Friday, 50 people and dozens more injured.

As Ardern stressed, kick, ban immediately. The appropriate legislation by the Parliament should follow. With the instant ban was to prevent, such weapons are stockpiled.

+++ 01.40 PM: abuse allegations against 395 Church representatives in Illinois +++

In the U.S. state of Illinois, nearly 400 Catholic priests and lay people in public with abuse allegations faced. The law office of Jeff Anderson & Associates, specializing in clergy abuse, published in Chicago a list of 395 names. The Suspects are working or have worked in the Archdiocese of Chicago and five other dioceses. “The data reveals the frightening extent, in the priest’s children to the present day, sexually abuse,” reads the Report.

+++ 01.04 PM: underwater restaurant in Norway +++

In Lindesnes on the southern coast of Norway opened has opened the first underwater restaurant in Europe. The building protrudes diagonally out of the water. The dining room for 40 guests is located five meters below sea level and opens with a large panoramic window to the lake.

The brothers Gaute and Stig Ubostad in the construction of the restaurant with the name “Under the” 70 million Norwegian crowns (EUR 7.2 million) was invested. Behind the design, the architecture firm Snøhetta, which also designed the Oslo Opera house.

+++ 00.44 at: Federal aviation authority, Boeing developed a Software Patch for the 737 Max +++

After the plane crash from Indonesia and Ethiopia, with a total of 346 deaths, the manufacturer Boeing is developing a Software Patch and installation programs for the series of the 737 Max. The US aviation authority FAA announced. A corresponding training program was prepared for flight crews. The authority will consider the Installation of the Software and the training as a “priority”.

+++ 00.27 am: homeowners in Texas who lived with a 45-rattlesnake +++

Actually had thought of a house owner in Albany, in the US state of Texas, only to “some” of rattlesnakes under his house, when he called a specialized company to help. The man initially wanted to repair after a storm, a damaged cable under the house, but he pulled back quickly, as he noticed the snakes. The snake experts discovered then, but under the slightly raised on the foundations of peace building a total of 45 of the dangerous reptiles, such as the local media reported on Wednesday (local time).

+++ 00.07 am: forecast: Dutch coalition loses majority in the first chamber +++

The Dutch coalition government, according to a forecast from the loss of their majority in the First chamber of the Parliament. In the provincial elections, the Alliance under the leadership of the right-wing liberal people’s party for freedom and democracy (VVD) of Prime Minister Mark Rutte had to accept significant losses, such as the station NOS reported on the basis of post-election surveys. Accordingly, the coalition loses seven of its previously 38 seats.

When choosing the approximately 570 members of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands were determined. These elect the 75 members of the First chamber of the provincial Parliament.

the Big winner was the right-wing populist party Forum for democracy (FvD) of the VTOL Thierry Baudet, the feeding according to the forecast as the second strongest force with ten members in the First chamber.

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