The families of the suspects in the case of the alleged rape in Mülheim an der Ruhr, may not be in your country of origin Bulgaria returned. The result was an examination of the city, said spokesman Volker Wiebels on Friday. The WDR reported.

Mülheim-speaker: prerequisites not

given The conditions for Repatriation were not met. Under EU law, a Return from Germany is in principle possible, if “someone has no job, no looking for work and also cannot prove that he explained an addiction”, of the speaker. Bulgaria belongs to the European Union.


town checks: Can be sent to the alleged rapist back to Bulgaria?


In one case, the father of one of the Suspects on Thursday was with a new contract of employment with the city appeared. In another case, a 14-year-old suspect was with Relatives in Mülheim, but with his parents in another city reported. In three other cases, the family income could prove.

With the examination you’ve to test whether the movement of the families of the five Suspects could be restricted.

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