He gave himself as a supplier, but in truth he pursued a devious Plan: A man in Ontario, Canada shot with a crossbow to a woman. The 44-Year-old had open to him unaware the door, because they are believed to receive a package.

Instead, the Stranger took out a crossbow from the box and shot the woman. He then fled in a black Truck. His motive is unclear.


babysitter used children in the Bank robbery

The woman managed in spite of their severe injuries, to choose the emergency call. She was admitted to the hospital. The incident occurred in November 2018. On Monday, the police said that a surveillance camera had recorded the fact. She published the Material in the hope to receive aid in the identification of the perpetrator.

surveillance camera filmed the fact

“The attack was to kill the woman. The victim suffers not only from severe injuries but also under a massive Trauma that will change your life forever,” said superintendent Heather Ramore CNN. She also considers it possible that the man is a contract killer.

sources: Peel Regional Police / CNN