in the Morning was led Siti Aisyah like a hardened criminal to the court: bulletproof vest, hands in handcuffs, accompanied by a dozen masked police officers.

you threatened the death penalty. Not an hour later, the Indonesian left the justice building of Shah Alam, near Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur as a free woman, with a Smile on his face.

The process because of the Giftmords the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, Kim Jong Nam, has taken a completely unexpected turn. Instead of starting with the interrogation of the two accused – in addition to Aisyah the Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong (30) -, the court allowed the indictment of the Indonesian fall. The 27-Year-old to return to their homeland.

the reasons for the justice-in-law. As well as the question of what happens now with the second defendant. If the process is set against the Vietnamese, would be one of the most spectacular political murders of the past few years may forever go unpunished.

flashback, 13. February 2017: In the airport of Kuala Lumpur two women rubbing a man in the face. Two hours later he is dead. Quickly turns out that it is the victim, Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of North Korea’s late ruler Kim Jong-Il (1941-2011). The 45-Year-old was once seen as a successor, but then fell in disgrace and went abroad. After the death of the common father, Kim Jong-Un took over.

Fast is also determined, whereby he was killed: with the nervous VX poison. In the same week, the two women are detained, transferred the footage from surveillance cameras. Both claim to have not known what they were doing. Supposedly they were made by men, the Japanese, or Chinese, for a kind of “Hidden camera” recruited. The “fun”: a Stranger’s Baby to lubricate Lotion to the face. You can believe it or not.

But who is behind it? According to the investigation by Malaysian police, the murder of North Korea’s intelligence service was planned – what is denied Pyongyang. It is established that four alleged agents of deposed immediately after the fact from Kuala Lumpur. A couple of weeks of diplomatic ice age between North Korea and Malaysia prevailed.

in the Meantime, has relaxed the relationship. As Kim Jong-Un was courted by US President Donald Trump on the two peaks, and spoke of the murder, hardly anyone is. And Malaysia’s judiciary had the time. In August, the court dismissed an acquittal. Since then, nothing happened almost. This week, the women had to take the first position. Murder is punishable by death in Malaysia still.

at Least for Aisyah is averted this danger. At the request of the public Prosecutor, the court discontinued the proceedings against you, without clarifying the question of guilt. This is not a free spell, but you can be reasonably no matter. With the release of the justice came after a request by the Indonesian government. Previously, there had been between the two countries in months-long negotiations.

In a letter released on Monday, the Indonesians in no doubt who they hold for the men. It says: “wife Aisyah (…) had no idea that it was used by North Korea as an intelligence tool.” The Malaysians avoided it to go into. You referred only to the common interest in good relations.

Therefore, it is now speculated that the Vietnamese woman is free to come. Their lawyers have been asking for this, “for the same reasons as in the case of Siti Aisyah”. First opportunity would be on Thursday, the next date in court. One of their defenders added to the arg ambiguous phrase, “There must be justice”.

If the court follows the application, would be over the process. The poison murder of Kim Jong-Nam would have probably not cleared – without any justice. Apart from all the diplomatic considerations between Malaysia and Indonesia or Vietnam: such An outcome would also suit North Korea very well in the concept.

The freedmen Indonesian goods such Considerations on Monday no matter. Aisyah thanked him profusely for all parties Involved. “I’m very happy,” she said. “I did not expect that today, for me, the day of freedom would be.” Now you want to as quickly as possible back to the family.