On Tuesday evening, sparked in Austria, an alleged kidnapping case, a massive police operation. The mother of Stefan Ottrubay, the Board of management of the Esterhazy-foundations and General Director of the Esterhazy-farms, was attacked by three Unknown on the open road, and been kidnapped, it said. The alleged Robbery happened in the small town of Eisenstadt near the Hungarian border.

Meanwhile, the 88 showed up-Year-old. According to Austrian media Magdolna Theresa Ottrubay is safe with her daughter in the Tyrolean Nobel ski resort of Kitzbühel. She was self-reported in the night the authorities in the Tyrol, police said on Wednesday. After the first interviews, we assume that the lady is voluntarily along for the ride.

International manhunt triggered

The Prince’s mother had been set on Tuesday against 15.30 o’clock on the way to Church by Unknown man in a car. Ottrubay “was with her Nurse on the go, as the two black sedans have held and the woman in one of the vehicles aboard,” explained police spokesman Helmut Martin of the incident. The Nurse was pushed to the side, and the Prince’s mother in the car.

“Cruel and inhuman act”

a millionaire’s wife in October, abducted – the police now goes to the Public


17 am, the police launched a large manhunt. The two sedans had perhaps had foreign license plates, it said.

Due to the strange circumstances of the Case, but was not already on Tuesday evening very clearly, “whether it is a kidnapping in the classic sense”, as the Austrian Minister of the interior, Herbert Kickl said in the ORF. May be it is an internal family dispute. The 88-Year-old is only a few weeks ago, the Burgenland moved, and in spite of the opposition of the family.

year-long family dispute,

Since 2002, to romp in the family dispute. The reason: The former head of the family, Princess Melinda Esterhazy transferred the management of the Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH (EBG) to her nephew, Stefan Ottrubay. This decision was not met with all the enthusiasm.

In the year 2006, the assets managed by Stefan Ottrubay was estimated to be 2.3 billion US dollars, such as the Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt, and various art treasures.