US President Donald Trump claimed in a speech to U.S. soldiers that all areas under the control of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria had been Robert.

His statement: “The territory, the country, we have 100 percent,” said Donald Trump on the flight back from Vietnam with a stop in front of US soldiers in Alaska.

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the facts: Immediately after the Statements of Trumps, there was fierce opposition from experts, who monitor the situation since the beginning of the Offensive against the IS and also.

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The Syrian Observatory for human rights, based in Britain, which draws its information from a wide network of activists and fighters in Syria, said: “What Trump says is not true. Some of the farms in Baghus are still held by IS fighters, and we assume that civilians there are,” said the head of the Observatory, Rami Abdel-Rahman, the German press Agency.

CNN Reporter Ben Wedeman wrote on Twitter: “I’m for 28 days in Syria and reports on the Offensive. I can assure you @realdonaldtrump, this is the case.” In his speech, in Alaska, the U.S. President left open, from whence he derived his information.

On 10. February had started the US-backed Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) is a military offensive in the past by the IS-controlled village in Syria: Baghus is located in the East of Syria on the Euphrates river and in close proximity to the border of Iraq.

Relatively quickly from the Kurds-mentioned troops were able to push the IS a small area, back and surround. Numerous civilians, family members of IS fighters and IS fighters themselves have been removed since then, with the Truck out of the area, and either in the Camps of the Kurds accommodated or detained.

on the 15. February, five days after the beginning of the massive Offensive, had explained to Trump that the end of the “Caliphate” will announced in the next 24 hours. Such an explanation has yet emerged.

Remaining IS fighters in Baghus

Instead, the Kurds referred to the SDF declared on Friday that the fight against the last remaining ISIS fighters in Baghus. All civilians had been brought to safety. “Everyone who is now in the field, is regarded as an enemy,” said Adnan Afrin, a spokesman for the SDF, the German press Agency. In the tunnels and caves riddled the area, there is still a number of suicide bombers. Overall, he estimated the number in Baghus remaining IS fighters on 1000 to 1500.

Previously, had published the SDF a Video in the SDF commander Maslum Kobani, said that the victory over the IS should be announced in a week. However, it was initially unclear when the Video was taken.

a statement from the UN Syria envoy Geir Pedersen to doubt the statement of the US President: “nevertheless, the conflict is far from its end,” said Pedersen, also on Thursday, the UN security Council. “The is is almost defeated, what relates to the territory. But experience shows, he can come back.”

In Iraq, had announced the government already last year, the victory over the jihadists. However, there continue to be attacks, which the IS claims.

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