My wife grew up in London in the late 60-ies and 70-ies. This was even before the British accession to the EEC, the forerunner of the EU, and, at the time, Britain was considered the sick man of Europe. It was missing at all corners and Ends. Time there was no sugar, no toilet paper, the power went out. The family from Germany sent food, electricity went down, unfortunately. It was a bit like the relationship in the old GDR. The got also always packages with coffee and chocolate, and sent in turn to the Christmas season Gebimse from the Erzgebirge. In every West German household felt for at least six wood must have stood pyramids and eight-smoker.

England was at that time a kind of GDR in the West. These times many not to forget my wife. Now the British go from the EU, and somehow closes the circle.

The magic word here is “stockpiling”, so storing or hoarding. The Nation to see slithers eye a No-Deal farewell, although no one wants to except for a few deluded idiots, but really, no one prevented. A wise commentator for the “Evening Standard” quoted the British historian AJP Taylor, who had declared the outbreak of the first world war, many years ago, in the summer of 1914, the trains in the direction of the Front were already full with soldiers, although the war no one really wanted to. But now they were on the road, and so the disaster took its course. Something like that, wrote the colleague who was also with the Brexit. The clock is ticking and ticking and ticking, but it goes an inch forward, rather backwards. And before we know it all, at the end of March and Hey Presto – it’s gone. More from accident and Mistake, but the way.

Therefore: store, hoard, hamsters.

car companies are hoarding parts for the Brexit

The companies start to hoard, especially the car companies that would be affected by a No-Deal-Brexit. Honda outsources important parts, Jaguar and Land Rover, the parts need each day, 25 million, have begun. BMW wants to close its plant in the vicinity of Oxford to the Brexit for a month, Siemens hoards, Unilever, supermarket chains, stacks, and at the airport of Heathrow hamsters rubber gloves for the safety of personnel.


civil protection concept

hamster purchases? A lot of excitement about nothing

Dieter Hoß

create A couple of very conservative British, the so-called Brexit-Preppers, for months inventories. These people exchange ideas in forums, and it sounds like nothing else in the world were to end. One wrote that we should expect three litres of water per capita per day, and recommended that, in the case of shortage of the toilet with plastic bags, refuse, the contents of which you can dump after completion of business in the garden.

as far As you are here.

We are relaxed to some extent, our bathroom is not hitting with plastic. We wouldn’t even have a garden to Dispose of it.

We hoard only one thing

I must confess that we have hoarded. We used to live in the USA, and started this time of year, we sometimes collect and to stack. However, for completely different reasons. If in America, a snow storm was announced, came a snow storm. If you ansagten a metre of new snow over night, dropped a Meter of new snow. If you are warned that you should stay home because of ice and cold, was it better at home due to ice and cold, and because the trains were not working.

We drove in the supermarket, hours before the snow storm, and bought.


hamster purchases, sand bags, and escape to Florida and the fear of disaster


After the attacks of September 11. September was even worse. At that time, the high toxins of Anthrax landed in the Post of deputies. The frightened and hysterical the country was still hysterical and frightened. In a Store on Fifth Avenue in New York, they sold protective suits and gas masks, as in this Ebola movie with Dustin Hoffman. Television broadcasts were running, such as Windows and doors could best seal against the subtle poison. Even our pretty cool neighbor began to get nervous and asked if we need anything, duct tape, or water, or flashlights. We denied, in a friendly way.

The Only thing we purchased was alcohol. Large Quantities Of Alcohol. We have retained this beautiful custom in the Rest of today, and that is a good thing. Otherwise the whole Brexit-madness would be unbearable.

In this sense