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All In: The Fight For Democracy’ Review & Other Updates

All: In the fight for democracy is a wonderful documentary and it lifts the lid on America’s story about the electoral past. Black Americans have suppressed their voting rights for some time now and on many other occasions, they have been treated unjustly and thought as a minority. In the year of elections, there were a lot of policemen who were killing innocent black Americans.

However many people think that their experience in 2016 have let them realized that anything is possible until the very last vote has been given. The fight for democracy is a documentary film made by Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortes. They have presented the film in a beautiful way and took us all to a journey in the past when civil rights were not given to the Black Americans. Here is a review of the film so read it to find out more.

All In: The Fight for democracy review

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All: In fight for democracy is a wonderful documentary that will touch your heart with its realistic portrayal. Garbus and Cortés have done their part quite well and you will be amazed with the direction and storyline. They have taken a very sensitive subject but presented it with a lot of thought. Abrams lost elections even though his competition with others wasn’t very intense. He lost to Governor Kemp and later the news came out he was deliberately not given the win as they don’t like anyone from Black Americans to rule the party.

On the other hand White Americans were allowed to vote and even those who didn’t own property could vote too. During the first election George Washington became the first-ever President of USA in 1789. After some time there were special rules passed on that stated Black Americans could give the vote but the entry of Jim Crow again made things harder for them.

As a result only 3% of the black men were allowed to vote and they were one of those who were educated. The film may seem a little repetitive in some parts but overall it has depicted the injustice with black Americans very well. You will sympathize with what has happened to them. Now we see Black lives matter campaign and hopefully things can also become better for the black Americans.

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What is the plot of All In: The Fight for democracy?

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The plot of All: In fight for democracy examine the history of voting suppressions that the Black Americans had to face. The activists who were fighting for the rights of the citizens living in USA also have a major role to play. The cast of the film is very talented and they have given wonderful performances to entice the viewers. The cast includes Stacey Abrams, Debo Adegbile and Jayla Allen. When you watch the film there is a feeling of realism and the injustice that is happening towards the Black Americans will not be liked by anyone.

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 What is the release date of all in: The fight for democracy?

The release date of this interesting film is September 18th 2020. It has released on Amazon Prime Video and you can watch it as it has already come out. Don’t forget to give your feedback when you watch the film and leave a comment if you liked it or not.

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