It is an extreme and particularly cruel case of animal abuse: In Mainz, pigeons of Unknown were fired. The two animals were in the care of the shelter Mainz. There, the employees know a lot of suffering. “But in this case of animal cruelty it has to all of us, the ground under their feet swept away,” the nurse of the small animal house rocked on its Facebook page.

The shelter-nurses are shaken

“We see almost every day, abused, almost to death, which took effect, poisoned, with a frying fat showered pigeons from the train station, but that’s not something we had”. “The two were fired! And no, this combustion pattern an accident can be excluded.” This assumption is, perhaps, rather hope, was at the shelter, in short, as the pigeons were there. But apparently, it is quite deliberate animal cruelty by people.

The two birds were fed at the shelter, immediately extensive medical. It goes well under the circumstances, but they are of course serious injuries. “We must wait and see whether the eye can be obtained, and the other has, unfortunately, severe burns on the feet, in the best case, we need to amputate toes”, so the animal shelter staff. “But they have survived thanks to the love of the people, not look the other way!”

The Finder saved the birds life

The nurses are the Scouts, very grateful to read the pigeons and the experts have brought. About the case itself, they are shocked but still: “You may not even think about it, what had to endure the two for pain, each of us has burned. And we ask ourselves: What is wrong with our society? How pathetic is it to prey on innocent animals? And since it doesn’t matter whether a dog, cat, mouse, or PIGEON!”

Whether the offender can be found, is questionable. The shelter is asking the Mainzer anyway, to keep my eyes open, if you ever suspect people notice that seem to have such animal cruelty in mind.

sources: Facebook / “image”