In the political crisis to the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has now challenged the former head of government Ahmed Ouyahia his resignation.

The 82-year-old President had to make way for a transition process, it said on Wednesday, in a statement published on the government’s party, the RND. “We would like to thank Abdelaziz Bouteflika for everything he has done for the country,” said party leader Ouyahia. It is important, however, to prevent all speculation about the government in this sensitive Phase.

For weeks, it comes in the largest African country to mass protests against the power elite to the health of the ailing President. Ouyahia resigned two weeks ago in the Wake of announced reforms.

Also in Algeria, a powerful military had turned on and was for the first time moved away from Bouteflika. Chief of staff Ahmed Gaid Salah urged on Tuesday the constitutional court and the Parliament to activate article 102 of the Constitution. Thus, the President can be explained due to health reasons for amtsunfähig and de facto deposed. The court expressed itself first of all to the requirement of the military.

The Opposition in the country warned of a military coup. The liberal rally for culture and democracy (RCD), to be referred to the call late Tuesday night as a “coup attempt”. General Salah was part of the power elite and part of the problem, said a party official Yassine Aissiouane the media companies in the TSA. He could not be part of the solution.

“We have entered a new Situation in this crisis”, – said the head of the liberal opposition party Jil Jadid, Sofiane Djillali. He called on the people to go on the Friday back on the road and to protest against the power elite in the country. For the past five weeks there are in the whole of Algeria protests, at times, several million people demonstrated against a fifth term for the decrepit President.

Bouteflika had announced due to the protests and reforms, but also for the middle of April, scheduled presidential election will be postponed indefinitely. 28. April would have expired the term for Bouteflika.

The Islamist party, the MSP does not hold a deposition of the President is sufficient. The people’s call for further reforms, it said in a communication to the party offices. The President of the Algerian League of human rights, LADDH, Noureddine Benissad, rejected the claim of the military also. The System would self-replace. It was still the same political personnel. There is a lack of an independent mechanism to organize free elections, said Benissad.

Bouteflika was elected in 1999 as the candidate of choice of the military to the President. He ruled the largest African country for 20 years. The gas – and oil-rich country is an important trading partner for Germany and the European Union. Bouteflika’s beat since a stroke in 2013, health and sits in a wheelchair. He will hardly public.