During the demonstrations against the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika have been injured, according to official data, 112 police officers.

In the capital city of Algiers had been taken also 195 people, informed the General Directorate of National security on Friday evening. A large number of rioters have infiltrated the protesters. The images showed how the police used during clashes with tear gas.

The Algerian state television reported the acts of violence that would have led to a fire in the Museum for Islamic art, and thefts of objects. There is a group to be penetrated by men. Also in a primary school and there had been damage, more reported the state television. Tens of thousands of people had previously demonstrated in the capital peacefully against the re-candidacy of Bouteflika in the presidential election in April.

The 82-Year-old is already 20 years in Power and wants to leave for a fifth term choose. After a stroke, he sits in a wheelchair and has great difficulty in Speaking. In Public, he showed in the past few years.