In Algeria in the night to Monday more protests, after President Abdelaziz Bouteflika had officially announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election is known.

In the capital Algiers and other cities went directly after the President’s announcement, several Thousand people took to the streets to protest against the re-candidacy. In the past few days, hundreds of thousands of people in Algeria, had demonstrated against a fifth term of office of the the health of the ailing head of state.

Bouteflika’s election campaign Manager Abdelghani Zaalane had submitted on Sunday evening the necessary documents for the candidacy to the Algerian constitutional court. Bouteflika is according to reports in the media, to medical studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Zaalane read a letter from the 82-year-old incumbent, Bouteflika, although his candidacy was officially confirmed, but also his later withdrawal and reforms announced.

“Algeria must continue its path towards democracy”, – stated in the Declaration of the President. For the case of the re-election of Bouteflika will convene a national conference to organize new elections in which he himself will not re-compete. In addition, you should advise on political, economic and social reforms. A new Constitution should be prepared and later, in a referendum, decided. “This will confirm the birth of a new Republic and a new Algerian system”.

a Leading opposition politician, announced a Boycott of the election, should Bouteflika run again. This includes the previous government, was one of the chief and party colleague, Mr Bouteflika, Ali Benflis. He had to get in the presidential election five years ago, according to Bouteflika, the second-most votes, and Bouteflika systematic electoral fraud, accused.

Until midnight, had a candidate time, your documents officially to the Algerian constitutional court. The day was accompanied by country-wide protests of mostly students. Especially the young Generation under the age of 30 suffers from high unemployment. Algeria’s economy, which relies mainly on the Export of Oil and Gas, struggling with big problems.