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Alexandra Daddario Biography, Family Life, Career, Achievements, And Timeline

Alexandra Anna Daddario came to this world under the sign of Pisces on March 16, 1986. He was born and raised in the flirtatious Upper East Side New York neighborhood, located on the island of Manhattan. This data is not minor since that is one of the most luxurious places in the world characterized by being inhabited by people who, without exaggeration, are among the wealthiest on the planet.

Alexandra Daddario Family Life Career And Achievements:

This beautiful American actress is of Italian descent, as it is supposed by her last name, although she also has ancestors from England, Ireland, Hungary and former Czechoslovakia. His parents are important lawyers in his hometown. His mother, Christina, married as a young man with the wealthy Richard Daddario, son of Emilio Q. Daddario who was a Democratic representative in the US Congress for the state of Connecticut between 1959 and 1971.

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario

Richard, Alexandra’s father, is also an influential politician since he was district attorney and head of the Counter-Terror division of the New York police during the mayor of Michael Bloomberg. Alexandra always rescues the great support that her parents have given her, especially as far as her career is concerned. “I grew up in an environment where acting was not necessarily considered a real career. What is customary is that you go to college, usually to Harvard, and then you become a lawyer or a doctor. But that was not what I liked and I knew I wanted to be an actress from a young age. I am currently happy to be doing what I like to do and my parents are delighted,” said the protagonist of Percy Jackson and the thief of lightning a few years ago to a London medium.

Recently, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, pulpy Alexandra explained that her own mother leads the ranking of her fans although she admitted that Christina still could not see her in one of the roles that caused the most stir. He refers to his interpretation of Lisa Tragnetti in the True Detective miniseries where he starred in a hot sex scene, with nude included, alongside the friendly Woody Harrelson.

Alexandra Daddario has two brothers, both younger than her: Matthew and Catharine. The former shares his vocation although he has not yet achieved any role in which he stands out. Catharine is the youngest and very young, so we don’t know anything more about her.

Being a daughter of important Manhattan characters, Alexandra DaddarioHe attended renowned and conservative colleges such as Brearley School and Marymount Manhattan College. When she was a girl of only 11 years old, she decided on acting despite what the others said and so she enrolled in the Professional Children’s School. For years he devoted himself to study and practice the acting technique called Meisner. In this way, at the beginning of 2002, he began filming the television series All My Children, work in which it lasted until mid-2003. In that series, he appeared in 43 episodes playing the character of Laurie Lewis. On this role, Daddario confessed that “I was the good girl, I was bored.”

At that time Alexandra Daddario was a quinceanera making her first weapons but already appeared as a future Hollywood star and sex symbol. His career continued with supporting roles in major TV series such as Los Soprano, Damages, and among others.

His most prominent role on television was in the already named True Detective but this work is from 2014, at which time Alexandra was already known. His first important role and that shot her to world fame was not for the small screen but in cinema in 2010. We are talking about her interpretation of Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson and the thief of lightning and in her sequel Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters.

Films in which Alexandra Daddario participated as an actress:

  • 2016 The Choice –
  • 2015 Earthquake: The Failure of San Andres Blake
  • 2015 Burying the Ex Olivia
  • 2013 Percy Jackson and the sea of   monsters Annabeth Chase
  • 2013 Texas Massacre: Cursed Heritage Heather
  • 2011 Free pass Paige
  • 2010 Malevolence 2: Bereavement Allison
  • 2010 Percy Jackson and the thief of lightning Annabeth Chase
  • 2009 Jonas Brothers in concert 3D Girlfriend (Central Park Couple)
  • 2007 Adult babysitters Barbara Yates
  • 2006 The hottest state Kim
  • 2006 Family stories Pretty Girl

These films not only gave great envy to his career but it was also during the filming of them that he met one of the great loves of his life: Logan Lerman. With this boy, he was a girlfriend for a few years but things didn’t work out and the relationship ended. Alexandra’s sentimental situation is currently unknown.

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