The most important messages at a Glance:Merkel followed ceremony to Kramp cart Builder appointment again in a Sitting position (11.32 a.m.)man killed in Nepal by wild elephants (10.49 PM)attack on mayor: police are looking for perpetrators (8.56 PM)six-year-old from Golf ball of the father, fatally injured (8.01 PM)the temperature record in the northernmost settlement (6.03 PM)found a New voice for track announcements (5.08 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 13.31 PM: hacker’s attack in Bulgaria – suspect +++

In Bulgaria, a 20-year-old suspect for a hacker is to attack with a million affected people have been arrested. The Bulgarian was employed at a company for cyber security in Sofia, said Jawor Kolew in the Ministry of interior to combat cyber crime, Bulgarian media on Wednesday.

For the officially confirmed hacker attack on the tax authority NAP of the EU country of goods, stolen personal data, tax returns and information concerning pension contributions of more than five millions of Bulgarians, foreigners and company – the Southeast European country has almost seven million inhabitants.

The public Prosecutor’s office in Sofia, accused the 20-Year-old from Plovdiv, a crime is against an information system, which is part of an infrastructure of critical importance. The IT-specialists between five and eight years in prison. He was arrested at his workplace on Tuesday. There and in his apartment were seized, according to the Prosecutor’s office computer equipment and data media, which point to the hacker’s attack on the Central tax authority.

+++ 13.07 PM: In Iran, detained British in psychiatry instructed +++

in Iran, detained British Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been, according to her family in a psychiatric hospital. She had been housed in the appropriate Department of a hospital, reported her husband, Richard, Ratcliffe, on Wednesday, the British broadcaster BBC. The reason for the hospitalization was not known. The husband feared that the revolutionary guards want to exert on his wife reinforced pressure

Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested after a visit with her parents in 2016. Your conspiracy are accused of cooperation with Western intelligence services and espionage. You should have tried with a foreign network to overthrow the Islamic Regime in Iran. She rejected all accusations.

Several Attempts by the British government to get them through diplomatic channels, have failed up to now. Iran, they must serve their sentence until 2021 completely. The Iranian judiciary is independent and will also let political protests do not impress, so the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Tehran. The local authorities have to consider woman solely as Iranian, because they do not recognize dual nationality.

+++ 13 p.m.: squat home, the mayor Gummer not + + + knew attacker apparently

in a fist-attack seriously injured Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer did not know his attackers, according to police. The SPD-local politicians have been able to give in a first interview about the attack of Monday evening, no information on a possible perpetrator or a motive, said a police spokeswoman on Wednesday.

After the police searches for the man who is said to have attacked the mayor in the courtyard of his house in Böhl-Iggelheim (rhinelandpalatinate), and beaten. Gummer suffered a broken jaw, he is in the ICU

+++ 12.56 PM: Bayerischer Landtag takes on people’s desire to “Save the bees” at +++

In Bavaria, the stricter rules of the environment, protection of nature and species apply in the future A large majority of the Parliament approved on Wednesday the draft law of the people’s desire to “Save the bees” that had supported the beginning of the year almost 1.75 million people with your signature. 167 MPs voted Yes, 25 no, 5 abstained. Among other things, biotopes need to be networked in the future, better, waters edge strip is better protected and the ecological cultivation will be significantly expanded.

With the adoption of the popular initiative, the black-and-orange coalition goes to a referendum out of the way – the record turnout at the referendum had been set by the CSU and the Free voters in a tight spot.

+++ 12.45 PM: hacker attack on German hospitals +++

hospitals and other facilities of the German Red cross (DRK) Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland are affected by a cyber attack. The complete network of your hospital network had been infected by a malicious software, announced the DRC’s company of the South-West. The availability of data is limited, the supply of the patient but guaranteed. Previously, the “Wormser newspaper had reported”.

The attack was noticed on Sunday morning. The complete network of the bond was infected by a malicious software, the servers and databases cryptic encrypted. This encryption was stopped on Sunday afternoon, as the company announced. Under its roof, eleven hospitals and four elderly care facilities in the Rhineland are organized-Palatinate and Saarland.

The Server had been taken from the grid for safety reasons and would be reviewed on an infestation. The inclusion of the patients and results of laboratory investigations were carried out in the time with pencil, pen, and paper, said the managing Director of the company, Bernd Decker. “As the used to be.” Medical devices were not affected. There is also no indication that unauthorized access to confidential data was taken.

+++ 12.36 PM: leave to appeal against sentences of life imprisonment in “Susanna”-process +++

The defense of convicted murderer Ali b. has lodged an appeal against the life sentence in “Susanna”-process. A spokeswoman for the Wiesbaden regional court said on Wednesday.

judgment in Wiesbaden

the murder of 14-year-old Susanna: Ali B. has to life in prison


The court had considered in his verdict last week, as proved, that the Iraqi refugee raped the 14-year-old girl from Mainz a year ago in a wooded area in the vicinity of the Wiesbaden district heritage home and murdered. It was also noted the particular Severity of the debt – early release from prison after 15 years is excluded in order for the 22-year-old Ali B. as good as.

+++ 12.21 PM: the extreme Right are allowed to demonstrate in Kassel, Germany +++

in spite of the murder of Walter Lübcke can take place in Kassel, Germany, expected to be a Demonstration of the extreme Right. The Kassel administrative court overturned a ban on the for the 20. July logged event. You have granted an urgent application by the applicant of the rally, said a court spokesman on Wednesday. The competent Board of appeal had not established that the conditions for a total ban by the city of Kassel will be available. Against the decision, can defend the city before the Hessian administrative court of justice.

media reports

Lübcke-murder over the years considered? New Details from the retracted confession


For the Demo, the small party had called for “The rights”. You speak of an instrumentalization of the attack on the CDU-politician, with the rights in the proximity of violence and Terror moved. The city of Kassel had banned the event, according to the court, because a threat to public safety. However, the judge does not share the evaluation of Concrete evidence, that of the Assembly participants an aggressive and provocative behavior will go out, be seen. Also, a insulting Lübckes the court does not see.

+++ 12.20 PM: Prosecutor’s office wants to pull Air France because of the crash of flight Rio-Paris charges +++

Ten years after the tragic crash of an Air France jet over the Atlantic with 228 dead, the French Prosecutor wants the airline to account. The allegation is, among other things, to “negligence”, as the AFP news Agency on Wednesday learned from legal circles. According to the indictment, from Friday, the airline has not informed their pilots sufficiently on the necessary measures for the relevant technical problems, which had led to the distress, and finally to the crash of the Airbus A330. This was not done, although the company had been the risk after several incidents previously aware of.


shock rigid in Paris

The charges against Airbus, the Prosecutor’s office had, however, to fall. You are not enough, therefore, for a criminal case. It is now up to the discretion of an investigating judge, a lawsuit against Air France to be recognised.

The Airbus A330 on the way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on 1. June 2009 over the Atlantic crashed. 228 passengers and crew members were killed, including 28 German. The machine was caught in a heavy Thunderstorm. In more than 11,000 meters of altitude, the Sensors, so that the pilots had no information on the speed of the machine is more icy.

+++ 12.17 PM: verdict: retailers must take back electrical appliances +++

The regional court of Duisburg has sentenced a shipping merchant, old electrical appliances to take back. As the plaintiff, Deutsche declared environmental aid (DUH) on Wednesday, it was the first judgment since the entry into force of the obligation to take back three years ago. The verdict thickness of the rights of the consumer for the return of electronic waste. The DUH has demanded that the authorities in more effective controls of the take-back obligation.

Tests of the DUH have repeatedly identified significant problems with the withdrawal of old electrical appliances in Online trading. The DUH calls therefore on the competent authorities, their own covert testing visits, and to impose in case of violations with high fines.

+++ 12.13 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer of the soldiers, “the highest priority for grants Probably” a +++

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wants to take care of as defence Minister, especially to the Welfare of the soldiers. It is very aware that the men and women in the armed forces “in a very special way to show your commitment to this country,” she said on Wednesday after the assumption of office of her predecessor, Ursula von der Leyen. “That’s why they have earned the highest political priority, have earned the full deployment.”

Kramp-Karrenbauer recalled that von der Leyen, the soldiers in your last orders of the day have said: Stay protected. “Then it will be my job as her successor to ensure that the men and women are protected.” The new chief commander of the German armed forces paid tribute in front of all the soldiers serving abroad. It must never be forgotten that they would have to fight in an emergency, to defend the security of Germany. “This is a high responsibility, this responsibility, I’m very aware of that.”

Kramp-Karrenbauer stressed that they have high respect for their new task. “I leave with a full heart and full Conviction of my office as Federal Minister of defence.”

+++ 12.02 PM: the homeless made it difficult to slightly more than 400 nights spent in Hospital +++

A resident of unemployed 28-Year-old in the past few years by an invented disease, several hundred nights spent in Hospital by devious means. Alone in North Rhine-Westphalia, the man had stayed within a period of three years, more than 400 Times in different hospitals, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday in Aschaffenburg, Germany. This will have benefits in the value of several hundred thousand euros difficult.

The man flew reported in April in Erlenbach am Main. He was there under the pretext to have an accident at work, had a head injury, to the hospital record. In addition, he claims to be as an employee of the Deutsche Bahn policyholder for accident insurance the Federal government and the railway, which is a cost transfer to be secured.

in fact, the 28-Year-old spent a night in the hospital the other day, a patient’s cell phone stolen and then want to disappear. Police officers were able to take him but still on the hospital grounds. Further investigation revealed that the suspect was, apparently, in the entire Federal territory with this mesh on the road. In most cases, he had to leave the clinics after Breakfast again. Again and again he should have also stolen items.

The investigation of other crime scenes to take. The 28-Year-old is now due to fraud and theft suspect in custody.

+++ 11.51 PM: EU-Commission opens antitrust investigation against Amazon +++

The EU antitrust enforcers to go after suspected illegal business practices of Amazon with traders on its platform. Against the U.S. online retailer an official investigation had been launched, said the EU-Commission in Brussels on Wednesday.

Amazon as a platform for a dual function, it said. The company itself sell as a retailer of the products on its website. On the other, there is a Online marketplace on the other traders of their Goods directly to customers could sell. This Amazon collect behavior continuously data on the products of the other providers and the customers.

The competition authorities wanted to pursue the question of whether and how the use of this data restricts competition. To do this, you want to check, among other things, the standard agreements between Amazon and other marketplace traders.

+++ 11.42 PM: Tönnies-employees for suspected fraud in the millions in court +++

Three employees of the largest German Slaughterhouse Tönnies to the company have been damaged by years of fraud by almost four million Euro. The three employees between the ages of 27 and 34 years of age, must be 25, from. July due to the charge of the band even fraud before the district court of Bielefeld answer, as the court announced.

Germany’s largest butcher

Tönnies kill the Veggie-sausage

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The employees were, according to the indictment in the case of Tönnies for the acceptance of deliveries and the weighing of the flesh responsible. Should you have exploited to manipulate between 2016 and 2019, in a total of 1788 cases in collaboration with the staff of two Polish companies, the weight. In each case, a comparison with the actual delivery of two tons of excess weight had been reported, stated in the indictment. The defendant should have received, according to the Prosecutor’s office to the manipulations of a total of 250 000 Euro.

+++ 11.36 PM: the operator of the toll for Cars in the publication of contracts +++

allow The dispute to the broken Car toll which is actually provided for the operator to allow the creation of a publication of the treaties with the Federal Ministry of transport. “In the past few days, the public interest in the contents of the Car is increased toll-operator agreements,” said the head of corporate communications, CTS Eventim, Christian Steinhof. “CTS Eventim and Kapsch are in favour, therefore, a complete and UN-shaded doctors publication, including all attachments.”

media report

By toll-Disaster: Green to sue the Minister of transport Scheuer


This request, the company would have brought already to your Client, the Ministry of transport, said Steinhof. The interest in the contracts is large, because of it, after the Failure of the proposed toll before the European court of justice (ECJ) claims for damages of the planned operators could arise. The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had signed the contracts for the collection and control of the Car toll, before the EU had decided to court. Immediately after the judgment he had denounced you.

members of The Confederation were able to tags read so far, UN-shaded in the secret protection office of the Bundestag’s confidential, but do not publicly talk about it. A member of the Green Stephan Kühn had announced to sue for disclosure of the contracts.

+++ 11.35 PM: Cabinet decides pharmacies-Reform +++

The Federal government wants to strengthen pharmacies and better in front of the competition on the Internet to protect. The Federal Cabinet has launched on Wednesday a law and a regulation on the way. Pharmacies to get for night and emergency services in the future, more money. In addition, Online pharmacies from abroad must Insured for prescription drugs for by law, no more discounts to offer, but must adhere to fixed prices.

The new regulations also provide that pharmacies may, in the future, also offer flu vaccinations. But that should be tried first in the regional model projects. In addition, the chronically Ill should be able to pick up in the future, with a prescription up to three Times your medicine at the pharmacy.

+++ 11.34 PM: subway-pusher in food identified the main suspect 14 +++

identified After a dangerous Schubserei in a Essener U-Bahn Station, the police a 14-year-old young people as the alleged main perpetrator. The day before the photos were of young people released, who had encountered a 20-year-old man in the tracks. According to the police notice dated Wednesday, the Suspects were identified by witnesses notes.

the mug shots of six, apparently very young teenagers were to be seen. According to earlier information of the police, the group had to stop the 20-Year-old at the end of June at a Central Essen U-Bahn “suddenly” beaten and kicked. After that, the young man was pushed onto the tracks. The 20-Year-old suffered minor injuries, was able to leave the tracks before the next train. A surveillance camera recorded the scenes. Also out of the group, the fact should have been filmed.

+++ 11.32 PM: Merkel, ceremony, Kramp cart Builder appointment followed again in the Sit +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has completed the ceremony for the appointment of the new defense Minister Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer in a Sitting position. At Schloss Bellevue Merkel, the new Minister and their predecessor, Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) took place on the three provided chairs, while the Federal Council, Vice-President, Michael Müller (SPD) made his speech.


Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Ursula von der Leyen and Angela Merkel in the appointment of AKKs to the new Secretary of defense

©John Macdougall

in The same place, Merkel had suffered three weeks ago, a Trembling fits, at the time of the appointment of the new Federal justice Minister, Christine Lambrecht (SPD) when she lived. In the past few days, Merkel, who was on Wednesday, 65 years old, had taken, even when receiving foreign guests with military honor of a seat in a chair, in order to avoid further shaking seizures.

Merkel had stressed after the attacks several times, that she was well. “I think it’s so how it happened, one day, will pass away,” she said last week.

+++ 11.31 PM: the death shot at Lübcke: opinion on the murder weapon charged Stephan E. +++

After the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, forensic technicians have identified the murder weapon, without a doubt. Your opinion will be a burden difficult for the suspect, Stephan E., reported the “mirror” at the Tuesday evening online. Accordingly, the fatal shot was delivered at Lübcke with a gun in the caliber .38 special, the E. had buried with the other weapons on the premises of his employer. The Federal Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe did not want to comment on the report on Wednesday.

suspect neo-Nazi

murder case, Lübcke: Stephan E. zback rout confession


According to “Spiegel Online” is a short-barreled Revolver of the Brazilian producer Rossi. Stephan E., had reported to the investigators after his arrest, the hiding place, and the names of two men called, he had come to the murder weapon. Due to this statement, Elmar sit J. and Markus, H. also in custody, charged with accessory to murder. In the meantime, e has to call his detailed confession to resist.

+++11.08 PM: young people are increasingly Hitler greeting in the Swedish amusement Park +++

A Swedish amusement Park has been battling for a long time with young people, the show rides the Hitler greeting. You should stretch out the right Arm in the Moment when you will be photographed by the cameras of a water and roller coaster Park Liseberg in Gothenburg. “This is something we cannot tolerate in Liseberg”, – said the Deputy Park chef Fredrik Löfgren the Swedish broadcaster SVT.

Since the beginning of the summer season in April, there have been about 40 of those in the image recorded incidents, said a spokeswoman for the Park, the German press Agency. In eight cases, the Park has been refunded, therefore, the display, otherwise, there is usually a house ban, or conversations with parents. “We have zero tolerance for this behavior,” said the spokeswoman.

the Park counts as one of the largest amusement parks in Northern Europe one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sweden. Every year, around three million visitors come to the Park.

+++ 10.49 PM: a 62-Year-old in Nepal by wild elephants killed +++

In the Himalayan state of Nepal is a wild living elephant has killed a man. The animal had dragged off the 62-Year-old in the vicinity of the Chitwan national Park in the South of the country, 25 meters far from the road, said Basu Dhungana, President of the Association of local forest users, on Wednesday.


A wild elephant (symbol image)

©Bruno Guerreiro

The growing Population of the elephants has resulted in the field according to his words, in the past, to death and destruction. As a protective measure to build now walls between the settlements and the forest.

In Nepal, it always comes back to deadly encounters between people and wild animals, especially at the edge of forests and national parks. Because of the deforestation, and a lack of prey animals to leave their natural environment and get close to settlements.

+++ 10.46 PM: a representative of reporters without borders in Istanbul free +++

the representative of The organization reporters without borders (RSF) is spoken in Turkey, has been acquitted of “terrorist propaganda” to be free. A court in Istanbul, spoke on Wednesday with Erol Önderoglu the human rights activist Sebnem Korur Fincanci, and the author of free Ahmet Nesin. They had supported to 2016, which later closed prokurdische newspaper “Özgür Gündem”.

+++ 10.39 PM: Future Lord mayor of Görlitz on the net violently +++

The designated Görlitzer mayor, Octavian Ursu (CDU), was in a runoff vote against an AfD candidate, attacked the target of fierce attacks in social networks. The research of the MDR-magazine, there were “Exact”.


The new Görlitzer mayor Octavian Ursu (CDU, l.) and his opponent Sebastian Wippel (AfD)

©Sebastian Matthew Downey United /B DAP, Sean Gallup

The state protection, as determined solely in the recent past, in three methods. This was confirmed as “Exactly” by a spokesman for the police Department in Görlitz.

In the two procedures was determined on suspicion of a public invitation to crime (§ 111 StGB), in a proceedings on suspicion of a threat (section 241 penal code). All three were handed over to the competent Prosecutor’s offices in Görlitz and Cottbus. By “Exactly” addressed the suspect out of the Land of Brandenburg has confirmed to his Post on Facebook.

+++ 10.36 PM: the Federal government brings the law to the measles vaccination on the way +++

Starting in March of next year will be in Germany a far-reaching vaccination against measles: The Federal Cabinet approved on Wednesday the law draft of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), as a result, the mandatory vaccination, especially in day-care centres and schools to apply. For pre-recorded children’s medical evidence, to 31, to. July 2020 is to be submitted. This is also true for educators and teachers.


Jens Spahn (CDU), Federal Minister for health

©Lisa Ducret DPA

“We want to keep all the children from a measles infection,” said Spahn. “Because the measles are highly contagious and can take a very nasty, sometimes fatal.” In Impfverweigerern an exclusion from the Kita threaten to visit, and fines of up to 2500 euros for children in school – due to the compulsory education can be no exclusion arranged. A vaccination to accommodation, but also in the Refugee, as well as for day mothers.

+++ 10.33 PM: 13 Dead after house collapse in Mumbai +++

After the collapse of a residential building during a heavy monsoon rain in the Western Indian metropolis of Mumbai, the number of dead to 13 has increased. Ten people were injured from the rubble of the four-storey building is saved, two to three more were still missing, said a police spokesman on Wednesday.

Among the victims, a 15-year-old Boy. The approximately 100-year-old house in the densely populated Dongri district, collapsed on Tuesday – the monsoon had caused in the area, severe Flooding.

Since the beginning of the particularly heavy rains last week, nearly 200 people were in South Asia, according to the authorities already alone in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan claimed the lives of.

+++ 10.28 PM: swearing-in Kramp cart Builder in the Bundestag on Wednesday +++

next week, The swearing-in of the CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer to the new Federal Minister of defence is to take place in the coming week. The special session of the Bundestag will take place on Wednesday at 11 a.m., said a spokesman for the Federal tags.

As in the chamber, currently under construction were to be held, will dodged to the Lobby of the Bundestag belonging to the Paul-Löbe-Haus next to the Reichstag building – said to be a “unusual place” for a session, as the speaker.

+++ 10.22 PM: the military and the Opposition to sign agreement for transitional government in Sudan +++

After a months-long unrest in the Sudan, the military and the Opposition have signed an agreement on a transitional government. The document was Deklar on Wednesday in Khartoum between representatives of the military leadership of the country and the opposition Alliance ation for freedom and change signed.

military Council and the protest movement in Sudan to sign agreement


nearly two weeks Ago, both sides had an agreement on Sudan’s future achieved. For a transitional period of a little more than three years, a Supreme Council should be introduced with equal participation from both sides, and a changing of leadership. Thereafter, elections should be held.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir had ruled the country in the North-East of Africa for three decades with a heavy Hand, and was overthrown in April by the armed forces. The coup, months of mass protests and a sit-in in Khartoum, had gone ahead of. In the case of the violent dispersal of the Blockade by the security forces in early June had been killed more than 120 people.

+++ 10.09 PM: Von der Leyen’s successor, Kramp wants to receive-cart-Builder with military honors +++

change of staff in the Federal Ministry of defence: The outgoing Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) wants Annegret to your designated successor Kramp-Karrenbauer on Wednesday afternoon with military honours at their new headquarters in Berlin. This is the Federal defence Ministry reported in Berlin.


New defense Minister: AKK goes fully into the risk


First, the two policies are at Schloss Bellevue is a guest: At the offices of the Federal President of the Leyen at 11 a.m. their dismissal certificate, a CDU leader, Kramp-Karrenbauer will receive your certificate of appointment. Thereafter, the policy on the ride to the ceremony, to the Ministry.

The dismissal and appointment shall, in the interim Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD). Actually, the Federal President is responsible for the is, however, currently on vacation. Also, his deputies, Federal Council President Daniel Günther (CDU), is currently abroad. Therefore, Müller, as the Deputy Federal Council Chairperson, to notarize the Minister of exchange.

+++ 9.57 PM: smugglers of cocaine hidden under his hairpiece +++

With half a kilogram of cocaine under the rug by a Colombian drug courier has been caught in Spain. The man came with a machine from Bogotá to Barcelona and the airport officials have been arrested, informed the Spanish national police on Facebook. He had worked at the security control extremely nervous and, therefore, the attention of officers is drawn, wrote the newspaper “La Vanguardia”.

police photos to see the strikingly high hair part of the Suspect, under which the packages of Drugs concealed. “The ingenuity of drug traffickers knows no bounds when it comes to outwit the authorities”, – stated in the message of the Policía Nacional. The cocaine had a value of about 30.000 euros.

+++ 9.33 PM: Paris defends itself against U.S. threats, and maintains digital tax +++

in Spite of threats of Sanctions from the United States keeps Paris on its digital expensive. This is aimed at Internet giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple. “France will not give up on the introduction of national taxation in any case,” said economic and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in the station France Inter. The trade representative Robert Lighthizer had confirmed last week that he had launched on instructions from President Donald Trump, a study of what the impact of the digital tax on the US trade. Depending on the outcome of this investigation could be duties, possibly to, or other restrictions on trade in France.

+++ 9.08 PM: the Italian best-selling author Camilleri died +++

The Italian best-selling author Andrea Camilleri is dead. The 93-Year-old died today in a hospital in Rome, such as the health authority informed the city. The Sicilians had come in the middle of June in a critical condition with circulatory and respiratory arrest in the hospital.

Camilleri is especially for the thrillers with the Commissioner Salvo Montalbano is known. He was regarded as a critical voice in the country and also threw in his stories, a spotlight on sensitive issues such as corruption or organized crime. He has written more than 100 books, but managed only after almost 70 years, with his Montalbano detective series the breakthrough.

+++ 8.56 PM: attack on the mayor of Hockenheim: police are investigating with high-pressure +++

After the violence attack on the mayor of Hockenheim Dieter Gummer (SPD) seeds, be determined by the police “with high pressure”. Will be determined “in all directions”, said a spokeswoman for the officials in Ludwigshafen, Germany. “We cannot exclude any of the facts.” The aim is “to achieve quickly concrete results”.

The 67-year-old Gummer had been beaten on Monday night in front of his private house in Rhineland-Palatinate, Böhl-Iggelheim by an Unknown and badly injured. He was brought to the stationary treatment into a hospital. The approximately 40-year-old suspects left after the attack on foot to the scene of the crime. He is described as dark-skinned and slim. According to the police, he spoke English with a slight accent. The motive for the attack is unclear.

Dieter Gummer in the hospital

mayor of Hockenheim to attack, seriously injured – police are searching for offenders

The reasons for the attack on the Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer are still unclear. The police issued a description of the offender, according to the will wanted.

DPA +++ 8.36 PM: the military Council and the protest movement in Sudan sign agreement +++

Sudan’s ruling military Council and the protest movement, an agreement for the formation of a transitional government have signed, such as AFP-Reporter reports. The agreement was preceded by months of unrest, with more than a hundred deaths. In Sudan, had taken over after the overthrow of long-standing heads of state Omar al-Bashir in April, a military Council the leadership, which initially refused to hand over Power to a civilian government.

press review

EU Commission presidency

“Everybody’s Darling, you are not”: The German press is saying to Ursula von der Leyens victory

+++ 8.31 PM: Schäfer-Gümbel defended the SPD-no in the case of the election of the Leyens +++

The Commissioner of SPD leader Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, the rejection of the SPD v on Ursula von der Leyen, at the election of the EU President of the Commission defended. The SPD had not considered it wise to push the top candidate principle, “one of the key promises” before the election, “aside”, said Schäfer-Gümbel in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. In the party had a clear majority is of the opinion that “it is not wise, because it will catch up with us on the long line, at the latest on the European elections”. Schäfer-Gümbel emphasized, however, that the social Democrats were to the cooperation with von der Leyen ready.

+++ 8.14 PM: European new passenger Car registrations go back again significantly +++

The European car market in June, a significant setback. In the EU, 1.45 million new vehicles were registered, which were 7.8 per cent less than in the same month last year, as the European industry Association Acea in Brussels announced. A large part of the Minus was due to a calendar effect, it was called by the Association. In June, there have been an average of only 19 selling days, last year it was thus two days longer. But also in the previous year, a decrease of 3.1 percent to beech stands after the first half of the year.

+++ 8.01 PM: six-year-old from Golf ball of the father fatal + +

the injured have been taken + On a Golf course in Orem just South of Salt Lake City in the U.S. state of Utah is a six-year-old on Monday of a Golf ball for your father, and to the injuries and died. The girl was sitting just 20 feet away in a Golf cart, as the Ball hit the back of her head, like a police spokesman for media announced according to reports. The Golf have stood by the car, neither directly in front nor directly behind the father, as this struck the Ball, but to the side of him. The girl was badly brought injured to a local hospital and then in a helicopter to a children’s hospital, has been flown, but later died.

The police assume a tragic accident, it said. The six-year-old had accompanied her father often to play Golf, said her uncle, according to the newspaper “Deseret News”: “she loved it and has always had a lot of fun.”

+++ 7.40 PM: brink house criticized the SPD’s rejection of the Leyens +++

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU), has practiced according to the choice of Ursula von der Leyen, on the future EU Commission President’s criticism of the SPD. “The need to explain the SPD first,” said brink house in the ZDF-“morning magazine” in view of the refusal of the coalition partners to support the end of the world. “There is still some clarification needed”, – said Brinkhaus, and announced talks with the coalition partners. “But of course we must look forward, because we as a coalition are still important tasks ahead of us just in the fall.”

The SPD members of the European Parliament had set before yesterday’s election to a rejection of the Leyens, among other things, because the Christian Democrat was a non-runner as a top candidate in the European elections. In spite of the opposition of the SPD, the leadership of the social democratic group in Europe, had given Parliament but then a choice of recommendation for von der Leyen.

+++ 7.33 PM: Killed 18-Year-old in Halle: suspect arrested +++

In the case of yesterday in Halle on the Saale river killed 18-Year-old has been taken, a suspect firmly. Federal police officers detained the 30-year-old man yesterday evening at the Central station in Frankfurt am Main, as the police in the hall announced today. Previously had been wanted by the Afghan public. He is to be transferred in the morning to the hall.

The 18-year-old Afghan woman was yesterday for lunch with the most severe injuries in the apartment of a multi-family house found. In the hospital, she succumbed on the afternoon of her injuries. The police has begun an investigation for murder, the officials said. The subject offered no information.

+++ 7.04 PM: Uber launches in Hamburg +++

The car service mediator Uber is now also launched in Hamburg. Since this could be booked through the Uber-App journeys, informed of the provider. The Hanseatic city next to Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne, the sixth city in Germany, in which the services would be offered. For this purpose, the intermediary with car rental companies and Taxi operators to work together, a spokesman said. A reason for the Start of the demand is: 2018, more than 240,000 people had tried in Hamburg, the App trips to book in the Hanseatic city.

the start price is Booked before the journey to the festival. He is, according to the company, around ten to 15 percent lower than Taxi Fares. The mediator does not comment on how many vehicles are in use. Years ago, Uber had failed with his original model in Hamburg, because at the time, a private driver should be used. The court below, for the transport of persons to enforce the law, with its requirements for the commercial still.

+++ 6.03 PM: temperature record in the northernmost permanently inhabited settlement +++

measured A temperature record is the northernmost permanently inhabited settlement in the earth has experienced. In the North canadian Alert located less than 900 kilometres from the North pole, measured on Sunday 21 degrees Celsius, as the canadian weather service announced now. The canadian Ministry of the environment spoke of a true “Arctic heat wave”. In Alert, the average temperature is in July, usually at 3.4 degrees. The now measured 21 “Grad” were an “absolute record,” said meteorologist Armel Castellan. “That’s a pretty incredible statistic. It is one of hundreds of examples of records in the course of global warming.” The previous record of 20 degrees in the Alert was at 8. July 1956 measured. Since the year 2012 were achieved on several days at temperatures between 19 and 20 degrees.

+++ 5.26 PM: young people are sounding the Alarm: women of verqualmtem house saved +++

Three spirit present, young people have become in the Saarland, probably life-savers. One of them noticed yesterday late in the evening, a triggered smoke detector in a house of the municipality Quierschied, the police announced. The 14-Year-old rang the bell several times and tried to warn the occupants of the house. Because of him, no one opened, called the young people the fire service. To summon firefighters rushed to the scene opened the door by force, and rescued a sleeping 61-Year-old from the leave smoke-filled apartment on the upper floor. A 59-year-old woman and her dog were led from the ground floor to the outside. The reason for the strong Smoke in findings of burnt food in the oven after the first police. The 61-Year-old came to hospital for a scan.

+++ 5.15 PM: Merkel is 65 and directs the normal Cabinet meeting +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel celebrates her 65. Birthday. Large Aufheben therefore not power, the CDU-politician, however. Rather, you may want to forward on as usual, the meeting of the Federal Cabinet. On the day mentioned, had Merkel said last week: “This does not mean that you will be younger. But experienced, maybe.”

Merkel since November 2005 Chancellor. Most recently, the headlines revolved around their health, after they had three times suffered within three weeks, shaking attacks – always in the case of public appointments in the Stand. She was “fully persuaded that I am well capable,” she assured. At receptions in two foreign Government had responded the least pragmatic and the national anthem, listened to in a Sitting position.

+++ 5.08 PM: After an extensive Casting: a New voice for track announcements found His voice +++

the soon-to-be among the most famous in Germany: Heiko Grauel has set itself in a Casting of the Deutsche Bahn, hundreds of professional speakers by. In the recording Studio he has read in the last few weeks, more than 14,000 lines of Text. From the recordings, the automatic will be built by say for all stations nationwide. Around 20 million travelers and visitors to the Station, the train is one a day.

In a few months, the 45-Year-old from Dreieich near Frankfurt, will be heard for the first Time at a train station, and informed the railway. Where, exactly, will being checked. The end of the year it should be then so far, that some of the train all the announcements to stations with the new voice to be done. The company introduces a new technology for the automated announcements, which should make for a more harmonious sound. Grauel works also as a speaker, he borrows, among other things, clips and documentaries of advertising his voice.

+++ 5.05 PM: pressure from the Federal cartel office: Amazon changes terms and conditions with retailers +++

under pressure from the Federal cartel office, changes to the Amazon to sell his dealings with merchants, the so-called Amazon market places for your products. After complaints of such companies, Germany’s top competition authorities had initiated the end of 2018, an abuse case against the US group. This will now be set, according to the Federal cartel office in Bonn. The authority has obtained significant Changes in the terms and conditions for the benefit of the traders. So, for example, liability provisions were redrafted broken products, which to date has been to the dealer at the expense – in the future, they are balanced.

The Changes to the 16. August effective. For the private customer, nothing changes, the global Changes will only affect the internal relationship between Amazon and third party retailers.

+++ 4.46 PM: deep-Fried ingredient supposed to have caused mysterious fires in US Sushi Restaurants +++

A deep-fried ingredient should be the trigger for mysterious fires in Sushi Restaurants in the United States. The fire Department of the city of Madison in the state of Wisconsin called for now, caution in the preparation of the Tempura-like batter, which is named because of its crunchy consistency “crunch” or “crunchy”. A dough of flour and water fried in Oil and then to Cool down in a vessel. If the heat can’t escape during Cooling, which threatens a fire: cooking oils such as soybean oil and rapeseed oil could be heated under certain conditions and then ignite, warned the fire brigade.

The fire Department of Madison had investigated two fires in Japanese Restaurants in the city, in which a material damage of at least taking up 575,000 dollars was incurred. The authorities also have at least five more fires with the preparation of the “crunch” in connection. The fire brigade now recommends the deep-fried dough to Cool on a flat surface such as a baking sheet spread out so that the heat can escape.

+++ 3.29 PM: Peru’s Ex-President Toledo because of corruption allegations in the United States arrested +++

Due to allegations of corruption, the former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo in the USA have been arrested. The U.S. Department of justice explained that this had been respond to an extradition request from the Peruvian government. Toledo is accused in his homeland, to have the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht bribes in the amount of 20 million dollars. In turn, the President of the years 2001 to 2006, the company should have given the order for the construction of a highway between Peru and Brazil.

The California-living Ex-head of state rejects the allegations. The extradition proceedings against the 73-could Years take months. Odebrecht is said to have bribed in a number of Latin American States politicians in order to get lucrative public contracts.

+++ 2.12 PM: the lawsuit against restriction of the right to asylum in the United States filed +++

In the United States, several people have filed legal organizations in a court in the state of California lawsuit against the tightening of asylum law. In the lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups argue that the new rules, in fact, the asylum will abolished for all those who had traveled on their way to the US through another country. The procedure is an “illegal” attempt, on the border with Mexico, the U.S. asylum system significantly reduce or even completely abolish.

The US government had announced on Monday that the border with Mexico asylum applications are rejected are supposed to be, if the migrants have not applied for on your path before in a different country to the status of refugees.

+++ 1.48 p.m.: Partial lunar Eclipse over Germany +++

In the night were able to see observers in Germany, a partial Eclipse of the moon. For about three hours, parts of the moon were in the core shadow of the earth. The moon shimmered in orange to rust-red tones. Almost two-thirds of the moon was in the shadow.

A lunar Eclipse only at full moon. The sun-illuminated earth as a sun screen, a shadow in the space. When the moon then passes through this shadow, we see a lunar Eclipse. The Trabant is the full extent of this shadow, it is called a total Eclipse. Last night this was not the case, therefore, one speaks only of a partial Eclipse of the moon.

+++ 1.42 PM: R. Kelly remains in custody +++

because Of abuse and child pornography charges arrested US singer R. Kelly remains in custody. A judge in Chicago refused to put the musicians on bail. The 52-year-old R&B Star himself dismissed the new allegations against him in court and pleads in all of the 13 points of not guilty.

in the 90s by the Hit “I Believe I Can Fly” the world famous musician had passede week have been arrested. The U.S. Department of justice accuses him of, among other things, Sex with five Minors had to have this part, and evidence hidden filmed.

+++ 1.05 PM: abrasives for tougher action in case of non-compliance with E-scooters +++

Following numerous Reports of accidents involving electric scooters and drunken drivers, Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) is calling for stricter measures. In a letter to the President of the German cities, Leipzig’s Lord mayor Burkhard Jung (SPD), from the Newspapers of the Funke media quoting the group, asks Scheuer, the municipalities, the possibilities of the electric micro vehicles-regulation “for safe and proper use of the full frame exploit”. The Minister of references to the provided for Sanctions for violations, such as the movement of other people on the footboard, or the use of non-permissible areas, such as sidewalks and pedestrian zones.

“The other basic traffic rules apply, of course, also for miniature electric cars”, – quotes the media group Scheuer. This means, in particular, that the fine and penalty provisions relating to driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol even when the E-apply to scooters.

+++ 1.02 PM: the US house of representatives condemned the “racist comments” Trumps +++

the Democrats controlled the US house of representatives has condemned as racist, criticised the attacks, from President Donald Trump against four democratic members. 240 deputies voted for a relevant Resolution, including four Republicans, 187 voted. In the non-binding Resolution, it means that trump’s “racist remarks” would have legitimized hatred of people with foreign roots, and other skin color and reinforced.

Zoff in Washington

Donald trump’s dispute with Democrat escalated the interior: “inside of me there is not a trace of racism”

Niels Kruse

Trump was asked on Sunday in a Tweet several Democrats, in their supposed home countries to go back and solve the problems there, instead of giving the USA good advice. Since then, he has put several times. Trump had called in the message has no name, was, of course, but unmistakably four democratic members of Parliament with a migration background: Ilhan Omar, of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. You are a citizen, all of the American state, three of them were born in the United States.

+++ 0.42 at: US to impose sanctions against military in Myanmar +++

The U.S. government has imposed for the violent repression of the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar, sanctions against high-ranking military officials in the Southeast Asian country. The measures are directed against military chief Min Aung Hlaing, his Deputy, two commanders, and their families. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo explained that those Affected were responsible for serious human rights violations, including extra-judicial executions in the state of Rakhine. The sanctions prohibit them to travel to the United States.

From Myanmar (formerly Burma), where the vast majority of the population is of Buddhist faith, have fled since August of 2017, more than 730.000 Muslims to the neighboring country of Bangladesh. The military and the government of the Nobel peace prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, because of the persecution of the Rohingya international heavy criticism. The UN speaks of genocide, the US-government of ethnic cleansing.

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