When the carnival gets into, as a rule, everyone will be fat. On the stages of the rest of you – often like platt – about politicians funny, about women, about mothers, about people with double names. The limit to what is ethically acceptable, are blurred and, unfortunately, it is sometimes not only supposedly funny, but discriminatory.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer occurs at the carnival in SWR

Yet another Dimension to the adopts, if politicians present in the role of carnival on the stage. This happened on 28. February at the “Stockach-based fool’s court”, a traditional meeting in the district of Konstanz. There, the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer as a “defendant”. The SWR was aired on the broadcast for Primetime. Parts of your appearance caused nationwide outrage. With a red beret on the head of the politician was, among other things, about inter-sex people funny.

What is intersexuality?

inter-sexuality is not to be confused with TRANS-sexuality, a physically unremarkable man feels as a woman, or Vice versa. The term intersex describes that someone is genetically, physically, or hormonally “between the sexes”, so neither clearly male nor female. Some of them look externally like girls, but have in their genome a male Y chromosome (XY-women). Other chromosomes are genetically a girl with two X, but your body produces so much testosterone that you are born with a kind of Penis.

AKK: “Look at the men of today …”

Literally, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer said during her appearance: “Look at the men of today. Who was because of you recently in Berlin, as you can see, but the Latte-Macchiato-group, the insertion of the toilets for the third gender.”

she said: “This is for the men who still don’t know whether or not you may still have to stand when you pee or sit. – In-between – is this toilet.”

A video clip to your statements disseminated in the social networks.

a Lot of criticism for Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

especially on Twitter, there was a lot of criticism for the 56-Year-old. The Cartoonist Ralph Ruthe writes: “hi AKK – could I ask you, politely, to talk shit? Thank you.”

Other users saw in its appearance the confirmation that AKK defend her title as “Miss Homophobia 2018” by all means:

politicians, Klaus Lederer (Left) spoke of a grief game:

Others saw it as “one more reason why followers of the CDU to return the back.”

sources : queer.de Twitter


What is intersexuality?

The Federal constitutional court has demanded a third gender for the entry in the birth register. The star answers frequently asked questions between sex.

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