The key messages in the Overview:AKK denies takeover of power in the Ministry of defence “from calculus,” (9.58 p.m.)participants of the Gay Pride Parade in Poland, with stones thrown at (3.57 PM), Lufthansa suspended flights to Cairo (0.01 PM)in a plane crash in the state of Baden-Württemberg – several Dead (13.46 PM)Hacker hijack Account of Scotland Yard – to force release of the Rapper (12.57 p.m.), police, migrants-Bus stop – the driver jumps out of the door (11.42 PM)Gondola from falls – nearly 200 people with helicopters evacuated (10.21 PM)”El Chapo” is the sentence in high security prison (02.12 PM)

The news of the weekend:

+++ 10.15 PM: cruise ship 111 migrants on way to Italy +++

The cruise ship “Marella Discovery” has taken in front of the Greek Peninsula Peloponnese, 111 migrants, who tried to take a boat to Italy. The people – including 33 minors, were taken to the Greek port of Kalamata. The Greek coast guard said on Sunday.

The boat of migrants was on the eve of about 40 nautical miles to the West of the Peloponnese Peninsula in distress. From which countries the migrants originate, remained unclear. Since the Balkan route is largely closed, try many of the migrants on the way to Western Europe, with Smugglers, organized Crossings from Greece or directly from Turkey to reach Italy.

+++ 09.58 PM: AKK denies takeover in the Ministry of defence “from calculus,” + + +

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has rejected the accusation, to have the office as the Minister of defence, primarily for political reasons, accepted. “I would never go in the office of the President, may be useful to me or not,” she said of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. Security was a topic that had worried you have always been. “If I’d gone to a personal recognition in a Cabinet, then I would be able to pick me last year, and a different Ministry.”

press conference

word-break in terms of Ministry? Chancellor Merkel defended AKK


she had been in “constant interchange” with Merkel, since I signed that defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen could go to Brussels. She confirmed that there were Considerations to make the Minister of health, Jens Spahn to the Minister of defense.

The question is whether they enter the Cabinet, came later. “In the last days, and in particular by the behaviour of the SPD in Brussels, however, it became clear that a particularly strong Signal is necessary to make it clear: The CDU stands for the continuation of this government,” said the party boss. The German SPD members had been openly against von der Leyen as EU Commission President.

+++ 09.37 PM: Six Dead in suicide attack in Northwest Pakistan +++

A suicide bomber in the North-West of Pakistan, six people in the death of her. A young woman blew himself up on Sunday at the entrance of a hospital near the town of Dera Ismail Khan in the air, the police announced. Among the dead were two police officers were. Another 13 people were injured, including eight police officers. The radical Islamic Taliban group, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed the fact for themselves. The security situation in Pakistan has improved in recent years. However, regular attacks. They will be targeted especially against security forces in the North-West of the country.

+++ 09.16 PM: Volvo recalls 500,000 cars in the workshop +++

The Swedish automaker Volvo Cars recalls worldwide, around half a Million vehicles in the workshops. Reason a component in the engine compartment that could melt, was a Volvo spokesman said on Saturday the German press Agency. In the worst case, this could cause the Motor to start to burn. Reports of injuries or accidents have not received the Volvo Cars but so far. In Germany 54.000 Volvo vehicles are affected by the speaker according to the recall.

According to information from the Swedish TV channel SVT it comes to models with four-cylinder diesel engines, which were built in the years 2014 to 2019. These include the V40, V60, V70, S80, XC60 and XC90 count accordingly.

+++ 08.49 PM: Lufthansa starts flights to Cairo again on +++

After a one-day interruption (read more below) will be flying Lufthansa on this Sunday, back to Cairo. “The flight operations from Frankfurt and Munich is regular again,” said a spokesman for the company on a Sunday morning in Frankfurt. According to him, plan to start two flights in Frankfurt and another in Munich. On Saturday, Lufthansa had cancelled their flights to the Egyptian capital, without detailed information from safety concerns. To not want to the reasons, the spokesman for comment on Sunday.

The airline British Airways will suspend its flights to Cairo due to security concerns, however, for the time being, for at least seven days. For justification, the airline announced in London on Saturday night only, the safety of the passengers and Crew members is the top priority.

+++ 08.13: Kramp-Karrenbauer: There is no General suspicion against soldiers +++

defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the Bundeswehr has defended against the allegation, these have in relation to right-wing extremism is an attitude problem. “There is no General suspicion against our soldiers,” said the CDU leader of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. This continued in the service of their lives. For this, you would have earned trust and support. This does not mean, however, that you look exactly where something critical reprocessed should be. The troupe have the right to it, that not a few would bring the whole of the German armed forces into disrepute.

New Minister

The construction of the armed forces: These are problems waiting for AKK


her predecessor, Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) had certified of the German armed forces in 2017, an “attitude problem”, “misunderstood Esprit de corps” and “weak leadership at various levels”, after several cases of right-wing extremism and degrading rituals in the force had become known. The allegation had caused a great irritation in the army. Later had apologized von der Leyen, for your blanket criticism.

+++ 06.03 PM: British Minister of justice announces resignation in Protest against Johnson +++

The British justice Minister, David Gauke, has his resignation angekündigt for the case that the former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson assumes the office of the Prime Minister. Johnson should be how the party expected duel against the acting foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, the successor to the outgoing head of government Theresa May to win, he’ll resign, said Gauke, the “Sunday Times”. Johnson considered hard Brexit would mean that from his point of view, a “humiliation” for his country.

+++ 05.05 PM: hate on the net – NRW-Department feel 80 Accused to +++

The North Rhine-Westphalia Department for major cases of politically-motivated hate speech on the Internet has so far identified about 80 Accused. These came from all over the Republic, explained state’s attorney Christoph Hebbecker. Including more men than women are, “but more women than I would have thought”. Older men were over-represented, but could be due to the fact that they know tend to be less well-informed on how to be anonymous on the Internet. NRW is the only German state to bear in mind that at the present time the phenomenon of Hatespeech: So Hesse builds additional Posts in its Central office for combating Internet crime (ZIK). In Bavaria, media companies, at the latest, by the autumn of lighter criminal charges for hate Postings refund

+++ 3.57 PM: participants of the Gay Pride Parade in Poland, with stones pelted +++

The first Gay Pride Parade in the Polish city of Bialystok has been overshadowed by violence. A group of Hooligans attacked the approximately 800 participants of the March on Saturday with stones, firecrackers and bottles, the police announced. The officers secured the parade, were attacked accordingly.

It was the first Time that people in the city in the North cost of Poland for the rights of lesbian, Gay, Bi – sexual and transgender (LGBT) people on the streets. The protesters waved rainbow flags and banners with inscriptions such as “love is not a sin”. Catholic and nationalist groups organized about 40 counter-rallies in Bialystok.

dealing with the LGBT Community will be discussed in the traditionally Catholic country before the parliamentary elections in the autumn of controversial. The chief of Poland’s right-nationalist government party law and justice (PiS), Jaroslaw Kaczynski, had referred to homosexuals in April as a “threat” to his country.

+++ 02.51 PM: hiker plunges to death +++

A 56-year-old man from Germany is excursion on a wall in Austria died. He was with two other men, from 2533 meters high, Aries stone, close to the German border, descend, informed the Austrian police on Saturday evening. “During the descent, a hiker, climb the Rock, while two mountain slipped climber in a snow-covered chute down,” – said in a statement. The 56’ve lost Years of control and crashed. His body was recovered by a helicopter.

+++ 1.25 PM: 700 firefighters are fighting the forest fires in Portugal +++

More than 700 firefighters are in the centre of Portugal against several forest fires in use. The fire threatened two villages in the mountain region of Castelo Branco, officials said. The locality Cardiga was evacuated, according to the civil protection as a precaution. The fire Department fought the flames in the hard-to-reach Region, also with fire-fighting planes and helicopters.

Four firefighters were injured working the fire, one of them seriously. Castelo Branco is located 200 kilometres North of Lisbon. In the devastating forest had arrived in the Region more than a hundred people killed in fires in the year 2017. Overall, it was a call on Saturday in six regions in the centre and South of Portugal, the highest forest fire warning level out.

+++ 0.28 at: Also “Melt!”-Festival due to bad weather +++

The site of the “Melt!”-interrupted Festivals with 25,000 visitors, was opened after a storm-break on late Saturday night. As the organizers informed, on request, will go to the Event with about two hours delay largely as planned. Reports of injured are not available. “It was a very windy and it has rained a lot,” said festival spokesman Tommy Nick. For the visitors, whose properties have been damaged, are provided according to the organizer about replacement of tents.

The Fans were asked because of the severe weather warning in the meantime, cars and Shuttle buses to visit. The weather service had issued a warning of approaching thunderstorms. According to the figures, the spectators followed the instructions smoothly. Due to a storm, a fun Fair in Düsseldorf had previously been interrupted.

+++ 0.11 PM: Maas warns ship setting: “to prevent war” +++

foreign Minister Heiko Maas warns of the establishment of a British-flagged oil Tanker by Iran to an escalation of violence. Shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States, the United Kingdom was Iran, with serious consequences threatened. “It is a question of, to prevent war,” said the SPD politician of the “Bild am Sonntag”.

location on Golf tips to

Iran sets British Tanker now, Germany is also involved in the conflict


“all efforts with the European partners and the countries of the Region are addressed.” According to the most recent developments, the Situation in the Gulf had become “more serious and more dangerous” than was previously the case. “In the case of a potentially uncontrollable military escalation, there would be no winners, only losers.”

Maas appealed in view of the possible consequences of a war on the rationality of the Iranian regime. “Just in Tehran, it must be now his responsibility, and not to the escalation spiral turn.” It is now “on the voices of reason, not to leave the field to the creators of the sniper”. To do this, there is a need for “clever diplomacy, which keeps the conversation channels open, pathways to confidence building and easing tensions – even if it is cumbersome appears to be, just then”.

++ 0.01 PM: Lufthansa suspends flights to Cairo +++

One day machines of the German airline Lufthansa have not controlled the Airport in Cairo. On Sunday, the Compounds to be taken up again. The company announced on late Saturday evening. The flights had been cancelled with no further details for security reasons. “Tomorrow (Sunday) is the regular flight operations resumed, and all flights are to be carried out on schedule,” – said in a message to the airline.


A machine of the Lufthansa

©Andreas Arnold, DPA,

and British Airways flew to the Egyptian capital on Saturday nicht and don’t want to do in the coming days. For security reasons, all Connections for a minimum of seven days to be exposed to concerns. For justification, the airline announced in London on Saturday night only, the safety of the passengers and Crew members is the top priority.

The British foreign Ministry, in its travel warnings for Egypt on increased terrorism risk in air traffic. The Foreign office has a warning for Egypt, only a partial travel warning on its Website before traveling to the North of the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian-Israeli border area (with the exception of Taba), and remote areas of the Sahara.

news from Saturday, 20. July:

+++ 18.15: Maas: Germany has called on a Problem with a right-wing Terror +++

foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has to hold Together against the enemies of democracy. “If the Right wing extremists refer to themselves today as a “national resistance,” if you carry on your Demos the icons of the resistance fighters of 1944, and then hurt and offend the memory of men such as Adam von Trott,” said Maas, a memorial to the memory of the 75. Anniversary of the failed Hitler assassination attempt in the Hessian Bebra-Imshausen. “Then it’s up to us, loudly and clearly, “enough!” to say.” On verrohte language, crude actions, followed Maas said, and recalled the murdered Kasseler government President Walter Lübcke. “He makes it clear that Germany has a Problem with a right-wing terrorist.”