Mali, Koulikoro: Heiko Maas (R), foreign Minister of Germany, and the mayor of Koulikoro, Ely Diarra

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stranded on a plane mishap: Meuse river in Mali (21.55)Netanyahu rejects corruption allegations as a “witch hunt” (19.33 hours), and North Korea is contrary to reports that Trump the reasons for the Failure of the summit (18.58): Suspect is to come from the environment of the missing Rebecca (18.10)Doping-RAID: arrest warrant against Erfurt sports physicians adopt (15.30)

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+++ 23.44 PM: Rob burglar, a priest in the rectory +++

Three robbers broke into a Vicarage in Holzwickede and threatened the pastor and deprived. The perpetrators escaped with about 2500 euros in cash, a cell phone and debit cards, the police announced in Unna. The 58-year-old Catholic priest came to the rectory in which he lives – there, he noticed that the door to the uprising. Suddenly, the three men stood in front of him, threatened him with a knife and forced him to open a safe. After that, they locked the 58-Year-old in a windowless bathroom, and fled. A staff member freed the priest, remained unharmed, a little later. The police are looking for the perpetrators.

+++ 23.01 PM: USA head put money on the son of Osama bin Laden from +++

The United States, a head bounty on the son of the slain Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. For information on the led, Hamza bin Laden track, is awarded a reward of up to one Million dollars, informed the US state Department in Washington. Hamza bin Laden have taken a leading role in the network of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. In August 2015 he called in several of the messages in the Internet attacks against the U.S. and Western allies, and with terrorist attacks as a revenge for the killing of his father threatened.

Osama bin Laden was on 2. May 2011 in Pakistan’s Abbottabad by a US special forces unit had been killed. The US government had put his son Hamza at the beginning of 2017 on their terrorist list. Possible assets of the young bin Laden in the United States were frozen. American citizens and companies are allowed to handle since no business or transactions with him.

+++ 22.19 PM: city Council sets the new location for Thuringian bratwurst Museum +++

After heated debate about a new Thuringian bratwurst Museum at a former concentration camp Outpost city Council has decided an alternate location. The new space is located according to the non-party mayor Beate Sill, just South of the originally planned site on the outskirts of the town of forest in Mühlhausen. The members of the city Council agreed at its meeting of an Amendment to the land use plan. In Parallel, a new decision for development was made.

The “1. German bratwurst Museum” for more than a decade in Holzhausen near Arnstadt. It should move numbers, among other things, due to the high number of visitors in a larger building. At the end of January it had become public that the originally planned new location on the site should be of a former external camp of the KZ Buchenwald. This provoked fierce criticism from many sides, and the Plan was discarded.

+++ 21.55: a aircraft breakdown: Maas in Mali stranded +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) is stranded due to a breakdown in his government plane in the West African state of Mali. The machine of the type A319 couldn’t bring him in, as planned by the Malian capital of Bamako back to Berlin. About the Defect were first made. Maas initially decided to stay in Bamako. He wants to fly back on Friday with a replacement machine.

“Air breakdown”

Steinmeier stuck again – a review of the breakdown of the German army Aviator

it has Already met a technical Problem with a government machine: This Time it is Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The problems of flight readiness are piling up. A Review.

+++ 21.39 PM: conductor and composer André Pevin died +++

The German-American conductor, composer and Pianist André Previn has died at the age of 89 years. The London Symphony Orchestra was deeply saddened by the death of the musician. Previn has won four Academy awards, ten Grammys and for his life’s work with the Kennedy award.

in 1929, as Andreas Ludwig Priwin in Berlin-born artist was the chief conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and music Director of the Philharmonic orchestra of Los Angeles. Since 2002, Previn, music Director of the Oslo Philharmonic orchestra. He has appeared in Salzburg, Dresden, Edinburgh and Osaka.

+++ 21.02: police: 25 Dead in Explosion in Mogadishu +++

In the case of a severe Explosion in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, according to police at least 25 people have been killed. A suicide bomber was involved in the attack, said a police officer of the German press Agency. The terrorist militia Al-Shabaab claimed the fact, for, as the jihadist Propaganda is a specialized Site Intelligence Group reported.

The Explosion occurred near a Hotel frequented by government officials, said the police officer. But it was initially unclear what was the target of the attack. In the area and sporadic gunfire could be heard. The Explosion had caused massive destruction to nearby shops, said the police officer. The concussion was felt kilometers away, such as a dpa reported Reporter.

+++ 20.42 PM: Hallstatt groans under the flow of tourists – the local Council decides to Limit +++

in the face of a Million tourists per year, the small town of Hallstatt attracts in Austria the emergency brake. By 2020, buses will be allowed in the especially in the case of Asians is a popular scenic place on the lake Hallstatt, just to start off, if you have a limited number of entrance tickets, decided by the municipal Council of the 770-souls-town. The decision was unanimous, said mayor Alexander Scheutz.

The number of buses, which had risen in a short period of 8000 to around 20,000 in the year, should be reduced with this measure by about a third. In addition, to be increased with the sale of the Slots, the length of stay of the guests. “Under 150 minutes, you can not visit as a Bus-Tourist Hallstatt,” said Scheutz.

Many residents felt that tourists annoyed, the invaded, without regard to the privacy, even in gardens and homes. In place since the reigns Years of a drone ban. On some days, nearly 10,000 visitors thronging through the narrow streets between the mountain and the lake.

+++ 20.26 clock: Fosen takes over insolvent shipyard Nordseewerke complete +++

The Norwegian shipbuilder Fosen Yard, the insolvent shipyard Fosen North sea intends to take over plants in Emden in East Frisia completely. Fosen and the Trustee have agreed to take over the middle of the month, said spokesman of the company and the trade Union IG metal. With the agreement, a agreement was signed, according to which the Problem of a temporary Fosen want to remove under cover.

The shipyard with 80 employees had at 16. January filing for insolvency, for the fourth Time in six years. The Norwegian main partner had signaled his willingness to take over the company and to participate in the workforce at the new company. In the preliminary insolvency proceedings had to be found until the end of February a solution, since it is only up to this date, the insolvency was money saved.

+++ 19.57 PM: reports: Luke Perry suffers a severe stroke +++

The American actor Luke Perry, according to the media, a severe stroke of the reports suffered. The 52-Year-old had been brought on Wednesday in a hurry to the hospital, and keep up to continue there, said a spokesman for the actor, according to US media reports. For further information on the health condition of the actor, he didn’t want to do.

Perry’s stroke overshadowed the same time as the announcement of a new edition of the cult series “Beverly Hills, 90210” in which he played one of the main roles. However, it was unclear whether Perry was seen previously for a role in the new episodes. In the published list of actors for the planned episodes, he was not listed.

Perry was to work the least busy in Los Angeles filming the TV series “Riverdale” based on a comic book.

+++ 19.33 PM: Netanyahu rejects corruption allegations as a “witch-hunt” + + +

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected all the allegations of corruption against him as a “witch-hunt”. Netanyahu said that he would put all the charges and said, “long years,” Israel’s Prime Minister. “There will be nothing left of it,” he said of the allegations. “This house of cards will fall together.” It was an attempt by the Israeli Left, to overthrow his government and take Power.

Israel’s attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit had previously communicated that he would raise in three cases against Netanyahu’s indictment for corruption charges. According to the legal practice in Israel must be, however, a hearing Netanyahu’s. In one case, Mandelblit said an indictment for bribery and for fraud and breach of trust, in two other cases, for fraud and breach of trust.

+++ 19.24 PM: fool’s court sentenced Kramp-Karrenbauer to three buckets of criminal wine +++

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer need three buckets of wine at the traditional fools court in Stockach (Kreis Konstanz). The almost at night-the judges said, guilty of the Saar countries – the “Schmotzigen Dunschtig” – in their carnival session in Stockach in two of the three charges. A bucket of criminal wine is 60 litres.

Kramp-Karrenbauer made the “violent castration of the CDU” and the “throne of robbery by seduction of minors” guilty, said the Chairman of fools a judge. The accusation of “subjugation and degradation of the Republic by the Saarland cultural identity” did not convince the judge.

The fool’s court is more than 600 years old. On the dock, Franz Josef Strauss (CSU), and Angela Merkel (CDU) sat.

+++ 19.07 PM: baby body weeks after the dam break in Brazil, 182 Dead +++

not found – now More than a month after the disastrous dam break in an iron ore mine in the Southeast of Brazil, forces of the fire Department, recovered the body of a since then, the missing babies. The civil protection of the Federal state of Minas Gerais put the official number of dead to 182, as the news portal Uol reported. Accordingly, still 126 people are missing.

mud avalanche to dam break

The anger grows: What is the role of the Tüv Süd played in the disaster in Brazil?

By Jan Christoph Wiechmann

The dam at the Mine Córrego do Feijão, near Brumadinho was on 25. January burst, around twelve million cubic metres of red sludge poured over the place and parts adjacent settlements.

the family of the now-found a-year-old boy had been surprised in your house while watching TV from the mud, such as Uol reported. Only the mother of the small child survived, therefore, the husband and a sister of the wife were also killed. The judiciary is investigating several employees of the mining company Vale. This wants to pay to all the inhabitants of a compensation.

+++ 18.58 watch: North Korea contradicts Trump at the reasons for the Failure of the summit +++

North Korea has objected to the statement by the US President, Donald Trump for the Failure of the summit of the two States in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. The North Korean foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said in the night to Friday in a rare appearance before journalists that his country didn’t demand in return for nuclear disarmament, the abolition of all, but only a part of the sanctions. The offered nuclear disarmament was the most far-reaching measure, which was for his country is currently feasible. The offer will not change even if the United States would propose further negotiations in the future.

Trump said after the premature end of the summit on Thursday that there had been no agreement because of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un have called for the lifting of all sanctions. Kim’s offers on nuclear disarmament were not far-reaching enough.

+++ 18.46 PM: Israel allows Palestinian members after 20 months in prison +++

About 20 months after their arrest, Israel has left the Palestinian Parliament’s Deputy Chalida Dscharar free again. The 56-Year-old was arrested after arms information because of their activity in the left popular front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in July 2017. Now, it came free without any charges as their daughter Suha Dscharar said.

Israel classifies the PFLP as a terrorist organization. A spokeswoman for the army confirmed the release Jarars. Administrative detention is to be applied on the Basis of “reliable and specific information indicating a threat to the security in the Region,” it said in a statement. People in can Israel for a period of six months that can be renewed indefinitely, without charge “for security reasons” will be recorded.

+++ 18.39 watch: Amazon launches new Offensive against product counterfeiting +++

The US online retailer Amazon is going with a new Offensive against fake products on its platform. The group stated that initially the program called Project Zero will be tested, together with a few selected manufacturers. The goal is that clients “get when Shopping on Amazon, always authentic goods,” it said in a statement.

Amazon relies on its own technologies for the Detection of counterfeits and imitations in its Online stores. The products are checked automatically on Logos and other data that the manufacturer has submitted to Amazon. Tests have shown that a hundred Times more forgeries were discovered than in the current System, based on communications from the manufacturer. In addition, the manufacturer should be able to take in the future discovered imitations from the offer. To date, the company had to contact in case of suspected counterfeiting, Amazon and the Online retailer was engaged in the then.

+++ 18.10 PM: reports: a suspect from the environment of the missing Rebecca come +++

The arrested Suspect in the case of the missing Rebecca from Berlin, is supposed to originate, according to media reports from the family environment of the girl. The police wanted to make to your Report “Bild.de” and “morning post” (Online). There were no new statements on the question of whether the student lives, or whether her body was found.

The 15-year-old Rebecca was at 18. February disappeared. She had stayed with her sister in the town of Britz in the South-East of Berlin and was the next day in the house. She appeared in the school. After a few days, the homicide took over the investigation.

search for 15-year-old Berliner

case of the missing Rebecca: Berlin police arrest Suspects

For more than a week, police search and related intensely to the missing 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin. Now the police apparently has a track.

DPA +++ 17.53 PM: Israel’s General Prosecutor’s office confirmed the indictment plans against Netanyahu +++

Only a few weeks before the parliamentary election in Israel, attorney General Avischai Mandelblit has confirmed that he wants to accuse the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption. He is seeking a lawsuit against Netanyahu for bribery, fraud, and abuse of Trust, said Mandelblit, in Jerusalem. In Israel, on 9. April, a new Parliament is elected, Netanyahu is hoping for a further term of office.

+++ 17.42 PM: spy for the Ukraine – Two Russians sentenced to a long imprisonment in a camp +++

Because they were spying for the Ukraine fleet of the Russian justice system is an officer of the black sea, and sentenced his roommate to ten and to nine years of imprisonment in a camp. The two had pleaded guilty, to have state secrets to the betrayed Ukraine, reported the Agency Interfax, citing the domestic intelligence service, the FSB, in Moscow. The judgment language of the information, according to a military court in the North Caucasus. Accordingly, the woman was from the Ukrainian military secret service recruited. Then you should have the Major money for a conspiratorial collaboration with the Ukrainian secret service won.

Both would have passed the information to individual units or to all the associations of the black sea fleet in the Ukraine – and the defense capability of Russia at risk, it said. In the case of the arrest of the officer in 2017, a spokesman for the General staff had confirmed in Kiev, that the soldier had served in the Ukrainian armed forces, before he had been in February, March, 2014, in the service of the Russians.

+++ 17: 32: survey: Only one in five is against black facing in carnival +++

Is allowed in the carnival all-or-apply here the rules of Political Correctness? In a representative Emnid survey on behalf of the “world’s” 62 per cent of about 1000 respondents for a waiver of decoy Weapons in the carnival costume. 30 percent find religious panels inappropriate. The Black of the face, the so-called black facing, holding only 19 percent of the respondents is reprehensible. For 28 percent, the following applies: In the carnival, everything is permitted, even in the costumes.

+++ 17.22 PM: reports: Netanyahu should be indicted for corruption +++

Israel’s attorney General wants to raise to media charges against the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu reports because of corruption allegations. Avichai Mandelblit informed Netanyahu of this, Israeli media reported consistently. According to the legal practice in Israel must be, however, a hearing Netanyahu’s.

+++ 16: 26: Brexit: UK Secretary of state for agriculture, is the office on +++

The British Agricultural-Secretary of state, George Eustice, has resigned from his post. This is due to the possible delay of the EU exit of the UK, the conservative politician said in London. He warned against “humiliation” of Britain by the EU.

He wanted to have by his resignation, the opportunity to in the coming weeks, regardless of his office at the “critical debate” to a Brexit participate, wrote the Brexit advocates, in a letter to the Prime Minister Theresa May. Eustice is also in the field of fisheries is responsible.

+++ 15: 45: Swiss policeman after chase as the pace of sinner++

condemned + A Swiss court has sentenced a police officer after a chase because of rage in prison on probation. The man had been flashed in 2017 at a blue light use in a 50-Zone in Geneva-with a speed of 126 km/h. His lawyer has announced an appeal against the one-year penalty, he said the Agency’s Keystone SDA. The court invoked the draconian racer-legislation in Switzerland, which also applies to police officers. The man was not in use, to save lives, but only to a burglar.

+++ 15.30: Doping-RAID: arrest warrant against Erfurt sports physicians adopt +++

Against the in connection with Doping raids in Erfurt arrested a sports physician, an arrest warrant has been issued. The doctor would be brought to an appointment with the investigating judge in the Munich prison Stadel Institute home, said a spokesman of the Erfurt district court.

The doctors had been taken on Wednesday as an alleged accomplice in Erfurt. In his practice, football to in addition to cross-country runners, according to information of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” ller, swimmers, cyclists, handball players and athletes have been treated. “There’s other sports will certainly be affected”, had said on Wednesday Dieter Csefan by the Austrian Federal criminal police office and of a global network and a “criminal organization”.

+++ 15.10: climber dies in avalanche in Slovakia +++

In the Slovak High Tatras, a mountain has been swept away climbers in an avalanche and killed. As the mountain rescue service HZS announced on its website that could be seen of the Victim by a rescue helicopter, because he was only buried to a part. He had, however, suffered such severe injuries that he could not survive. The 48-Year-old had been a long-time member of the mountain rescue and an experienced Alpinist, it said.

A companion of the Killed has not been carried away with itself, but by the avalanche between Snow and rocks included. Because the helicopter could not reach him, broke the Slovak and Polish mountain rescuers from both sides of the state borders, the mountains, to liberate him on foot. This rescue operation lasted in the early afternoon.

+++ 14.58 PM: Senegal’s President Sall at 58% again. + + +

elected In the presidential election in Senegal the head of state, Macky Sall has been confirmed in office. According to the provisional final result of Sall received at the election on may 24. February 58 percent of the vote, the National electoral Commission, announced in Dakar. In second place is former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck landed, therefore, with 20.5 percent.

+++ 14.25 PM: school Director: the Dead student is not a bullying-victim +++

The death of an eleven-year-old student at the end of January in Berlin is not, according to the head of the school on bullying. “The student who died, was not a bullying victim,” said Daniela Walter at a hearing in the education Committee of the Berlin house of representatives.

the head of The school reported that it had been after the death of the child in a hospital, from the beginning, with the parents in close contact. She also stressed that the girl’s family have said nothing to the cause of death. On Thursday, the child of beige had been.

+++ 13.58 at: Berlin police reports on arrest in missing case, Rebecca +++

taken In connection with the case of the missing Rebecca, the Berlin police of a suspicious Person. The investigations have corroborated the suspicion of a criminal Offence, it says in a statement. For more information on the persons or the arrested person, the police are not made initially. The interrogations continue, therefore, to the hour, as well as the investigations. The 15-Year-old was on 18. February, last seen and has been missing since. The family had searched under the Hashtag #findbecci using the social media to the student. On Wednesday, the police had searched with Huber wrench support at the place of disappearance, again for Clues. A clothing was found piece. It is unclear whether it belongs to Rebecca.

search for 15-year-old Berliner

Almost 100 notes and not a trace: family of missing Rebecca with desperate appeals

nine days after the Disappearance of Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is missing from the student in each track. The desperation grows – and yet nobody thinks of giving up.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 13.30 h: public Prosecutor’s office provides investigations into attacks on two Restaurants in Chemnitz, a +++

The Prosecutor’s office has closed its investigation of the attacks on the two Persian Restaurants “butterfly” and “saffron” in Chemnitz for the time being. The attacks were supposed to have caused part of the riots after the violent death of a 35-year-old man at the edge of the Chemnitz city festival, the two refugees. There is no evidence on the perpetrators, the public Prosecutor’s office in Chemnitz on Thursday with a view to the Restaurant-attacks. “Witnesses who had observed the offender, or the offence could not be determined.” In addition, no evaluable traces, or other evidence such as footage from surveillance cameras in front of subject.

+++ 13.19 PM: Norwegian police fears that the kidnapped millionaire’s wife is alive +++

The police in the Norwegian Ski has once again appealed to the suspected kidnappers of the missing millionaire’s wife, to contact. “Despite several requests, we have no proof that she is still alive,” said police spokesman Tommy Brøske. “We have more and more doubts.” The police believe that the now 69-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen has been kidnapped from her home in Lørenskog near Oslo. Since the 31. October you disappeared without a trace. In the house a letter had been found, in which the kidnappers demand a nine million Euro ransom. Hagen is married to one of the richest entrepreneurs in Norway.


millionaire’s wife for eleven weeks gone – a family is looking for a TV contact to kidnappers

Norway fears for the fate of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen. Since the end of October, the wife of one of the richest men in Norway is gone – now the family released an emotional appeal in television.

+++ 13.11 PM: ECJ-advocate: courts must locations for air monitoring stations can +++

The siting of measuring stations for air quality must be according to the view of an advocate General of the European court of justice (ECJ) by the courts checked. The Union law course a judges control, said the ECJ expert Juliane Kokott in her opinion in a proceeding on a dispute in Brussels. Several residents and an environmental organization to argue with the authorities about whether the city of an adequate air quality plan was created. The Brussels court, therefore, called the ECJ on the interpretation of Union law. Advocate General Kokott pointed out that the measurement stations are, in particular, to set up in areas where the highest concentrations of sulphur dioxide and other substances occur. To the competent Authorities a discretion in the choice of location, but courts would need to check on the application Concerned, whether the election conformed to the Union’s legal requirements. It could result in the obligation, in certain locations of the measuring stations. Kokott also spoke in favour of the compliance with the limit values had to be evaluated without the formation of a mean value of all stations.

+++ 12.25 PM: Pakistan wants India pilots on Friday +++

After the recent military confrontation between Pakistan and India wants to make Pakistan a on Wednesday captured Indian pilots on Friday. The Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan said in a speech in the Parliament in Islamabad. The release was a “gesture of peace”.

tensions between The rival nuclear powers India and Pakistan had deteriorated in the past few days. After India’s air force had flown in on Tuesday night for the first Time since 1971, an attack on Pakistani territory and shot down Pakistan according to its own data on Wednesday, two Indian fighter planes. An Indian Pilot had been set after that.

+++ 12.10 am: Austrian BKA: for Further information, after the arrests at the world Ski Championships, at the earliest on Friday +++

The Austrian Federal criminal police office after the arrest of seven persons in the case of the Nordic world Ski Championships in Seefeld at the earliest on Friday afternoon, new information. “If anything, we have to evaluate everything. It can also take longer, we have a huge range of”, a spokesman said on Thursday the German press Agency. In addition, in Erfurt is a German sports physician and a suspected accomplice were arrested.

+++ 11: 59 p.m.: children’s day is a new statutory holiday in Thuringia +++

The world children’s day on 20. September is a new statutory holiday in Thuringia. With the voices of Left, the SPD and the Greens, the holiday act has been amended by the Parliament. Thus, the number of labor increases free holidays in Thuringia to eleven. The opposition factions of the CDU and the AfD to reported concerns, whether Thuringia could afford another holiday economically. They see it as also a campaign gift of a red-Red-Green. At the end of October will be chosen in Thuringia, a new Parliament. The number of public holidays in the individual Federal States varies between 9 and 14.

+++ 11.47 PM: “Elysium”-child pornography – more years of imprisonment, required +++

In the process to the child pornography-platform “Elysium” has called for the prosecution for the four defendants in multi-year prison sentences. The applications range from three years and ten months to nine years. The evidence confirmed the allegations against the men from Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria “in full”, – said the representative of the General Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt at the regional court of Limburg. She pleaded, moreover, against one of the defendants to arrange because of repeated child abuse preventive detention.

The defendant should have operated – the participation in a predecessor platform – “Elysium” in the Darknet, or on the operation involved. The Portal had more than 111 000 users accounts worldwide. Investigators turned it in June 2017.

+++ 11.14 PM: police search for avalanche victims in the Allgäu, a +++

After the avalanche in the allgäu Alps, the police has set the search for the 43-year-old Missing. For the Alpine officials, the use was too dangerous, a spokesman said. In the search location in the Bavarian-Austrian border area it had become during the day to warm. The avalanche danger had increased. Earlier, several media reported.

The 43-Year-old from the upper Palatinate district of Cham was on Saturday with five other ski tourers on the road. In about 1300 meters of altitude, an avalanche triggered. Four people survived, one of them was seriously injured. For a 42-Year-old came too late to help.

+++ 11.05 am: launch periods for two wolves in the North of Germany +++

extended permission for The shooting of a wolf in lower Saxony has been extended by one month. The expectation is that the killing achievements quickly, with divided, the lower Saxon Ministry for the environment in Hannover, Germany. The male with the recognition GW717m must now 31 to. March be killed. On the account of the wolf, the cracks go from cattle and ponies. In Schleswig-Holstein, the deadline has been extended to the launch of another wolf.

+++ 10.58 PM: thousands of tourists are stuck at the airport of Bangkok +++

Because of the conflict between India and Pakistan, thousands of tourists from Germany and other European countries in Thailand are stuck. Reason for the decision of the airline Thai Airways, no more flights to pass through Pakistani air space due to the local air force operations, was informed in Bangkok. Around 30 flights were cancelled, three planes had to make in the air back and flew to Bangkok. According to the airline, around 5000 passengers were affected. Most of them had booked flights to Europe.

India and Pakistan

the First attack, and now Jets shot down – two nuclear powers on a collision course

The two nuclear powers India and Pakistan continue on a collision course. According to an alleged Indian attack on a terrorist camp in the Pakistani air force to have shot down two aircraft of the Indian air force.

DPA +++ 10.15 p.m.: at Least seven Dead in collapse of illegal gold mine in Indonesia +++

The collapse of an illegal gold mine in Indonesia for at least seven people have been killed. Rescuers were looking for on the island of Sulawesi feverishly for Survivors, as authorities said the representative. 19 miners were rescued. Accordingly, the contact consisted of multiple victims in the Mine Bolaang Mongondow, which raised hopes for more Survivors of the accident.

The rescue work, however, because of the steep terrain and the unstable subsoil is difficult. The collapse of the Mine had caused a landslide. While heavy machines were ready, but the rescuers were instructed, in view of the dangerous situation first of all, on blades; at times they had to dig with their bare hands.

+++ 10.07 PM: BMW and Daimler announce Alliance in the construction of robot cars +++

The car manufacturers BMW and Daimler want to join forces in automated Driving. The two companies signed a Memorandum of understanding, shared with you. Through the collaboration, they want to accelerate the development of the technology and faster to the customer. The common platform is supposed to be for other technology companies and car manufacturers to open.

+++ 9.44 PM: the Supreme U.S. court pushes the execution of dementia diseased inmate to +++

the U.S. Supreme court has delayed the scheduled execution of a dementia detainee. The judge ruled in a published decision, a psychological evaluation of death row inmates Vernon Madison, was convicted of a Polizistenmords in the year 1985. The reviewer should determine whether the dementia sick man is mentally able, the reasonsto understand e for his execution. Madison’s lawyers argue that her client could remember neither the act nor its judicial procedure. After two blow he had seizures also blind and could no longer go. Madison is 60. In their five votes to three decision, the judges referred to the constitutional ban on “cruel and unusual punishments”. To clarify whether Madison’s execution would violate this prohibition. The court had forbidden in earlier case-law, the execution of prisoners with schizophrenia or psychosis.

+++ 8.57 PM: Boeing trumps Airbus British-Airways-major order from +++

The US-aircraft manufacturer Boeing has received in the UK, a prestigious job. The British-Airways-parent IAG has opted for a large order for aircraft of the US group against Airbus. The British ordered a total of 18 Boeing-plane of the type 777-9, as the company announced in London. The value of the contract is computationally eight billion dollars, but discounts are for bulk orders are common.

+++ 7.46 PM: Trump-Kim summit canceled in Hanoi in advance +++

US President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un during their Meeting in Hanoi, according to U.S. data achieved no agreement. Both men had spoken at the very good and constructive Meeting in various ways, such as the removal of nuclear weapons and the economic development of North Korea could be achieved, according to the U.S. office of the President. The summit went without a lunch to a premature end. Kim left, apparently immediately, Trump appeared alone in front of the press.

+++ 7:20 a.m.: hundreds of families from border villages in Kashmir + evacuated++

Due to the recent military confrontation between Pakistan and India, hundreds of families from border villages on the Pakistani side of Kashmir, have been evacuated. The local information Minister, Mushtaq Minhas, said. The evacuations were made after it had been in the night to Thursday, from the Indian side, machine – gun and artillery fire. The entire area along the De Facto border on the Pakistani side of Kashmir had been put on alert, he said. No sedation occurs, may be further evacuations are necessary. The tensions between India and Pakistan had deteriorated in the past few days. After India’s air force had flown in on Tuesday night for the first Time since 1971, an attack on Pakistani territory and shot down Pakistan according to its own data on Wednesday, two Indian fighter planes. An Indian Pilot had been set.

+++ 6:04 PM: 848 billion E-Mails in the past year in Germany +++

In Germany are sent to you in the past year, about 848 billion and receive E-mail has been sent. This is an increase of ten percent in comparison to 2017, as the two E-Mail providers Web.de and GMX told us in your evaluation. Since the beginning of this evaluation, over 20 years ago, the volume, therefore, rose steadily, and already in 2016 and 2017, it was a Plus in the double-digit percentage range. Most of the E-mail came last year from providers, newsletters, web.de and GMX. Behind it, the correspondence of Online stores and social networks with your customers and users followed. Finally, the private E-Mail correspondence with companies, friends, and authorities followed.

+++ 5:46 PM: The early spring is as +++

Blue skies and plenty of sun in the last days of spring mood. Also, the hazel bloom in many Parts of Germany shows that The so-called early spring is already in full swing. “The migratory birds are back and part of the bees are outside, lemon moths and Fox moths come earlier,” says Anja Engels from the field phenology of the German weather service. In the middle of Germany have already reported more than 90 percent of the observation sites in the beginning of hazel flowering, which characterises the early spring. In the Southeast, however, the number of flowering hazelnut was shrubs are still significantly lower. For Phänologen buds, flowers, and fresh Green are an important indication for the determination of the time of year, regardless of the calendar or meteorological beginning of spring. Also Phänologen can observe the effects of climate change. “Generally speaking, spring begins since the end of 1980-ies years earlier,” says angel. The Onset of flowering guarantee but still no sustained spring-like weather.

+++ 5:06 p.m.: More than every fourth associated costs billing errors +++

is More than every fourth service charges, billing errors, according to a recent evaluation. Error does not make the landlord only in the calculation of claims – the most of the credits from the fall to the detriment of the tenant, such as the analysis of the Prüfportals Mineko. It was the AFP news Agency. Often can get tenants back several hundred euros. The Startup Mineko checked according to its own figures, a total of nearly 30,000 invoices for accuracy. The company earns money in order to find errors and to help the tenants at the opposition. 87 percent of all Mineko submitted, rental-related costs invoices were payment of arrears of calls, the specified height was, on average, at 487 euros. The auditor found that, in 86 percent of cases error. On average, an additional Payment would have to be 214 Euro lower.

+++ 3:49 PM: Severe winter storms in California – towns under water +++

Fierce winter storms on the US West coast have stated a number of towns in the North of California under water. “Guerneville is now an island. All access roads into the village are flooded and not passable,” warned the police in the district of Sonoma County in the social media. After days of long, heavy rainfall in the Russian River, and the river came nearly two hours by car North of San Francisco over its banks and flooded large parts of the district. The police had instructed residents to leave the vulnerable areas in a timely manner. Alone in Guerneville, around 5000 people live. The recent heavy storm on the US West coast in places, brought several feet of snow in the California Sierra Nevada. Highways and mountain roads were closed to traffic.

+++ 3:34 PM: Baden-Württemberg returns Bible and whip in Namibia +++

Baden-Württemberg returns to colonial times stolen Bible and a whip of Namibia. A 20-member Delegation under the leadership of Minister of science, Theresia Bauer (Green) is traveled in the African country. The two items belonged to Hendrik Witbooi, an important leader of the people of the Nama and today, as the namibischer national hero revered. The Bible and the whip camped so far in the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart. They are to be managed by the Namibian state to Witboois descendants could build in his home town of Gibeon in a Museum. The Association of the Nama-tribe elders (NTLA) is of the view that the whip and the Bible Witboois descendants to be returned.

+++ 1:51 PM: Corbyn confirms support for second Brexit Referendum +++

After the approval of the new Brexit strategy of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, by the house of Commons leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn his support for a second Referendum confirmed. Thus a “harmful Tory-Brexit, or a catastrophic No-Deal outcome should be prevented,” said Corbyn in London. His Labour party will continue to lobby for other options as well, including a “close business relationship” with the EU. The house had previously voted for Mays new Brexit strategy, which could lead to a shift of the exit date of the end of March. The deputies approved with 502 votes against 20 the Three-step Plan, which May be granted more time for the renegotiations with the EU. Was rejected a Labour amendment, which provided for, among other things, a great Britain remain in the customs Union with the EU.

+++ 1:04 p.m.: U.S. house of representatives voted for a tightening of the arms to the right +++

The U.S. house of representatives has voted for a tightening of the arms law. The opposition from the Democrats controlled Congress chamber voted for a law that requires almost all of the weapons sales, a background check of the buyer. So far, buyers have to be according to the Federal law only on the possible criminal background checks, if you purchase your firearm in a gun shop. But that is not true in the case of private Online arms sales or arms fairs. The bill passed the house of representatives with a clear majority of 240 to 190 votes. Also several members of the Republican, from President Donald Trump, voted for the Text. However, it is considered unlikely that the law controlled the Senate also gets in the Republican majority.

+++ at 00:22: “Beverly Hills, 90210” returns with six new episodes back +++

Nearly 20 years after the end of “Beverly Hills, 90210” returns to the cult TV series. In the summer, six new episodes with some of the actors of the original series to be broadcast from the 90s, such as the Fox Studios said. With, among other things, Jason Priestley (in the former series Brandon Walsh), Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor), Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders), Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman), Brian Austin Green (David Silver) and Tori Spelling (Donna Martin). The actor but you don’t want to slip back into their previous roles, stressed Fox. Rather, they would play “versions of yourself”, inspired by your own life and your relationships.

+++ at 00:15 Soyuz rocket with OneWeb satellites into space +++

started The first six OneWeb satellites for world-wide Internet are launched on Board a Soyuz rocket into space. The rocket lifted off from the spaceport at Kourou in French Guyana, as the operator Arianespace announced. The US company OneWeb wants to supply in a few years the entire world with low-cost Internet, for this purpose, a total of hundreds of satellites in space.

launch of the first satellite

How Airbus and OneWeb in the whole world with Internet the All want to provide

A life without the Internet can no longer imagine a lot. But not everywhere in the world, there are network – and not everyone can afford to own access. That’s about to change with the help of satellites. The first will be sent this Wednesday.

DPA +++ 0:05 “picture”-newspaper: Since 2015, the half of the deportations +++

failed due to an increase in The number of failed deportations of rejected asylum seekers, according to a report in the “Bild”newspaper for 2015. A total of almost 188,000 to returns were in the four years planned, about half of them but failed, or was canceled. The responses of the Federal government showed to a request from the FDP and the answers of the Federal Ministry of the interior on a “image”request, it said. In 2015, 19.258-return failed guides, in 2016 there were 20.923, 2017, then, 22.775, and in the past year 30.902. The deportations, the bottom line is that 93.858. Especially the push-off balance for 2018 is negative. The Federal Ministry of the interior, said: “This is the sum of the failed repatriation has for the first time, try the sum of the successfully carried out exceeded.”

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