A Jet of the flight readiness of the Bundeswehr is reversed after a malfunction shortly after launch and has had on the airport Berlin-Schönefeld problems during the landing.

“The machine had two wings touching the ground. And a controlled landing was possible,” said a spokesman for the air force, the German press Agency in Berlin on Tuesday.

“There were no passengers on Board,” the spokesman said. The Crew would be examined in the military hospital medical. Whether there were casualties, remained unclear. The plane is reported to be of type Global 5000 canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, which is also used for government travel members. On Board, no politicians have been, it was said.

The plane had been, in the words of the air force-speaker in Schönefeld for a maintenance. It was actually on the way to Cologne, where it is stationed. Why the plane had to turn back, remained unclear. The speaker initially spoke only of functional disorders.

The handling on the Airport has been interrupted due to the incident. It was shortly after the 09.30 set, it was said by the airport company. Coming in should be redirected.

The flight readiness has 14 for some, the old aircraft used for flights of Cabinet members, or of the Federal President. Last, there were always glitches when traveling abroad German politician.

at the end of February the Minister Heiko Maas was stuck outside, in Mali, in January, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Ethiopia, was affected, on the verge of development Minister Gerd Müller in Africa. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) announced in February the acquisition of three new long-haul aircraft in order.