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suspect in Thailand after murder of German tourist, arrested (8.33 PM)On the way to São Paulo to Lufthansa machine returns to (6.04 PM)Bicycle climate Test: feeling of safety of cyclists a bad (5.34 p.m.) – value Union calls for the withdrawal of Merkel after the European election (4.04 PM): the AfD-membership does not automatically lead to consequences for civil servants (0.24 PM)

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+++ 8.41 PM: the car industry recorded a significant drop in production in the second half of the year +++

The German car manufacturers and suppliers have recorded over the past year, significant Production declines. As to the Federal statistics office, the production of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts in the second half of the year 2018 calendar – and seasonally adjusted 7.1 percent lower than in the first half of the year. For comparison: In the total Manufacturing output in Germany declined in the same period, to 2.0 percent.

+++ 8.40 PM: More than a thousand pigs in the barn fire in North Rhine-Westphalia, and died +++

in a fire In a pig barn in North Rhine-Westphalia, more than died thousands of sows and piglets. The fire broke out on the evening of initially unknown cause in the stable in Warendorf, the police announced on Tuesday. The around 130 employed fire fighters were able to prevent a Spread of the fire to residential buildings. The pig barn burned down completely. Around a hundred mother dead sows and thousands of piglets. A rescue squad was, for the slaughter of injured animals. According to the initial findings of the damage amounts to more than half a Million euros.

The pigs System

castration without anesthetic – from the senseless Suffering of the pig

the testicles are piglets without anesthesia cut off. Minister Julia Klöckner promises: The animal abuse ends in 2021. However, the meat industry has other plans.

Norbert Höfler +++ 8.33 PM: a suspect in Thailand after murder of German tourist, arrested +++

After the murder of a German tourist in Thailand, a suspect has been arrested. According to police reports, a 23-year-old garbage man. Him murder, rape, and the Hiding of the corpse. The body of the 27-year-old German was found on Sunday on the island of Koh Sichang in the Gulf of Thailand. She was covered in blood and under leaves and stones hidden. According to police sources, the body injuries to the face and the skull showed. The German had been raped, police said. “The Suspects feared that they would inform the police, so he hit her with a stone on the head,” said a police spokesman. The man had been taken a few hours after the fact, in his apartment, he had worn a blood-smeared clothes. “He has confessed to all charges and admitted that he had taken before the fact drugs,” said police inspector Atthakoon Salakoon to the AFP news Agency.

+++ 6.00 am: On the way to São Paulo to Lufthansa machine returns +++

Technical problems, Lufthansa forced machine on the way from Frankfurt to the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo to repentance. The Crew of flight LH506 have decided due to technical irregularities, to return, and as a precautionary measure, a so-called air emergency declared, said a Lufthansa spokesperson for the news Agency DPA. The machine had landed in the Morning at 0.15 a.m. in Frankfurt.

you will now be examined technically. The 284 passengers should be accommodated in Hotels. The information on the website of Lufthansa, the plane, a Boeing 747-8i. Further Details on the reason for the return were not available initially. If an “emergency” is declared, allowed planes to land preferred.

+++ 5.34 PM: Bicycle climate Test: feeling of safety of cyclists a bad +++

cyclists in Germany will feel the road more and more uncertain. This is a result of the great survey for the Bicycle climate Test, the General German Bicycle club (ADFC) at noon in Berlin. The result is rated cyclists your sense of security with the school grade of 4.2. In the last survey in the year 2016, this figure was still 3.9. Especially in large cities, parents worry, your children are alone on the wheel to drive.


Der-privilege – why the tax-saving is not worth the model for the most

Gernot Kramper

The ADFC sees this poll result as a cause for concern. Many cyclists feel as traffic participant is not taken seriously by the wrong parkerizing on bike paths hindered by poor Cycling infrastructure slowed down. This is the main reason for this is that the proportion of wheels in the road transport will continue to grow. He is currently lying at eleven percent. Useful 30 percent would be according to the ADFC, as in the Netherlands.

For the Test answered approximately 170 000 cyclists from German cities and municipalities, each of approximately 30 questions about Cycling. The survey is not representative, but as a mood barometer.

+++ 5.05 PM: report: After arrest, new right-wing extremist Drohmail +++

a further Drohmail should be surfaced After the arrest of a Suspect in the case of the nationwide mail sent with extreme right-wing content. It was directed against the Berlin General state Prosecutor, Margarete Koppers, reported the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB). The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office, according to the news Agency DPA from a Mail, nothing is known. The RBB is not quoted from the Mail: “you want to be sure that one day, a woman attorney General, happens to Margarete Koppers something, or?”. The group “state string orchestra” call for 100 million Euro. Otherwise, it will create a new terror group.

“threats of violence”

bomb threats, set of six German city halls lame – police connection

In many German cities received in the last hours of anonymous bomb threats in city halls, among other things, in Kaiserslautern, Augsburg and Chemnitz. In the meantime, it gives the all-clear; the police are investigating.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 4.08 PM: French national Assembly approves digital tax +++

The French national Assembly voted in first reading for the proposed digital tax for Internet companies. The MPs voted in Paris for the project, the U.S. government sharply it is criticised. The French economic and Finance Minister Le Maire expressed confidence that “many countries” would follow the example of France. The tax aims on the international Internet giant, which in Europe is often very low taxes to pay. The so-called Gafa-tax (the acronym stands for, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) is retroactive to 1. January attack. In France, sales of large Internet companies should be taxed at the rate of three percent.

+++ 4.04 PM: Union calls for the withdrawal of Merkel after the European election +++

The conservative Union is pushing for a withdrawal of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) after the European elections at the end of may. The value of Union-Chairman Mitsch said the Newspapers of the Funke media group (including the “Berliner Morgenpost”), the Union spent in surveys, even worse than “the miserable outcome of the Federal election”. “That’s also why we now need as soon as possible the Policy change.” He thought it would be Best if the “process of Handing over responsibility for government”, the CDU-Chairman Kramp-Karrenbauer, and the earlier Unions-group leaders after the European elections, “care is initiated,” said Mitsch. Only then the Union can win back citizens ‘ trust back.

+++ 2.46 PM: the United States is threatening Europe in the dispute over Airbus subsidies, punitive duties, to +++

In the dispute over illegal subsidies for the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus want to impose the U.S. retaliatory duties on several exports to the EU. The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, published in Washington, D.C. provisional list of goods worth around 11 billion dollars (9.8 billion euros), in addition to products and components for the aerospace industry many other products such as for instance a number of cheeses, olive oil, oranges, or seafood.

dispute over Airbus subsidies

U.S., EU threatening retaliatory tariffs on various products for export

In the dispute over subsidies for aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the US has threatened the Europeans punitive tariffs. As a result, the trade could escalate to the dispute between Brussels and Washington.

AFP +++ 0.26 PM: Parliament secures control over a proposal for new Brexit-period +++

The British Parliament has secured by law the control over the application of London on a re-extension of the deadline for the Brexit. The controversial law happened with small Changes to the house of lords, which accepted the house Changes, and the Queen agreed. Thus, the government has to present this Tuesday in the Parliament a proposal to apply to the other 27 EU States for a postponement of the EU-exit. The members then have the option to change the new target date for the Brexit. The purpose of the act is to prevent a withdrawal of the British from the EU without a Brexit agreement this Friday. Whether this changes anything at all, is unclear – because the Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to, anyway, at the EU special summit this Wednesday for an extension of time until 30. To ask June.