The Wahl-O-Mat of the Federal center for political education should be to settle out of court quickly available on the Internet.

“The Wahl-O-Mat will be as fast as possible back online,” said a spokesman for the Federal Agency on Thursday evening. On the Initiative of the higher administrative court (OVG) of North Rhine-Westphalia in Münster, there is an out-of-court settlement with the party “Volt Germany”. This agreement will be submitted to the court. Several media had previously reported about the agreement.

The Wahl-O-Mat will be able to go, therefore, now as before, back online. “We assure that in future elections the Wahl-O-Mat developed further,” said the spokesman for the Federal Agency. In future elections, you could then compare their own views with all parties on a click, he explained.

“Volt” Germany explained to the settlement with the Federal Agency, the Wahl-O-Mat will be offered to the next choice in a Constitution-compliant Version, in which the equality between the parties is ensured. “The way is clear, that in the future each user and each user can choose how many parties he/she wants their own answers to compare.” The free and informed political opinion-forming will improve.

The Cologne administrative court had rejected on Monday, in an Express decision, that the choice-O-piece Mat, the smaller parties are notified. The judges complained that one could select on the page, only eight parties, in order to compare them with their own positions. The court banned the Federal Agency, to operate the Internet in its present Form. The Wahl-O-Mat went offline.

The OVG NRW were up to Thursday evening no written documents about a settlement. This is according to a court spokeswoman required to complete the procedure. Only the decision of the administrative court of Cologne will override them.