The British Parliament is going to vote against the will of the government on this Wednesday, about Alternatives to the Brexit Treaty. A corresponding resolution was adopted late Monday night by a majority of 329 to 302 votes in the lower house.

As for the options, among other things, a closer connection to the EU, or a second Referendum to be traded. But it is also a direct departure from the Brexit by retraction of the resignation is in the conversation. A vote for one of these variants would be legally not binding, but would give an indication of what it could be a majority in the Parliament.

the Prime Minister Theresa May had previously admitted that there is still no majority for Brexit-agreement emerges. Therefore, she would like to leave that for the moment again about the contract package to the EU vote exit, she said in the afternoon in front of the house.

debate in the British Parliament

For the Prime Minister, May a destiny week is looming in the Brexit-argument


“as things Stand, there is still no sufficient support in the lower house, to the agreement for a third vote,” said May. Two Times the head of government is a failure already cracking with the Deal.

government would be to Alternative bound

Previously, it had been speculated, the Parliament could vote this Tuesday again about the Deal. You work in mind to allow a vote this week, continued to Feb.

The government is not bound, it should set the MPs on an Alternative to the Brexit-the agreement, made it clear May. The automatic consequence of a refusal of your deal is still a withdrawal without an agreement. At the same time, to appease you and are responding to but: “No Deal will not happen as long as the consents under the house.”

There should be no departure from Brexit, said May. They also warned against a “slow” exit the EU with an extension of the deadline on the 22. May also, which is a participation in the European election would be necessary, the from 23. to 26. May takes place.

extension of only up to 12. April,

Originally, the UK should the EU on 29. March, leave. The EU offered to London in the last week, a displacement of the Brexits to 22. May. Condition for this is, however, that the consents under the house this week with the exit contract. Otherwise, the extension applies only to the 12. April. In the case of London to say before this date, how to go on.

The EU Commission would not comment on the evening to Mays announcements. A spokeswoman pointed only to the fact that we only have until Friday was time to organize the vote. If this does not happen, should the UK be up to 12. April to present a convincing Alternative – or without agreement from the EU to escape.

The government in London wants to leave this week from the Parliament, the blessing for a regulation of the previous exit date 29. March should also be in accordance with national law moved. The regulation should not be approved, although confusion and damaging uncertainty, the displacement of the Brexit-date, nothing to change but May said.

Will be forced May to the resignation?

British media reported at the weekend, May could be forced to change your Cabinet to a soon-to-be resignation. On Monday morning, the Prime Minister met with her Cabinet to a special session.

support was given May, before the special session of the trade Minister, Liam Fox. The Prime Minister enjoy the respect of the population, it’s surprise, how May deal with all the pressure, Fox said in the Morning to the radio station BBC Radio 4. The prospect of a stake in the European election in the case of a longer Brexit-deferral could probably convince many members of Parliament to support the withdrawal agreement, so Fox.

The EU is pushing ahead meanwhile, the preparations for a chaotic Brexit. The EU Commission published on Monday, new information material for citizens. Therein is described, for example, what must be considered in the case of the cases when traveling to the United Kingdom. It will always be more likely that it is coming to a Brexit without exit agreement, said a high EU official, on Monday the preparations.

For the UK-travel will be mentioned in the information material the fact that the European health insurance card would no longer apply and that additional costs may be for the use of mobile phones. In addition, the EU would have to count citizens for the return trip, with customs controls. A visa, however, are currently only available for stays necessary, take longer than three months.

leaving the UK actually without a withdrawal agreement from the EU, is expected to have dramatic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life. Millions of EU citizens in the UK and Brits in the EU would be plunged into great uncertainty.

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