tens of thousands of “yellow vests” in different cities of France on the road. Many protested against the brutal actions of the police, after a large number of protesters since the beginning of the protest movement, had been wounded in February in clashes.

The interior Ministry reported the country 58.600 participants, including 10,500 in Paris. In the previous week, there were according to official estimates, around a total of 69,000.

In Paris, showed television images of smaller confrontations with police. There was according to police, 30 arrests.

The movement had begun to increase in November with protests against planned fuel price, meanwhile, but generally against the reform policy of the centre government Macrons. Your name has the movement of the yellow high-visibility vests bearing the protesters.

the demonstrators shouted slogans against President Emmanuel Macron and sang the French national anthem. Some wore flap eyes to recall the wounded, who had lost by rubber bullets of the police to the eye. According to a report in the newspaper “Liberation”, there were 14 such cases.

On Friday, the French Supreme administrative court had rejected a request, the police say the use of rubber bullets. The human rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatović, expressed at the beginning of the week, concerned about the number and Severity of injuries as a result of state violence.

interior Minister Christophe Castaner defendant, however, vandalism and attacks on police. In the town of Valence, South of Lyon, the Prefecture of photos of clubs, knives, helmets and gas masks, which were seized showed and reported, took 14.