Paris (Reuters) – The tenth weekend in a row, have gathered in France a large number of “yellow vests” to protests. Official numbers of participants, it was early Saturday afternoon.

a week Ago for 84,000 people took part in the nationwide protests, according to official figures – about 30,000 more than the weekend before.

In Paris, rallied the demonstrators for a protest March through the capital on the square of the Invalides close to the Eiffel tower. They followed, among other things, the call from Eric Drouet, one of the representatives of the “yellow West”, with the aim to bring together in Paris a Million people on the road.

this time the authorities responded with a large security contingent to the protests against the reform policy of the centre-right government. According to the authorities of the country have been widely used up to 80,000 security forces, 5,000 in Paris. The protests there have been violent clashes between protesters and security forces, which are due to the use of controversial rubber bullets in the criticism.

Since mid-November, the “yellow West”-movement demonstrating against the high cost of living and social injustice. In order to defuse the conflict, reacted to the French President, Emmanuel Macron mid-December, with billions of social actions. In addition, he called for a “civil debate” to life, to make the citizens in their communities proposals on the topics of taxes, democracy, Migration, ecological Transition and the organization of the state.

Many of the “yellow vests” to demand the resignation Macrons. The movement has radicalized in the last few weeks, increasingly.