Again there was a mass shooting in the United States. This Time in Dayton in the U.S. state of Ohio. There, a gunman killed nine people and at least 16 others were injured. The police informed. The culprit himself was also dead, it was more. The Federal police FBI to investigate on the spot. According to media reports, the shots were fired near a Bar in the Oregon District in the centre of the city.

About the condition of the injured man could say nothing for the time being, said the spokeswoman of a hospital. The police called on potential witnesses to come forward and assist the investigation. To the possible motives of the offender, and whose identity nothing is known.

21-Year-old to shoot 20 people

After the massacre in El Paso – police investigating hate crime

DPA Second shooting within 24 hours

It is the second incident of this type in the USA within just 24 hours. The day before, a gunman in a shopping Mall in the border city of El Paso had been opened in the state of Texas the fire and at least 20 people were killed. 26 more were injured. The alleged death shooter surrendered to police. The police of El Paso, wrote on Twitter that blood donations are urgently needed.

According to official information, the alleged offender is a 21-year-old White. The police said there was a “Manifesto” that leave probably on a hate crime close. However, it is not yet confirmed whether the fight Scripture came in fact from the Suspect.

In the US it happens again and again, in shopping malls, other public places or even in schools people shots to be killed. Efforts for stricter gun laws to run for years into the Void.

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