There are no good days for the CDU: After less than a week ago the Youtube Star Rezo, the government attacked the party in a millions of recalled Video violently, has now revealed the satirist and politician Nico Semsrott copyright infringement by the Christian Democrats. Semsrott, who is competing for the party “The party” in the European elections, asked via Twitter for the ARD and ZDF, whether this would have allowed the CDU to use Mittschnitte contributions from the television channel for your Youtube channel. There, the CDU had posted Videos with Original clips from talk shows and TV duels.

CDU deletes Videos after a Tweet from Nico Semsrott

“Are denied the pirated copies of the self-proclaimed copyright party @cdu actually with you, @first and @zdf? Or understand you as well as your property and everything is ok?” tweeted Semsrott. “Of course, there are no such agreements. We’re looking into it already,” replied the ARD. And the Online Portal “Übermedien” said the ZDF, to never have a request of the CDU to the exploitation of the Videos. A little later, the clip had disappeared from the Yotube channel “CDUTV”.

“I Have taken care of short that the CDU had to take all of your pirated Videos from your Youtube channel,” wrote Semsrott then on Twitter.

The stations do not have calls for the Deletion of the Videos, according to its own statement of the CDU in. The press service of the party informed, according to “” with that you had become by the note on Twitter that the films were “mistakenly been on our Youtube channel, released” and you have again taken offline. In the election campaign, we’ve used round-the-TV-performances of the top politicians in the last few days on Twitter are short, edited Video snippets, it was called accordingly. This is covered in edits, the quote freedom in principle. On Youtube, the Original to be but mistakenly cutouts landed.

The CDU had voted in March in the European Parliament for the controversial Reform of the copyright law. You should ensure that the copyright on the Internet-protected platforms better and enforced. On Twitter was scoffed plenty of the fact that the party, which has tightened with the copyright reform the copyright law itself infringes the copyright.