once Again, a German rescue ship crosses in front of Lampedusa. However, the “Alan Kurdi” with several dozen migrants on Board is not allowed to create on the Italian island. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants to prevent under all circumstances that the refugees from entering Italian soil, without their distribution is regulated in Europe.

“Sea-Watch 3”-captain arrested

The international law of the sea says: So you go with people in distress at sea in order to

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The German aid organization, the Sea-Eye, the “Alan Kurdi” belongs to, wants to hold to the entrance ban of the government. “It is not our job, us with the Italian government to create,” said the spokesman for the Regensburg organization, Gorden Isler. The ship under the German flag will stop before the Italian territorial waters and Salvini’s note decree. The situation on Board was stable, so Isler.

Only a few days ago, but had brought a new law, the refugee Savior in the Mediterranean in the future even harder punished. In addition, he signed on Wednesday evening in a hurry, an Extra ban, according to the “Alan Kurdi” is allowed to drive in Italian territorial waters. On Facebook said Salvini, the ship could go “anywhere, but not to Italy”.

Nei prossimi minuti firmerò il divieto di ingresso e di transito nelle acque territoriali italiane per la nave, Alan…

Posted by Matteo Salvini on Wednesday, 31. July 2019

armed security Tunisian ports

another Posting showed but when signing the ban. To the Minister of the interior wrote: “If the NGO is really the health of the migrants at heart, you can take a course for Tunisia.”

🚫 Firmato il divieto di ingresso in acque italiane per la nave Alan Kurdi. Se la Ong ha davvero a cuore la salute degli…

Posted by Matteo Salvini on Wednesday, 31. July 2019

Sea-Watch it rejects, however, rescued the shipwrecked, to bring there: You have to control the range of the Libyan coast guard, Tripoli, as a safe haven, refused, said Isler. It is in breach of international law. In the North African country a civil war is raging, migrants are exposed to the most severe abuse.

finally he spoke again to the case, this time via Twitter: “again! The German NGO, the international authorities of sausage are.”

a Little later he put on the TV again: “the German government has miserable signals have come,” he said on Thursday the channel Sky TG24. In a Mail, the Federal government of Italy had proposed that Germany ship “Gregoretti” take 30 migrants by the Italian coast guard, if in return, the 40 migrants on the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” is likely to get off in Italy.

Pregnant women and gunshot victims Rescued

Sea-Eye had saved the 40 people according to their own statements on Wednesday morning in international waters from a crowded boat. Under the majority from West Africa, a Pregnant woman, three small children and a man with a gunshot wound to the upper arm are Rescued, according to the.

in addition, two Survivors of the air attack on a refugee camp in the Libyan Tadschura with more than 50 of the dead are supposed to be among the Rescued.

Civilian rescue vessels such as “Alan Kurdi”, you will find increasingly rare in an open port of

In the EU has been brewing for a long time a dispute over the distribution of migrants fleeing across the Mediterranean to Europe. Italy denied ships with refugees, in the meantime, the entry into its ports, as long as it is not clear what other States people. The ships are, therefore, often days or weeks with the exhausted migrants off the coast of.

escape route to the Mediterranean sea

Italy tightens rules for rescue ships – on the day of the biggest tragedy of the year

Special attention in the case of Carola-magnet Missiles: The German captain drove from a few weeks in spite of Salvini’s ban, with dozens of boat refugees on Board the “Sea Eye 3” to Lampedusa. Against them is now determined.

Last week, under Salvini said it is the “Gregoretti”, a ship of the coast guard in Lampedusa, create. Only after five EU States, including Germany and France, as well as the Catholic Church accepted the inclusion of the 131 migrants on Board, dropped off the refugees to go ashore.

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