you Ask Charles M. Huber, then, the Chancellor is “an Africa officer who came into Africa never positive in appearance is”.

This is an announcement. But it is not really new.

Günter Nooke, 62, is the Africa representative of the Federal government and personal Advisor to the Chancellor. From time to time according to the want to change are votes.

Charles M. Huber has now withdrawn but self-consequences. He leaves the CDU, as he announced on Thursday. Nooke has pushed him too far.

the reason for his displeasure is not but the conversation with the “time”, in the Nooke said, EU countries have held “the African governments have enough lectures on modern democracy, the rule of law, administrative law and so on”. Based on its Expression in the ZDF-“morning magazine” that “must be governed in African countries, in a sense, even authoritarian.” And the Interview with the “B. Z.” in the Nooke claimed that the colonial have contributed time, “to solve the continent of archaic structures.”

All controversial statements, made the headlines.


After racism allegations: Tönnies makes office for the time being

rest no, Huber has assigned it to a word message of Africa to the Causa Tönnies enough. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Schalke 04 had said in a speech, for example, that Africans “produce children, when it’s dark”. A statement many perceived as racist. The Africa Commissioner Nooke said the “issues raised” for the “real” and called for a controversial debate.

Or as the CDU dropout Huber says: “Gives flank protection for a discriminatory, racist remark.”

Günter Nooke, and the repeated misunderstanding

Nooke self wants to know not understood. “I value the fact that I defended Mr Tönnies in any way,” he said of the editors ‘ network Germany (RND). “My statement was also meant in any way to keep it in perspective.”

So this was all a misunderstanding? Maybe.

It would be the first Time that the Africa representative of the controversial manifests. Or perhaps thoughtless. Even after his controversial statement about the colonialism Nooke, said: “far be It from me to downplay in any way the crimes of the colonial period.” Noticeably upset, he had said, quoted the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, in the Nooke, some of the formulation explained again.

“The Cold war has harmed Africa more than the colonial era”? Nooke: The comparison does not come from him, he referred to the British-Sudanese entrepreneur Mo Ibrahim, without making it their own.

“Africa is different” because “Clan structures,” of the “role of tribal leaders” and the “variety of ethnicities, and traditional behavior”? Nooke: “This is not to say, however, that a society is better or be more valuable than the other.”

the racist, is here revised history?

“I want a fact-based debate from the middle out,” said Nooke of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” for criticism. “For me, it is not to relativize the crimes of the past, or to use racist stereotypes. You should me, also if you look at my biography, not blame.”

After racist statements

Tönnies gets surprising support


Nooke was born in 1959 in Forst (Lausitz) to the world, is a physicist, co-founded the Democratic awakening (DA) and worked as a civil rights activist in the former East Germany. After the turn, he joined for a short time the Green, before he became a member in 1996, the CDU -. From 1998 to 2005 he was a member of the German Bundestag, was from 2000 to 2002, Deputy Chairman of the Union group. In 2010, he was Chancellor Merkel for the first Africa representative of the German government appointed.

If Merkel feels good advice? “Yes.”

“Merkel Advisor Nooke is the Problem for the government” – any headlines, such as the “daily mirror”, not should like the Chancellor well. Despite calls for his resignation, the advent since that controversial “B. Z.”-Interview in October 2018 and more often, she seemed to feel but it is still good advice.

The show, at least, the answer to a Small question, about the “daily mirror” reported. In February 2019, the Bundestag wanted to know the group of the Greens, whether the Chancellor of Nooke “in relation to the African continent, competently advise” feel.

Therefore, the response of the Federal government: “Yes.”

From your point of view Nooke, however, continues to be a suitable conversation partner for African governments and organizations as well as researchers and scientific institutions, the “daily mirror”. As of six months ago.

Nooke regret both the CDU exit of Huber as well as his Statements to his Person. “We have worked to his time as a member of the Federal Parliament well together,” he said of the RND, “at least he has not criticized me and my Africa policy in the past, but rather supported.”

sources: “daily mirror”, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “world”, “time”, “Märkische Allgemeine” (RND), the ZDF-“morning magazine”, “B. Z.”

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