France’s most famous coma-Patient is dead. After the treatment stop more than a week ago the 42-year-old Vincent Lambert died on Thursday morning, as his nephew François Lambert of the public service broadcaster France Télévisions announced. Other media in France reported on the case.

Eleven years in coma

The long-running dispute to the life and death of Vincent Lambert has found an end

Thomas Krause

Previously, there had been a dramatic legal wrangling, the setting of the artificial diet. The tragic case has not torn, only Lambert’s family, but also France divided.

Lambert was killed in an accident about ten years ago in a traffic accident and was injured severely on the head. He was since then in a kind of awake coma. The Catholic parents wanted to prevent the death of your son with all the Power and complained. They failed in France, always in front of court and also before the European court of human rights. Lambert’s wife was that her husband could die.

– Long legal dispute with Vincent Lambert

Recently had made France’s Supreme court after a grueling legal dispute the way for a re-stop the treatment of Lambert-free. Only in may, his treatment had been stopped. A few hours later, however, a French appeal court had ordered the resumption. On Monday, Lambert’s parents announced that they would not take legal steps against the treatment stop.

The chronicle of the case

September 2008: In the case of a car accident suffered by the 32-year-old nurse Vincent Lambert severity of head injuries. He is a paraplegic and is now in a vegetative state – in a kind of awake coma.

April 2013: The University hospital of Reims stops for the first time, the artificial diet. Lambert’s wife, Rachel, and parts of the family have stated that he has no life – support is not wish action-a written ruling from him, however, there.

may, 2013: One of the strict Catholic parents and other family members called the court orders the resumption of the artificial diet.

January 2014: Doctors in Reims want to terminate the measures once again, which they describe as “disproportionate”. A few days later, a court in the parental rights and orders the continuation of the artificial diet.

June 2014: The Paris state Council as the Supreme French administrative court instead of a suit of Lambert’s wife and the Doctors, and makes the way for an end to the artificial diet free.

June 2015 : The European human rights confirms court in Strasbourg, this decision.

July, 2015 : The University hospital of Reims, announcing again the end of the artificial diet. She takes a second, but then again distance.

April 2018 : The Doctors speak again for an end to the life-support measures from the end. One of the parents called the administrative court may order a new Expertise.

November, 2018: The study comes to the conclusion that Lambert’s condition is “irreversible”.

January 2019 , The administrative court in Châlons-en-Champagne approves the end of the artificial diet. The Council of state and the European court of human rights in Strasbourg to confirm this decision.

may 2019 : The Doctors, the artificial diet Lamberts end again. The Paris appeal court orders, however, surprisingly, that the life must be measures taken up again.

June 2019: The court of cassation as the Supreme French instance, the judgment of the court of appeal cancelled, and power is finally on the way to the end of the artificial diet free.

2. July 2019: Doctors at the University hospital of Reims, stop the treatment – for the third Time since 2013.

11. July: Lambert, dies at the age of 42 years.

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