anyone Who has shot in the new year’s eve night in Schönberg near Kiel, a mother of three children? More than three weeks after the tragic incident, the investigation group of the Kiel police is groping in the dark.

With a large-scale action, the officials want to get now, once again, the residents of the 6000 inhabitants of the municipality on the Baltic sea with the boat. A policeman is supposed to distribute in the course of the day, swarming and wanted posters, and flyers, in the hope, however, to find any witnesses that didn’t get reported, or even death, to protect, to ease his Conscience.

Who has shot in the new year’s eve night in Schönberg?

“the fateful new year’s eve night in Schoenberg” and “Please help the police in the investigation of this accident!” in red letters on the handouts, and posters. The drawing of a man with a double stroller on one side and another child on the other Hand. The victims left a husband and three children.


this is a motive police are seeking further witnesses in the case of the new year’s eve night killed 39-Year-old (to Enlarge

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Who has shot in the new year’s eve somewhere in Schönberg with a weapon, even if only in the air?Anyone who has seen someone shot with a gun?

As reported, the investigators now believe the 39-Year-old was killed in a targeted, but that it is rather like a misfortune to the victim. “In the framework of the investigation, we could determine no Motive for a premeditated homicide,” said the Kiel Prosecutor the star the turn in the case. There are “two likely scenarios for a negligent homicide”.

police in Kiel asks for notes

It might have a shot, have missed its proper target, for example, a traffic sign,. “Possibly someone, however, has shot into the air and the woman was hit by the falling projectile, and fatally injured.”

investigation after a homicide in Kiel

Who shot the mother of three children? Investigators ask for help from the population

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The 39-Year-old woman is kicked in the new year’s eve to the new year with your family in front of the door of their row house and all of a sudden in front of her husband and their three children with a blood head broken ends of the wound together. She died a little later in the hospital. At the autopsy of the corpse discovered, coroner of the parts of a small-calibre projectile in the head of the dead.

Since then, the police determined in Kiel, the circumstances of his death. Several officials were present in large number in Schönberg and polled local residents, the location of the event in the Goethe street, with the 3D technique to measure the neighbourhood searched, and sniffer dogs used – all without success.

any information that could lead to the clarification of the circumstances of his death, take the Kiel Kripo under the phone number (0431) 1603333 or any other police Department. The Prosecutor’s office has exposed a reward of 3000 euros.

source: press releases police Department in Kiel for the case