Against 18.50 at passers-by perceive the fire. About 25 minutes later, you see the flames on several Twitter Videos. The fire eats through the centuries-old roof of the chair, Minute-by-Minute, the shots are worse.

the use of the firemen, the spectators do not perceive. Although several barracks of the “Sapeurs-Pompiers” in walking distance, such as in the Rue de Sevigné, or in the Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, offense for nearly 45 minutes before the Parisians to see their firefighters in action.

police warned that Paris is recorded with the sites

The television channel LCI that the fire fighters move in to 19.33 PM – with boats and helicopters. It is possible that the fire fighters were able to penetrate people with your heavy Material is initially not in the Fire.


In the surroundings of Notre-Dame, there are mainly: construction sites, with traffic disabilities


Since assuming office in 2014, mayor Anne Hidalgo has pursued a policy of consistent traffic calming. Wide Boulevards are narrowed to a single lane. Like many, but not everyone: commuters, artisans, suppliers have the Look. However, they lived mostly in the Banlieue, the suburbs, and not have to choose Paris. The former police prefect, Michel Delpuech warned on several occasions that “space for ambulance and police is needed for vehicles”.

in Parallel, the targeted traffic has not moved ahead turning point: The popular bikes “Vélibs” were over months not available, because the city of Paris wanted to change providers. The freely available electric “Autolib”-car could end up in a financial fiasco. The Service was discontinued in July of 2018, operators are calling for 233 million euros from the city.

a consequence is a permanent traffic jam in the rescue and police cars or fire vehicles to get through at peak time. Due to road narrowing, the entire surroundings of Notre-Dame is barely passable. Residents of the nearby Île Saint-Louis reports that you need, depending on the time of day up to 45 minutes to exit the quarter with the Car.

Lacked fire high head for Notre-Dame?

In the daily newspaper “Le Parisien” explains an expert that the fire was initially fought from the inside. “Otherwise, flames and hot gases to be driven in the interior.” Thanks to an evacuation plan art treasures were rescued. The remains of the crown of thorns of Jesus, the cloak of St. Louis and some of the goblets are in safety, confirmed Patrick Chauvet, the rector of the Cathedral. The same Plan saw the monumental should be paintings covered the interior of the Church with protection film. Whether this actually happened is still unclear.

at the same time, it seems to be missing in Paris heavy equipment: A fire engine ladder has a height of thirty meters. The roof of Notre Dame is 45 meters high, the towers measure 69 metres. “Le Figaro” reported that a fire brigade head of 46 metres had to be transported to a height of 22 kilometres away and Versailles. In the case of optimal transport, the journey will take circumstances alone, at least 40 to 50 minutes. For comparison: The highest turntable ladder, Magirus 68L, measures 68 meters. For example, in the South Korean capital of Seoul in South Korea. Sure, neither the structural measures for the towns of Madame Hidalgo is still the equipment of the fire Department have caused the fire. At least behind closed doors, you will need to face in Paris, the question of whether everything really was done to save Notre-Dame.


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