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US Secretary of defense announced talks with Taliban “encouraging” (19.18 PM)To Trägödie to Julen – Again fatal accident in the well (18: 48)report: “Shutdown” will cost eleven billion dollars, But compensation (17.52 clock)high-level commanders in the last IS-Bastion in the East of Syria suspected (16.45)supermarket chiefs warn of empty shelves in hard Brexit (16.35 PM)

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+++ 23.38 PM: Mueller investigation shortly before the completion of +++

The Russia-investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller, according to the President of the US attorney General Matthew Whitaker shortly before the completion. “The Mueller investigation is about to be completed,” said Whitaker. Mueller examined in may 2017, the alleged Russian interference in the election campaign of 2016, in favour of the today’s US President, Donald Trump, and possible collusion between the Trump Team and Moscow.

+++ 21.53 watch: US imposes sanctions against Venezuela’s Oil company PDVSA +++

As a reaction to the power struggle in Venezuela, the United States imposed sanctions against the state Oil company PDVSA announced. The punitive measures should remain in force until a transition government or a democratically elected government in the South American country was in office, said Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin in Washington. The operating in the US and PDVSA subsidiary Citgo permitted to continue according to his information, but your business.

+++ 19.55 PM: Oettinger: coal exit would be a matter for EU competition authorities +++

The goal of German coal compromise is likely to employ in the assessment of the EU budget Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, the competition authorities of the EU Commission. It is with issues of state aid, said the CDU-politician at an event of Bertelsmann Foundation in Berlin. If the German state run about in the Lausitz region, a structural support could require steel plants in France or Belgium from Brussels a test in Brussels, whether fair competition will hurt. “The Germans make in terms of energy anyway, what do you want.” However, it is better to reduce greenhouse gases in the European context.

+++ 19: 45: Macron warns during visit to Egypt, the observance of human rights +++

the President of France Emmanuel Macron has called on a state visit to Egypt, the observance of human rights. “Stability and lasting peace go Hand-in-Hand with the respect for individual freedoms, of the Dignity of each Individual and the rule of law,” said Macron after a meeting with his Egyptian colleagues Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo. A “vibrant civil society” is the best protection against extremism.

Since al-Sisi’s visit to France in October in 2017, would not have things developed in Egypt “in the right direction,” said Macron. He complained of the arrest of the “bloggers, journalists and activists”. At the same time, the French President stressed that he did not want to teach the Egyptian government, in view of the challenges in the “reconstruction of the state and the development of the economy”.

human rights organizations the people have been complaining of for a long time, right under al-Sisi, is going on with all hardness against Islamists, critics of the government and the media.

+++ 19.27 PM: Five months after the knife attack: Brazil’s President re++

surgery + Almost five months after a life-threatening knife attack on him has subjected the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro according to media reports, again an Operation. The more hours of intervention for the recovery of the intestinal tract had been removed on Monday, an artificial anus, which had been placed after the attack, reported local media.

at the beginning of September 2018 had stabbed a mentally ill man at a election meeting on Bolsonaro him hard in the stomach hurt. The extreme-Right had led the election campaign, then from the sick bed Fort and was elected in October as the new President.

+++ 19.18 PM: US Secretary of defense announced talks with Taliban “encouraging,” + + +

The reigning U.S. Secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan has spoken optimistically about the talks between the United States and the radical Islamic Taliban about the future of Afghanistan. The discussions were “encouraging,” Shanahan said on the sidelines of a meeting with Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Shanahan denied that the question of a journalist whether he was entrusted with the task of a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan to prepare.

On Saturday, the youngest – at least the fifth – round of talks had gone since July between representatives of the Taliban and the U.S. government. It was a withdrawal of international troops, a cease-fire and the question of how to be prevented, that the country is a safe haven for terrorists. Both sides languages, then progress.

The talks are direct talks with the Taliban, with the Afghan government, the protection of which makes the USA.

+++ 18.56 PM: pill is supposed to be in the future 22. Years of age to be paid +++

After months of struggle, the so-called ban on advertising of abortions, the government has agreed on a draft bill. Is this a revision to a cost of acquisition in the case of contraceptive pills. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), told the German press Agency: “The insurance companies cover the costs for the pill in the future two years longer, until the 22. Birthday. This will help young women to avoid unwanted pregnancies.” He considered that this was a good addition in the framework of the government found a compromise.

The new regulation is part of a speaker design to solve the dispute about Changes to the ban on abortions in section 219a of the criminal law of Advertising book. This prohibits “advertising” for abortion and, consequently, is liable to prosecution anyone who “offers his financial advantage because of the” public abortions. In the coalition, the SPD had called for the abolition of the ban on the Union side didn’t want to.

+++ 18: 48: After tragedy to Julen – Again fatal accident in fountain, Bay +++

Only a short time after the tragic death of little Julen in Andalusia, a misfortune in a well shaft is in the same Region that happen again. Like the website, “Málaga hoy” and other Spanish media reported, in the village of Villanueva del Trabuco, not far from the village of Totalán, in the two-year-old Julen death – the bodies of a 45-year-old man and his dog in a water-filled shaft discovered.

The Man was gone, according to the Sunday night walking his dog. When he came back, alerted his family. The victim is well known in the area. It is believed that his dog was first plunged into the manhole, and the man came to death, as he wanted to save the animal.

In Spain there are numerous illegally drilled wells holes. Julen was on 13. January in a 107-Meter-deep shaft with a diameter of only 25 centimetres fell. In the night of Saturday he had been to the lavish, almost two weeks of salvage operations recovered dead.

+++ 18.32 PM: education Minister hopes for quick agreement in the dispute on digital Pact +++

In the Federal-state dispute over the digital Pact of the Federal Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU) hopes for a speedy agreement. All sides was clear, “you must now go a step to each other,” said Karliczek the Newspapers of the New Berlin-based editorial company (Tuesday editions). It was your expectation on the Wednesday evening to the conciliation Committee.

at the end of last year, the country stopped the law of the Grand coalition, with the current ban on Cooperation in the education relaxed. The countries fear that the Federal government get with the planned amendment of the Constitution too much influence on education policy.

+++ 18.05 PM: police revoked to Pay Kältetoden +++

speaks The police has objected to the Numbers of Homeless over the frozen homeless people in North Rhine-Westphalia. None of the two in Düsseldorf on the road dead men, there is advice to Freeze to death as the cause of death, said a police spokesman in the state capital. This Winter was frozen to death, according to the findings of the police in Düsseldorf. The “Neue Ruhr/Neue Rhein Zeitung” had reported in advance of its Tuesday edition about this representation of the police.

The Federal Association of assistance to the homeless had reported ten cold dead nationwide, four of them in North Rhine-Westphalia in Dusseldorf, in Essen, in Cologne, Germany.

Also, the police in Essen, the newspaper, is no evidence that a cold, dead. In Essen, a man from the local drug scene was found at the end of November dead in a car Park. The cause of death is still unclear, it said. The Cologne police wanted to confirm a cold dead in the Cathedral city neither nor deny.

+++ 17.52 PM: report: “Shutdown” will cost eleven billion dollars, But compensation +++

The partial standstill of the US Federal government (“Shutdown”) has devoured according to an official calculation of the independent budget auditor, eleven billion dollars in economic output. Of which a large part could be made up, three billion were lost in any case, according to a report submitted to the party cross-border offices (Congressional Budget Office). This takes in the order of the Congress prior to the cost calculations for major societal decisions in the United States.

The 35-day long-still the USA will cost in the fourth quarter of the previous year, 0.1 percentage points in economic growth in the first quarter of 2019 and even 0.2 percentage points. The growth will be in the subsequent quarters is likely to be higher. After the compensation, the economy is expected to be a seffekten performance by the “Shutdown” only by 0.02 points.

+++ 17.34 PM: the death of three cancer patients – the trial against healer +++

A medical practitioner from Moers after the deaths of three of his patients in an alternative cancer therapy in court. The process in Krefeld, Germany, to start in two months – on 29. In March, informed the state court. The 61-Year-old is charged with negligent homicide and violating the drug laws.

He is said to have administered to the sick according to the indictment, at the end of July 2016, considerably overdosed solution for infusion. According to the investigation, he had used an unsuitable scale and the active ingredient was Three to six times to high doses. Two women and a man died.

The healer had treated cancer patients with the active ingredient 3-Bromopyruvat (3-BP). This was not approved in 2016 as a medicinal product, an application, was not prohibited by the law.

+++ 17.05 PM: Steinmeier and Merkel speak after a dam break in Brazil, your concern +++

After the dam break in Brazil with many Victims, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have messages in the condolence telegram to the country of your concern. “With horror I saw the terrible images of the mudslides after the dam break in Minas Gerais,” wrote Steinmeier at Brazil’s head of state, Jair Bolsonaro. “My thoughts are with the Victims and the missing people and their families.”

Merkel wrote to Bolsonaro, you have to learn “deeply saddened” by the accident. “I sincerely hope that more people can be saved.” The Chancellor spoke to the Brazilians for their “deep sympathy”.

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