23. June: After drone launch: U.S. cyber attacks on Iran

After the shooting down of a U.S. drone by Iran, the American armed forces, a media carried a report that a Cyber attack against the Iranian revolutionary guards. The Washington Post reported Saturday evening, citing well-informed circles, the attack on Thursday evening had not been the computer systems of the Iranian revolutionary guards (IRGC) that would be used for launch and control of missiles. US President, Donald Trump had approved the Cyber-attack.

The IRGC had in the night from Wednesday to Thursday a US surveillance drone with a ground-to-air missile shot down. Trump had stopped in a Friday prepared against stroke, according to his words a few minutes before its execution. The “Washington Post” reported now, the US Department of defense have proposed to the Cyber-attack, after the US made the IRGC for attacks on two oil Tankers in the Gulf of Oman in the middle of the month responsible. The US attack on the computer systems had been prepared over weeks or even months.

The newspaper wrote that the attack by the Cyber command of the U.S. armed forces have made military control systems of the revolutionary guards in Iran lame, but has not led to Victims. Trump had stopped for last Friday’s planned conventional assault on Iran, because he thought according to his information, 150 feared Iranian deaths in comparison to the launch of an unmanned aircraft is disproportionate.

The “Washington Post” reported that the U.S. Department of homeland security have warned industry representatives and public authorities on Saturday that Iran had increased its Cyber-attacks on major industries such as the energy sector. Iran had the potential to disrupt computer systems or destroy.

22. June: Donald Trump denies new rape allegations

US President Donald Trump has rejected allegations that he had raped 23 years ago, a woman in the locker room of the New York luxury Department store Bergdorf Goodman. “I met this Person in my life, never,” – said in a Statement Trumps, which was distributed by the White house. “She’s trying to sell a new book – this should point to your Motivation. It should be sold in the Department of fiction.” There is no surveillance video or pictures, there are no statements of sellers, which would then have been to a place, argues Trump. “I would like to thank Bergdorf Goodman, that you confirm that you have no recorded video of such an incident, because it has never taken place,” reads the Statement further.

The author, E. Jean Carroll does a contribution for the “New York Magazine” serious allegations against Trump and describes the alleged Events rich in detail. Trump said, among other things: “False accusations undermine the Severity of a real Attack.” Trump asked everyone to report any knowledge about a participation of his political opponent, the US-Democrats, to the allegations.

Trump had been repeatedly accused of being against women’s grip became. A whole series of procedures in US courts, but so far without consequences for the President. Global headlines had made the former porn actress Stormy Daniels, who had according to your specifications having an affair with Trump. Trump should have paid her and an additional Beloved in the election campaign of 2016, hush money.

20. June: trump’s UN-Nominated: climate change is a risk for the planet

The US President Donald Trump as UN Ambassador nominee, Kelly Craft, has highlighted the importance of the fight against climate change. “Climate change needs to be addressed because it represents a real risk for our planet,” said Craft on Wednesday at a hearing before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs. On the establishment of the 57-Year-old as an Ambassador to the UN, the US Senate wants to decide in the coming weeks.

Craft acknowledged the man-made climate change, but he also stressed that political steps should not come at the expense of U.S. jobs. Trump has been skeptical about whether there is climate change and if so, whether it is man-made. He has the USA – one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world – the international Paris climate protection agreement, withdrawn. Craft said that the US could lead the debate about the climate anyway.

in view of her marriage with Joe Craft, a billionaire businessman from the coal industry, promised to Craft, from UN talks on the subject of coal due to the bias of trying to keep out. You would in such cases be represented. The 57-Year-old quipped that her husband will go because of their Statements on climate, presumably after the hearing without you home.

18. June: U.S. Secretary of defense Shanahan stop – Esper accepts

, The Executive Minister of defense Patrick Shanahan does not want to lead the Pentagon, but in the long term. US President, Donald Trump announced on Tuesday on Twitter, Shanahan did not wish to pursue the process for the nomination as Minister of defence, and instead of his family, devote more time. The former administrative chief of the US army, Mark Esper, will take over as Commissioner of the office of the US Secretary of defense.

15. June: Donald Trump attacks London mayor again sharply to

US President Donald Trump has once again brings to the verbal attack on the mayor of London Sadiq Khan out. “London needs as quickly as possible a new mayor,” wrote Trump on Saturday in the short message service Twitter. “Khan is a disaster – it only gets worse!”

His comment linked Trump with a contribution of the right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins on crime in London. There had been killed within 24 hours, three men. Hopkins is been repeatedly accused of Islamophobia; in 2015, you had referred to migrants as “cockroaches”.

Trump had Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London, to be called the beginning of his state visit to the UK beginning of June, a “stone cold loser”. This’ll do as a mayor is very poor work.

Khan had criticized the pomp of the reception Trumps the state visit, prompting Trump tweeted, the mayor should “focus on crime in London not to me”.

13. June: Sarah Sanders: spokesperson of Donald Trump leaves office

The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, leaves office. US President, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that his “wonderful” spokesperson is going to come back at the end of June. She wanted to return to their home state of Arkansas.

Sanders, the daughter of Republican politician and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, was followed after a turbulent few months at Sean Spicer, as the spokesperson of the White house. It is considered to be controversial. The usual daily Briefings of journalists in the U.S. capital took place last hardly. Sanders fell by their outward almost conditions loose loyalty to Trump.

Sanders was in the fight, Trump on-the-go. The White house began three years ago, as Trump writes, but with the beginning of trump’s term of office in January 2017.

In July of 2017, you was then followed, as the spokesperson of the White house on Spicer, who had thrown in the towel. Sanders was previously Spicers representative.


Sarah Sanders since July of 2017, the spokesperson of US President Donald Trump

©Oliver Douliery AFP 8. June: Trump announces agreement with Mexico in the migration dispute

US President Donald Trump has announced an agreement with Mexico in the migration to the dispute. As from Monday the proposed U.S.-punitive tariffs on Mexican imports were for the time being, from the table, wrote Trump on Friday in the short message service Twitter. Mexico says in return, and firmly opposed to illegal immigration over the border in the United States take action to reduce this “strong, or to end”. With the duties, Trump threatened to force the neighboring country, harder against illegal immigration. The punitive tariffs would have had for the Mexican economy to potentially devastating consequences: The country provides 80 percent of its exports to the United States.

The number of illegally crossing the U.S. southern border was to people had increased significantly in recent months. This is mostly to migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras fleeing poverty and violence in their countries and often travel in large groups. Most of these migrants to the U.S. border seeking asylum after Crossing.

7. June: Refers to Trump the moon as part of Mars’?

Allegedly, he will not have meant it, but as it is written, it reads as Donald Trump would hold the moon for a part of Mars. In a Tweet Friday morning, Washington time, the U.S. President writes literally: “all the money we spend, not to speak to Nasa to fly to the moon. We have already made 50 years ago. We should be focusing on much bigger things, including Mars (the moon is a part), defence and research.” The occasion for the Tweet was the announcement of the US space Agency was to open up for commercial use. Only last month, Trump had written, wanted to revive his government the “size of Nasa again.” “We return to the moon and then fly to Mars”. A trip to Mars from the moon, is preferred by experts because in this way, energy and time can be saved. Possibly Trump said so on the moon as part of the Mars project.

6. June: report: Pelosi wants to see Trump “in prison”

U.S. opposition boss Nancy Pelosi is reported to have said at an internal Meeting of the Democrats, that they would see the President of Donald Trump at the loved one “in prison”. The US Website “Politico” quoted Pelosi with the words: “I want to see no impeachment proceedings against him, I want to see him in prison.”

This is a Statement that the leader of the Democrats in the house of representatives made according to the report, at a meeting on Tuesday with Chairman of the Committee. There you have to fight back against the claim by the Chairman of the judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, a study for the preparation of the impeachment proceeding.

The “Politico” quoted Expression Pelosis corresponding to their previous attitude that it is not the Congress should decide in the framework of the so-called Impeachment process, but the voters in the coming year, about whether or not Trump remains in office or not. It is, therefore, that in the case of a deselection Trumps going on in November 2020, the criminal justice system against him. Against the President can be charged according to the current constitutional interpretation of the U.S. Department of justice, no prosecution.

6. June: majority of Americans believe in trump’s re-election

Second term for US President Donald Trump? On the question of who will make the choice for 2020 the race, said 54 percent of the recently by the U.S. Institute of SSRS surveyed Americans that you expect with Trump. 41 percent believe that he will win.

in December 2018 by the U.S. channel CNN-commissioned study had drawn a different picture: at that Time 51 percent of respondents did not believe that Trump is heading for a second term.

Interestingly, The same study had also given prior to a possible second term of Barack Obama. In May 2011 only half of the participants expected, therefore, that he is re-elected.

4. June: Trump ignored the account of the city of El Paso for a re-election

El Paso, Texas. Donald Trump would have to actually do everything that it is regarded in the Texas city. Because El Paso is not only directly at the border to Mexico, the 690.000 inhabitants of the city and the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez is practically a double city. The wall to Mexico, one of the main concerns Trump’shear policy, is already along the river bed of the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo, as the Mexicans say), so to speak, in the midst of the city – at least the border fortifications, which are close to a wall. In this case, may not be entirely unfounded, is Juarez, but as one of the most violent cities in Mexico, which was a mysterious murder of a woman series since the beginning of the 1990s, with several hundred Victims to dubious worldwide fame.

all of This plays for Donald Trump but, apparently, no role. Although he was in February in El Paso from his Fans with “Finish the wall”-Call cheer on the cost of the campaign event in the County Coliseum and the necessary safety precautions, it leaves the taxpayer – and, therefore, his voters – but to sit. How many US media reports, the “Donald J. Trump for President Inc.” according to a statement from the 27. March until 26. April, a total of 470,000 Dollar costs for the aviation authority, fire brigade, police, the health Department, the road authority and public transport have to pay including.

the company has Paid not one Cent. The city has sent, therefore, a reminder, a fee of 21 percent, has been raised to be. This would increase the cost again by almost $ 100,000. Has not been paid, the invoice still. For good reason, as a spokesperson for trump’s campaign team says. “Since 2015 we have made around 550 events anywhere in the country, and this bill is about ten Times higher than usual” – quoted by “ABC News” Michael Glassner. You will examine the statement further, he says. to have

the Hand, seems to be the complaint by the Trump-speaker. Beto O’rourke, applies therefore, as a candidate of the Democrats in the next presidential election against Trump to compete, launched in March in El Paso his campaign. The company “Beto for Amercia” made a down payment of 7600 dollars and paid to the municipal account on time and in full. However, The Democrats, the municipality was only good 28.600 Dollar bill. El Paso is O’Rourke’s home town.

3. June: Trump without hair is great

it Is a new style or a Baseball-cap clad, holding the tuft of? US President, Donald Trump has pulled in a visit to a Church in the US state of Virginia with an unusual hairstyle, the eyes. Trump took part in Vienna in a Church service for the victims of the amok run in Virginia Beach. Its distinctive canopy-Great, however, was gone. Instead, Trump wore combed the Golden blonde splendor to the rear. But the excitement grew so quickly, like hair under a hat: and hours later, the President again appeared with the same Look and sat at his arrival for his state visit in London, the hairstyle perfectly.


US President Donald Trump with his new hairstyle

©Jim Watson, AFP 31. May: Trump imposed because of illegal Migration punitive tariffs against Mexico

US President Donald Trump Mexico with criminal duties on all imports of goods, forcing the illegal Migration through the country in the United States stop. Trump announced that from 10. June would be levied duties in the amount of five per cent on all imports from Mexico. You would 1 to. October gradually increased to 25 per cent, should be taken by the neighboring country of effective measures to reduce the influx of illegal migrants in the United States, or to stop, so Trump. At this height, the duties would remain, as long as Mexico solve the Problem. Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned that we must act with Caution and responsibility. “President Trump, the social problems can not be customs duties and compulsory measures to solve it,” he wrote in a letter. He announced that he would travel to Washington to try to reach an agreement.

29. May: Robert Mueller ended Russia-investigations official – says goodbye

The U.S. special investigator for the Russia affair, Robert Mueller, does not want to testify in front of Congress. He does not consider this to be “appropriate,” said Mueller in Washington in a hastily arranged appearance in front of the cameras. The Statement was from the White house, the nervousness was expected, but less explosive. At the same time, Mueller announced that he was leaving the Ministry of justice and to private life will draw. The investigations were completed, his office will be closed.

His investigation report speak “for themselves,” said Mueller. Any testimony before Congress would not go beyond what was already contained in his Report, he said. The opposition Democrats want to question the investigators, nevertheless, not necessarily in Congress to his investigation results. They accuse the Minister of justice, Bill Barr, the Mueller report unduly in favour of President Donald Trump to be interpreted.

Mueller reiterated in his short appearance, the Central conclusions of his report. There had been “no sufficient evidence” that it had given during the election campaign of 2016, a “wider conspiracy” between the Trump Team and Moscow – although the intervention of Russia was evidenced in the elections in many cases. At the same time, Mueller made it clear that he was relieved Trump of suspicion, to have the investigation of the Russia-contacts in the criminal way, disabled: “If we’d been sure that the President has clearly committed no Crime, we would have said that.” The special investigators stressed that an indictment of Trump was “not an Option”, as a President-in-office, pursuant to the applicable law, should the interpretation not be charged.

Donald Trump responded shortly after Mueller’s Statement via Twitter it is with great relief: “Nothing New from the Mueller Report. There was not enough evidence and, therefore, a Person who, in our country, as innocent. The case is closed! Thank You Very Much.”

In the 25. May: Unconstitutional – U.S. judge A U.S. stops Trumps wall-Finance

-a court has stopped the plans of President Donald Trump to Finance the construction of the wall on the border to Mexico for the time being. The Federal judge Haywood Gilliam, issued on Friday a temporary restraining order that it says the government, “the court below” to build, with funds from the Ministry of defense, a border plant in Yuma, and El Paso in the States of Arizona and Texas.

The judge wrote: “The Position that, if Congress rejects the request of the Executive to appropriate funds, the Executive branch is not simply another way, this means ‘without Congress’ spending is in line with the principles of the separation of powers that date back to the early days of our Republic.”

Trump calls for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. He justifies this with the necessity of the “fight against illegal immigration and drug smuggling”. The U.S. Congress had denied him the billions for the construction of the controversial border wall but. Trump called it in February, declared a state of emergency. This allows him to get the wall-billion from existing state posts.

24. May: US to send 1500 additional troops to the Middle East

The US is deploying against the Backdrop of the recently increased tensions with Iran, some 1,500 additional soldiers in the Middle East. You should take a predominantly “protective” duties, said U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday in Washington before his departure to Japan. Currently, between 60,000 and 80,000 soldiers in the Middle East stationed.