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To double-name-joke: WDR cuts in “carnival in Cologne” Stelter scene in condemned (14: 05)Ex-brothel-in-chief to five years in prison (11.29)20 Dead after train crash in Cairo (10.29 PM)man, 29-Year-old in Frankfurt am Main on the open road (8.52 PM)More deaths on the road – increase in accidents with a Bicycle and a motorcycle (8.39 PM)Australian cardinal George Pell imprisoned (5.24 PM)

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+++ 14.53 PM: fewer and fewer students in the UK foreign languages +++

to learn is less and less pupils in the UK learning foreign languages: Since the year 2000 their number declined by almost half, as the broadcasting station, the BBC reported. The number of pupils learning English and French, declined according to the study, even by two-thirds. Because English and French are the students so unpopular, you will not be offered in some schools. The BBC interviewed students preparing for the middle school, completion of GCSE. More and more British students of Spanish or Mandarin learning. In the case of Spanish, there was an increase of 75 percent.