has been checked Two months after the fire, in a Polish “Escape Room” with five dead in Germany, in many places, the safety in similar facilities.

“All operators have nationwide reviewed their concepts, a large part also got a visit from the building Department and the fire Department,” said Martin Sommer, project Manager of the Association of the Live Escape & Adventure Games (LEAG), the German press Agency. In an Escape game the participants have to solve under time pressure puzzles in order to free himself from confined spaces. Popular the celebrations for corporate and birthday parties.

In Hanover, three operators legal fight against the closure of their “Escape Rooms” due to the lack of building permits. In two cases, the administrative court confirmed the prohibition of Use by the city.

For the puzzles games a single official industry classification is missing so far. You are, for example, as an event organizer, or liscenced bar and reported. Also in Berlin and Cologne would be a dispute over the authority of the Royal arrangement, said summer. The safety precautions were in boys Operated at a high level, he stressed. However, there was partially any errors or ambiguities in the application for registration of the company.

According to an estimate by the Association of Germany, there are now 400 providers of Escape Games, with more than 1000 rooms or game scenarios, and the trend is rising.

In the Polish Koszalin was on 4. January is an “Escape Room” for five to 15-year-old girl to a deadly trap. Because the door handle was removed on the inner side of the playing space, and hidden, they could not save himself, according to the Prosecutor’s office. In addition, the flames prevented a member of staff to open the door from the outside.


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