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an autopsy was conducted, No public disclosure, according to coalition round 18.32 PM), planned (Iran: 20 Dead in attack on revolutionary guards (17.19 PM)primary school pupil in Berlin (15.16 hours), and double-murder of Peter Hausen: a defendant arrested in psychiatry (14.16 hours), and Two Syrian intelligence officers in Germany (13.20)

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+++ 21.22 PM: Hamas TV to use channel for encrypted messages to bombers +++

The radical Islamic Hamas is transmitted, according to information from Israel on their TV channels encrypted messages to suspected bombers in the West Bank. The Hamas ‘ use of Al-Aqsa TV for “terrorist purposes,” said the Israeli domestic intelligence service Shin Bet on Wednesday. Thus, news anchors and reporters forward secret instructions on behalf of the Palestinian Islamist organization. The Israeli air force had bombed the Headquarters of the Hamas TV station, in November. The knowledge about the secret activities of the station were a “key factor”, said the Shin Bet. Residents of the West Bank who had been recruited by Hamas, will be notified when you should switch on the transmitter to see “when the newscaster at the beginning of the Transmission, turns off his Cup”. In order for you to receive according to the Shin Bet, the confirmation that the attack plans, for which they were recruited, are, in fact, Hamas operatives in the Gaza strip, Oh, information of the secret service had enlisted the Hamas recently, four Palestinians in the West Bank and an Israeli in East Jerusalem, the attacks against Israel should commit.

+++ 20.44 PM: Google will have to cough – EU agrees on ancillary copyright law for press publishers +++

news engines like Google News to pay publishers in the EU in the future, money for Displaying article snippets. Negotiators of the EU States and the European Parliament agreed on Wednesday tentatively agreed to a Reform of European copyright law including intellectual property rights, such as the negotiators of the European Parliament, Axel Voss (CDU), the German press Agency said.

+++ 20.32 PM: Nasa gives Mars Rovers “Opportunity” after months of radio silence on the +++

The US space Agency Nasa has declared the Mission of the Mars Rover “Opportunity” is officially over, now that it has given over the months, no signs of life from the robot. Nasa experts said on Wednesday that they had heard, in spite of all efforts, nothing more of the Rover, her beloved robot remained silent. The Mission will be terminated. 10. June had sent “Opportunity,” his last message. After that, a gigantic dust storm plated the planet, and the robot fell silent, and was not available for the control center.

+++ 19.30 PM: German-French presidency of the UN security Council provides for irritation +++

The plans for a joint German-French presidency of the UN security Council in France for irritation. A Video about the bilateral project in the Online service Twitter had been deleted in order to avoid misunderstandings and to explain the project in more detail, explained the Permanent representation of France to the United Nations, an AFP request. In the Twitter-channel of the German UN representation, the Video was seen on Wednesday, however, more to.

France takes over in March, the monthly rotating presidency of the UN security Council, followed by Germany. Both countries aspire to in this time a kind of co-ordinated presidency with a joint program.

+++ 19.10 PM: Trump criticizes Maduro for Blockade of US aid deliveries +++

US President Donald Trump has criticized the Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro that he makes US goods to the country. Maduro is making a “terrible mistake,” said Trump at the White house for a Meeting with Colombia’s President Iván Duque Márquez.

For well over a week on the border between Colombia and Venezuela trucks with food, medicines and Hygiene articles. The Venezuelan military is this at the behest of Maduro is not going to happen. He stops you for a pretext for a military Intervention in Venezuela.

Trump did not rule out a military Option once again on Wednesday. You do not look at all the options, he was speaking about he said.

+++ 18.55 PM: Iran is turning US agent to charge against 39-Year-old +++

Iran has apparently reversed a successful US-secret-service employees “”. The authorities in Washington had formally brought the charges against the 39-Year-old, according to the U.S. Department of justice. The woman had run in the year 2013 in the Iran-over and should have the Iranian intelligence services helped their former American colleagues to spy on. In addition, you should have code names, confidential information from a U.S. spying program.

After the woman is looking for. “She is accused of, to have a highly confidential intelligence program of the Iranian Regime passed on, as well as the identity of a U.S. intelligence employee,” said Deputy U.S. attorney General John Demers. This is all contrary to the law, the paid oath of office and human reason. With the woman of four Iranians have been charged with Cyber-espionage charges. You should have tapped with the help of Social Media accounts data from the US secret service.

+++ 18.32 PM: No public disclosure, according to coalition round planned +++

The tips of the CDU, CSU and SPD do not want to say that after the first Coalition meeting this year on Wednesday evening, publicly the results of their meeting. The learned the German press Agency from participants circles. Previously, it had been speculated in Berlin, that the Chairman of the CDU, CSU and SPD, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Markus Söder, and Andrea Nahles, after the conclusion of the deliberations in front of the Chancellery, an opinion.

to be Equal to the beginning of the talks has been determined that there will be no state ments, it was in the evening. It is the approach and the planned procedures in the case of the Central themes of the coalition in the coming weeks and months.

+++ 18.17 PM: Mexico: UN proposed humanitarian goods in Venezuela distribute +++

Mexico’s President, relief goods in Venezuela from the UN to distribute. As a political coloring, let handle, said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, at a news conference.

“This is a matter of concern to the humanitarian aid, which should not mix with political or ideological attitudes.” Venezuela should approach the UN, in order for the relief goods, the Venezuelanpeople could be reached, said the left politician.