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death March: a court sentenced a trainer (13.01 hours), and higher regional court rejects lawsuit against cowbells (9.51 PM)crackdown on extreme-Right in four countries (9.03 PM)Dalai Lama with pneumonia in the hospital at 7: 45 a.m.) (pension increase will cost 11 billion euros (5.35 PM), a Spectacular Robbery, with millions of loot in the airport of Tirana (2.15 PM)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 13.50: key interest rate in the Euro area remains at zero percent +++

The European Central Bank (ECB) keeps the key interest rate in the Euro area to a record low of zero percent. The monetary authorities decided at their meeting in Frankfurt, as the Central Bank announced.

+++ 13: 33: Wikileaks: Ecuador monitored Assange +++

The unveiling platform Wikileaks has accused Ecuador to have a illegal total surveillance of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the London Embassy started. Kristinn Hrafnsson, the bears in the case of Wikileaks the title of editor-in-chief, said at a press conference in London that it had become on the Surveillance, after someone tried in Spain, to sell Videos and photos of Assange for three million euros. According to Hrafnsson, even confidential talks of Assange with his Doctors and lawyers with high-resolution video cameras and microphones recorded. “This condition must be terminated.”

Assange had fled from justice in 2012 in the Embassy of Ecuador in London and is stuck there ever since. The former left-wing Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa had granted to him the message of asylum for humanitarian reasons.

+++ 13.05 PM: New tyre tire: government plane remains on the ground again +++

After a new tire is a problem in the case of a landing of the government plane “Konrad Adenauer, remains” for the time being on the ground. The machine had only been once withdrawn from circulation until the analysis of the incident is complete, said a spokesman for the air force on request. According to his information, a tire was at the landing of the Airbus A340 at the airport in Cologne/Bonn on Tuesday afternoon burst. The parts then had to be from the runway removed, which have taken about five minutes.

The spokesman, had been the “Konrad Adenauer” on a functional test flight. On Board was beside the Crew technician. About the incident initially, the channel n had reported on the tv.

+++ 13.01 PM: death of a collapsed soldier no manslaughter +++

The investigation into the death of a young soldier after a March in Munster in July 2017 no evidence of negligent homicide. This is the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Lüneburg, Jan Christoph Hillmer said on Wednesday. For the supervisor, and a trainer of the 21-Year-old of death had not been predictable. “A charge of manslaughter did not arise.”

The 21-Year-old and three other officer candidates were in training during the summer, is collapsing. The men had to be treated in the hospital, the 21-Year-old died ten days later. “In all four Officer cadets of the was due to the collapse, according to the local investigative findings to a heat stroke,” said Hillmer. Upon completion of the investigation due to a suspicion of negligent homicide and negligent bodily injury may arise for the Manager, no criminal consequences.

In the case of the trainer, the investigators saw in the case of a collapsed man on the charge of negligent bodily harm confirmed. Therefore, the woman would have been able to see the collapse before. According to the Prosecutor, the district court Soltau has now adopted a criminal command, after the the trainer has to pay a fine in the middle of the four-digit range. She accepts this, the criminal command of a judgment. You submit an objection, there is a main hearing.

+++ 11.16 PM: Re-searching for missing Rebecca +++

After several days of Pause, the Berlin police searches again with the dogs after the missing schoolgirl Rebecca. Investigators were again at the heart of Berger lake, in Brandenburg, in use, a police spokeswoman said. Diver operations are not yet scheduled. The 15-Year-old since the 18th century. February disappeared. Police and prosecutors assume that the student has been the victim of a crime. To the case of more than 2200 information from the public to the police. With a great effort repeated Brandenburg forest and several lakes were scoured to the South of the highway 12 Berlin-Frankfurt(Oder). Also on and in the heart of the lake approximately 60 kilometers Southeast of the capital, investigators were already.

+++ 11.11 PM: action for damages: Vattenfall calls for more than six billion +++

In the case of the claim for damages of the Vattenfall group, against the Federal Republic of Germany due to the German nuclear phase-out amounts, the claim is now more than six billion euros. The response of the Federal government on a Left-request. In the proceedings before the International court of arbitration of the world Bank (ICSID) will put the claim in the meantime, with 4.38 billion Euro net, including process rates of around 6.1 billion euros. Process interest of the applicant in the proceedings, claimed interest on the original claim. Vattenfall had appealed before the court of arbitration against the permanent shutdown of the two schleswig-Holstein nuclear power plants Krümmel and Brunsbüttel.

+++ 10.34 PM: Netflix toying with buying a rich tradition of U.S. movie theaters +++

The US streaming provider Netflix is interested in a media report, the purchase of a historic cinema on the famous Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The acquisition of the 1922 opened light house, Egyptian Theatre, would be the first foray of the company, to have a cinema building, such as the Portal Deadline reports. This was but a Signal for a larger entry in the traditional cinema business. The Netflix Film “Roma” was repeated at this year’s Academy awards ceremony, three of the coveted prizes. Some of the cinema owners fear that Netflix was threatening with his streaming service, and 139 million subscribers in all over the world the future of cinema.

+++ 10.01 PM: West Nile Virus could spread any further +++

After the mild Winter in Germany, scientists expect this year with the further spread of the West Nile Virus (WNV). The pathogen can also be dangerous for humans, is transmitted by mosquitoes. “The likelihood that the Virus has survived this Winter in mosquitoes, is very large,” says die Virologist, Ute Ziegler of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Federal research Institute for animal health, island of Riems near Greifswald. In Germany, the first WNV have been discovered in the last year-cases in animals. Were infected, especially birds, where the Virus is multiplying very well. So far was in Germany, not human by a mosquito bite. The symptoms resemble the beginning of a flu, later, the risk of a brain skin inflammation.

+++ 10.00 PM: Iran wants to be classified a war with the U.S. +++

After the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump, the Iranian revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization, has called on the security Committee of the Iranian Parliament, the members for calm. The head of the Committee, Heschmatollah Fallahatpischeh, warned the politicians, especially from the hard-line camp, with statements such as “return of the American soldiers in coffins”, the crisis does not escalate further. “On the Agenda of the Parliament only factual discussions in accordance with international regulations and the UN Charter should be,” he said. The revolutionary guards (IRGC), the elite unit of the armed forces in Iran, which is far more important than the classic army.

+++ 9.56 PM: Mount Everest is re-measured +++

Nepal has sent a Team to Mount Everest to be measured to him. The Prime Minister of the Himalayan state, Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, adopted in the capital Kathmandu solemnly a state appraiser, and three Sherpas. Two of them should hold on to climb the highest mountain in the world, and with GPS devices, the height and Position of the tip, while the other two remain at the base camp, a spokesman for the Measurement of competent authority informed. The data would then be evaluated and the result in December is presented. The Expedition was prepared for about one and a half years. It is the first Time that Nepal missed the highest mountain in the world. Most recently, he had been in 1954 by the Indian authorities to measure – since then, the record height of 8848 meters. Satellite data indicate that the severe earthquake in Nepal, suspended in 2015, with more than 9000 dead Everest but slightly, so that the mountain could be a bit shrunk.

+++ 9.51 PM: the higher regional court rejects lawsuit against cowbells +++

judgment in the fierce cowbells dispute: The animal chiming in the upper Bavarian wooden churches must go further. The Oberlandesgericht (higher regional court) in Munich dismissed the action brought by a Anwohners. For years, a married couple in the place of the bells of the cows to feel part of an adjacent pasture disturbed and the court is to reach a the end of the Geläutes. The husband and, later, his wife failed in separate processes in the first instance before the regional court Munich II. The man has now moved to the second instance before the higher regional court – and lost again.