After the crash of a passenger plane in Ethiopia, with a total of 157 deaths, the national airline has imposed on Monday morning, the start of prohibition for all of the identical machines of the type Boeing 737-8 Max. Previously had already been in China all of the airlines in the country to rely, machines of this type for the time being, will not use. Only a few months ago was crashed in Indonesia a machine of this type, a potential of a similar error in the electronics was not excluded.

“Even if we do not know the cause of the disaster carefully, we have decided to leave these machines as an extra security measure, on the ground,” said Ethiopian Airlines, the start of prohibition. Also China moved first consequences. As the aviation authority, the CAAC, the country announced on Monday, have been instructed Chinese airlines, flights with the Boeing 737-8 Max to set up that safety risks can be excluded.

The authority pointed out that it was already the second accident with the type of machine in a short period of time. In the crash of a Boeing 737-8 Max the airline Lion Air in October, had arrived in Indonesia, 189 people lost their lives. In both accidents, there have been “certain Similarities”, said the CAAC.


look at the debris of an Ethiopian Airlines plane after the crash in Bishoftu, Ethiopia

©AP, DPA, Ethiopia: identification of the victims In Ethiopia, wanted the experts will start on Monday with the identification of the victims and clarification of the cause of the disaster. In the widely scattered wreckage of the aircraft helper search for the Black Boxes – the Flight recorders with the records of the flight data and the cockpit conversations. The Foreign office is trying, meanwhile, to continue to clarify how many were Germans on Board the Jets.

In the crash of a Boeing 737 of the airline Ethiopian Airlines, all 149 passengers and eight crew members were on Sunday killed. The ill machine that should fly from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, was crashed Sunday morning shortly after the Start. According to the Airline, among other things, 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, 9 Ethiopians, as well as each 8 of US-Americans, Italians, and Chinese were among the death victims from 35 countries.

Äuswärtiges office: German casualties

The Federal Foreign office in Berlin was that German nationals are among the Victims, but not a number. After a listing of the Airline in five Germans on Board the machine – as well as many other Europeans were. The U.S. state Department confirmed in the evening that “at least eight Americans were” on Board.

The machine on flight ET 302 crashed, according to the airline, close to the town of Bishoftu, about 50 kilometres Southeast of the Ethiopian capital. Shortly after the departure of the flight, the experienced Pilot got off a distress call and then the clearance to return, – said the head of the airline, Tewolde placed in Mariam.

The new machine was last updated on February 4. February been waiting for. A Routine Check immediately before the Start on Sunday have shown no problems, said Gebr Mariam. Since the purchase of the aircraft at the end of last year it was around 1200 hours. The Pilot had been working since 2010 for the airline.

According to the aircraft manufacturer Boeing were of the plane to a plane of the type 737-8 Max. Accordingly, it would be the same type of aircraft as in the crash of a Lion Air aircraft in October in Indonesia. In Indonesia, there had been an almost brand new machine – they rushed only eleven minutes after the Start into the sea.

in China, Boeing 737 MAX 8 will remain for the time being on the floor

In a first reaction, China moved on the mounting consequences, because of the “certain Similarities” between the two crashes. As the aviation authority told the CAAC of the country, to stay all the machines of type of the plane on the ground.

Boeing expressed first to the two accidents. In a statement on the Website of Boeing, the manufacturer said the families of the victims expressed his condolences, and announced the secondment of experts to Ethiopia. This should help in the investigation of the cause of the disaster. In Ethiopia, a special Commission of experts of the air navigation, Ministry of transport and the airline had already been on Sunday, as Ethiopian Airlines announced on the evening.

Among the Victims in Ethiopia, also employees of the United Nations according to UN Secretary-General, António Guterres. Exact Numbers or Details Guterres, mentioned in a message on Sunday. The accident made him “profoundly sad,” said Guterres, and expressed to the families of the victims his condolences.

By the International organization for Migration said that according to initial findings 19 staff of UN organizations died. On Monday, a UN environment meeting starts are expected in Nairobi, the heads of state and heads of government, environment Ministers and experts from all over the world.

New Boeing 737 MAX

Crashed Lion Air aircraft: The Jet was “not airworthy”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed itself in a telegram of Condolence to the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed dismayed. Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier wrote: “The death of so many people on Board fills me with deep sadness.”

Ethiopian Airlines is a reliable airline. It offers global Connections, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, London, New York, Bangkok and Dubai. However, it is not the first accident of an aircraft of the Airline.

On the 25. January 2010 crashed, a Boeing 737-800 of the airline in front of the Lebanese coast to the Mediterranean sea, which killed 90 passengers. In November 1996, a machine of the Airline have been kidnapped. She was also on the way from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. The kidnappers demanded despite the low amount of fuel to be to Australia flown. The captain decided to a spectacular ditching in front of the Comoros, in order to save as many passengers. 125 passengers died, 50 survived.