According to the principle debate in the Bundestag to take blood tests before birth and to prepare members to make concrete proposals. You could, for example, aim at improvements on the far-reaching Agreement.

In the debate have given beyond the question of a Fund approval of the Tests, many similarities, said the Green MEP Corinna Rüffer of the German press Agency. The majority of the speakers were agreed, to improve advice to Pregnant women and to support families with disabled children stronger. “I hope, therefore, that we can decide with regard to the environment as much as possible by consensus.”

puffer is part of a cross-party members group, which had initiated the open debate in April. At the time, it was about fundamental ethical questions. In the Bundestag was a broad consensus for a significantly, that health insurance should pay for blood tests in a Down’s syndrome child – but limited to-risk pregnancies. Several members warned, however, against growing pressure on parents, which would lead to more abortions. Concrete initiatives such as the applications had not yet been submitted, it is now advise.

Rüffer stressed, many had been also agreed that ethical issues should in the future be incorporated into the procedures of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). The panel of Doctors, health insurance companies and hospitals decide on new health insurance benefits and has already signaled that this will be considered in the case of blood tests for pregnancies with specific complication risks than medically justified. A decision is expected to be in August, in focus.

Up to the political decision-making on fundamental questions, there should be a Moratorium on this procedure, called Rüffer. “It is absurd, if the G-BA asks the Bundestag to define limits and conditions for molecular genetic test procedures, at the same time but now the process runs through.” The Deputy, who is also disabled-policy spokesperson of the Green group, aimed against the blood tests as Fund benefits.

Since 2012, the Pregnant women will be offered such Tests, which also will examine whether the child with Down syndrome would have on the world. They are considered not as risky as fruit water studies. So far, around 130 Euro expensive blood tests are generally self.

In the case of a Down’s syndrome people in each cell will have one chromosome more than other people. The chromosome 21 is present, hence the name trisomy 21. Are the consequences of physical abnormalities and a slowing of motor, mental and language development. Manifestations are very different.