Two days after the public was that Martin Sellner of the “Identitarian movement Austria” money to and from Christchurch-received assassin, have him say the US entry into the country. The reason for the refusal of entry clearance to be environment, according to Sellner, the 30-Year-old announced on Twitter.

The Austrian authorities had taken Sellner, due to a donation of 1500 Euro of the alleged Christchurch-be assassin to the “Identitarian movement” from the year 2018 to the visor. It is the suspicion of “participation in a terrorist Association”. The “Identitarian”, which will be observed for a long time by the Austrian protection of the Constitution and according to the Chancellor Sebastian, Shortly before its dissolution, denied on Wednesday the allegations.

RAID at Martin Sellner after donation of suspected Christchurch-terrorists

Sellner had already announced last Monday, in a Video that there had been a RAID on him. During the house search, communication medium, Computer as well as all debit and credit cards have been seized. The interior Ministry confirmed on Wednesday, in the view of Sellner “excessive and unjustified” investigation against him. He wanted to donate the amount received to a charitable institution. The assassin of Christchurch have him pull out just in “the thing” and repression of the “Identitarian movement” want to trigger, speculated Sellner. With terrorism he had nothing to do with it.