After the mass protests in Hong Kong, has apologized to chief Secretary Carrie Lam for the controversy about the law for deliveries to China. There have been shortcomings in the work of their government.

“I bear a large part of the responsibility,” said the 62-Year-old on Tuesday and expressed its “sincere apologies”. It was her first public appearance since she had laid the law on Saturday, first on ice, and on Sunday, more than a Million people were on the street.

The head of government, the act withdrew as of the enemies required. However, she stressed that there are no plans, discussions to resume, so that the draft will expire in July 2020. “As a result, the law will expire and the government accepted the reality.” Claims of its critics after resignation rejected Lam. “I need to do a better job,” said Lam, who expressed in her appearance also understanding for the young Hong Kong, which had made against the plans mobile.

The law would have allowed the Hong Kong authorities, in China, people suspected not to extradite, although the Chinese judiciary is independent, and also political persecution serves. Critics warn of torture and ill-treatment. Foreign chambers of Commerce expressed their concern about Hong Kong’s Position as a trading place. On Sunday, the head of government had made atonement in a statement, now you pushed the personal apology.

your attempt to make the controversial law quickly by the Beijing-loyal majority in the legislative Council approval, had triggered the biggest demonstrations in Hong Kong for three decades. After Sunday a week ago – according to various estimates, between one hundred thousands and one Million people had demonstrated, it was come at last Wednesday to heavy clashes between police and protesters.

The violent police use tear gas and rubber bullets caused additional outrage. So more and more Hong Kong than a week ago, went this Sunday again on the road. The organizers were up to two million – that would be a good quarter of the seven million inhabitants of the Chinese special administrative region. “I’ve heard loud and clear and in detail about everything reflects what happened,” said Lam.

The law to suspend, is considered as the biggest political withdrawal of the Beijing leadership in the Era of state and party chief Xi Jinping. China’s government vowed to continue to stand fully behind the Lam, but Hong Kong’s head of government as a hit.

“basically, she has lost the trust of Xi Jinping. So, we can say that her career as a top management boss in Hong Kong is virtually over,” said the China expert, Willy Lam, a Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “You will be given a face-saving grace period.” He thought it possible that you remains to the end of their term of office, in 2022, in the chair. A second term of office, he from but.

The former British crown colony is governed since the handover to China in 1997, according to the principle of “one country, two systems” as its own territory autonomously. Unlike the people in the people’s Republic of Hong Kong enjoy under the basic law, the Chinese special administrative region, the right to freedom of expression and of the press and freedom of Assembly. Since the demonstrations for more democracy five years ago, had placed in parts of the port city’s week-long lame, attracts Beijing the reins.