Malaysia’s king, Sultan Muhammad V, has resigned from his post. “The national Palace informs His Majesty than 15. King with effect from the 6. January to resign”, it said on Sunday, in an opinion of the Palace. For weeks there had been speculation about the future of the king, as he was in the midst of rumors about a marriage with a Russian Ex-beauty office Queen to rest.

It is the first Time since the independence of Malaysia from Britain in 1957, that in the Muslim-majority country to resign in Southeast Asia, a king. A reason for the resignation of the 49-Year-old, the Palace is not called.

resigned as king to call on the population to “unity” and “tolerance,” it said in the opinion of the Palace. Muhammad V. is now “more willing, in his home state of Kelantan to return to be with the government of the state (…) and the people of Kelantan”.

Muhammad V. to secretly married

Muhammad V had his office since November, officially because of a medical treatment rest. In the Internet reports, the king got married to a former Miss Moscow in Russia were circulating then. Representatives of the Royal Palace in Malaysia is not commented on.

Medieval punishment

In the courtroom: Malaysia punished lesbian Couple with caning


In the past few days had increased the speculation, as according to media reports, the Islamic members of the Royal house came together for a special session. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy. The Islamic kings are determined according to a rotation system every five years. The throne will then pass alternately to the respective rulers of the nine Malaysian States. These stem from a centuries-old Islamic Royal houses.

remains Open when Malaysia gets a new king,

The ruler must now choose a successor to Muhammad. When this will be, left the Palace in his opinion. In the meantime, the ruler of the state of Perak will take on the duties of the king.

The king of Malaysia has a purely ceremonial role, enjoys in the Southeast Asian country, but great respect. Muhammad V was the end of 2016, to 15. The head of Malaysia has been determined.

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