Together, they forged to the satisfaction of the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office a criminal Plan, now they both sit in detention: According to the infamous Berlin member of a clan Arafat Abou-Chaker, was now also his brother Yasser. The investigators struck on Monday in Denmark.

The 37-Year-old is accused of having, together with his 42-year-old brother planned to kidnap the family of Rapper Bushido. According to “Spiegel Online”, and also to a possible acid attack on the partner of the musician. Bushido and his family are under police protection.

According to information of the “Bild”-Zeitung helped the wife of Yasser Abou-Chaker the investigators. You will be escaped from the violence of her husband in their Danish homeland and had seen the accomplice for the planned kidnapping enlisted were, according to the sheet. Also, you and your children may be kidnapped. The family is in Denmark, also under police protection. Whether Yasser Abou-stopped Chaker prior to his arrest near his family, or was even in real danger, is not known.

Bushido said to himself, from Abou-Chaker-Clan los

Behind the alleged abduction preparations plans for revenge may be. Rapper Bushido had seceded last year from the year-long business relationship with the Abou-Chaker-Clan, and then in an exclusive star Interview also talked about the possible retaliation of the Arab extended family. (Read here the complete interview.) The million dollar musician made his exit a lot of enemies in the Milieu of the clan.

star talk

separation of Arafat Abou-Chaker

Bushido: “If anything happens to me, is taken care of for my family”

Over the years, had subjected themselves to the Rap Superstar Bushido the head of a criminal clan. Now he and his wife, Anna signs-Maria fer-Chichi, as they freed themselves from its clutches – and why they seek the proximity of another clan.

Arafat Abou-Chaker had been taken in the past week due to the alleged kidnapping plans in the hall of the local court of Berlin-Tiergarten, after he had been condemned a few minutes before for assault and threat to a suspended sentence. It was the first conviction of a 42-Year-old, although this is still quite strong. With the arrest of the two brothers, the Berlin security authorities are managed to within a week or two effective blows against the family clan.

Yasser Abou-Chaker

to be delivered at the Latest since the arrest of his brother, Yasser Abou is likely to have-Chaker suspected that the investigators are also chasing him. After the arrest in Denmark, Yasser Abou-delivery-Chaker as quickly as possible in the Federal Republic of Germany, said a spokeswoman for the Berlin Prosecutor General’s office. Several members of the Berlin family will always be associated with organised crime, including drug and arms trafficking, protection money, pressings, robbery, and pimping. The Rapper Bushido portrayed in the star a world full of violence, humiliation, threats, and criminal activities in the context of the Abou-Chakers.

One of the five brothers of the alleged clan leaders, Arafat Abou-Chaker, for example, was convicted of an armed robbery at a poker tournament in Berlin in 2010, to more than seven years in prison, another is considered intensive perpetrators.

a Total of 33 Times, the Prosecutor’s office have determined up to the condemnation of last Tuesday since 1991 against Arafat Abou-Chaker, a total of 33 Times the procedure had been discontinued for lack of Evidence or an acquittal ended, among others, reported the newspaper “B. Z.”. During the investigation, police and prosecutors faced a wall of silence in the context of the extended family, there was also a striking accumulation of “forgetful” witnesses.

Former business partner of the rapper

clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker arrested – he planned the kidnapping of hit family?

In Berlin has been arrested the former business partner of Bushido and the clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker. A newspaper report that he wanted to take revenge on the musician.

The sometimes amazing reminder of the gaps in past procedures called for recently, the SPD in the Berlin house of representatives on the Plan. In a Written request, you wanted to know: “What is the evidence that the environment of Mr Abou-Chaker exerts, directly or indirectly, verbal and psychological pressure on the witnesses and their environment?”

response of the Berlin Senate administration for justice: “There is no reliable evidence for this assumption.”

“it Can be excluded that the witnesses have received in the process of hush money payments and for this reason now in the process of memory gaps?”

answer: “no.”

BKA takes clan crime to target the

That hush money payments or other actions of the Abou-Chaker clan are conceivable, your family members, even in the case of the alleged kidnapping plans off Scot-free, white, the Prosecutor’s office. You will leave it in the procedure and not only on witness statements arrive. In the past year, officials looked for the property of the 42-Year-old in front of the gates of Berlin, the investigators have obtained here, further information on possible criminal entanglements of the accused. Even then, the suspicion, that revenge actions of Bushido were planned.

As the investigations are not running, if so, Arafat Abou-Chaker has said of the allegations is known. A request of the star, the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office had, as yet, unanswered. In the office of the Abou-Chakers a lawyer, it was called at the request of the DPA news Agency, that we give basically no information to client ratios.

The police has been to fight not only in the capital – with an organised clan of crime and in the past few months, among other things, nationwide several raids carried out. The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office called in December a Department for asset recovery. To strengthen the fight against Organised crime and assets, resulting from criminal offences, and seizures.

According to the Federal criminal police office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) of the criminal Clans with foreign roots is a threat. “The crime of members of Turkish and Arabic origin, large families characterized by a generally ethnically isolated Familienstruktur, which is in defiance of the prevailing state structures, whose understanding of values and legal order of its own, strictly hierarchical, delinquent subculture,” explained a spokeswoman. The BKA announced recently, to take the crimes of Turkish and Arab Clans in Germany, more precisely to target this area up more.

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