After a serious accident on the highway 5 in the vicinity of Bruchsal, near Karlsruhe, where the police resorted to by hard against the driver that had no emergency lane.

More than 100 drivers will have to pay about 23,000 euros in fines, the police announced. A half-hour long, the officials had monitored the route in the direction of Heidelberg.

In the accident on Thursday afternoon, a 47-year-old Truck driver was in a traffic jam-the end to another by trucks. By the force of the impact of this burden was pushed the car to the next. The 47-Year-old was severely pinched injured in his vehicle and had to be freed by firefighters. A rescue helicopter was in use. The material damage amounts to about 50,000 Euro.

Due to the full closure is formed behind the scene of the accident, a traffic jam of more than 20 kilometers in length. On the opposite lane, a traffic jam of approximately two kilometres in length was built according to the police, because the Gaffer wanted to observe the rescue work.