After a miserable week and an equally busy weekend with lots of phone calls, negative headlines and the usual bluster from the left to the right, the British Prime Minister stepped in on Monday in front of the house and opened another round in the seemingly never-ending theatre piece with the title “Go the British? If Yes, when? Under what conditions? And, anyway?”

first of all: clarity, also, this day brought; it is in the best case, it became clear that May wasn’t played on time.

Brexit Plan B looks like a Brexit Plan A

In itself, this debate had been scheduled, that the government is referring to the shameful defeat on Tuesday a “Plan B”. Where quickly made it clear that the Plan B is to cosmetic corrections, similar to the cracking of the rejected Plan A. May not,,, this was before the deputies, especially about what she wants. As there would be:

you don’t want a second Referendum – as you said – would, in any event, a majority in the house.You want to no “No Deal”, not to be excluded but at the same time, explicitly.You want any of the customs Union and refuses to discuss it. Probably out of fear of the hard-liners in his own party.And finally, you don’t want extension of article 50, which would give the British more time, the approval of the EU, however, provided. TV-criticism

“Anne Wants to know” Brexit

“No man, what the British people want”

What you want exactly, could clarify it May, however, also hardly. Although, after all, you have to give it to her, May at the end of your Statements changes announced and almost sound as if you’ve got a couple of things. She wanted to deal, first of all, in the future, more flexible and more open with Parliament on the question of the future relations with the EU. Secondly, the government will be stronger than before for the protection of labour rights occur – a clear Overture to the Position of the Labour Party. And she wanted to find, and thirdly, to find solutions on how to get to the Irish border issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

For Mays ratios could solve the were a whole lot of concessions. New none of them was. You had expressed all of this in a slightly different choice of words previously.

The government’s line in the Rest of those 65 pound fee should pay in the UK-based EU citizens in their request for the right to stay. Because this was the day of the Gestures. And the invitations.



the British Have the self into? Yes. It’s still what? Absolutely.

May want as much consensus as possible

The Prime Minister will use this week to talk to all the leading politicians and in the still open questions, “common solutions”. You put on “as much consensus as possible”. But this is exactly the Problem. The will for consensus is waning even in the case of well-meaning opposition politicians. The Labour MP Hilary Benn, Chairman of the Brexit Committee in the lower house, said slightly acidified, Mays door might be open, your spirit, however, remains closed.

This, however, applies only to the government. Also Labour remains stubborn. May asked after surviving the vote of no confidence on Wednesday all opposition parties to talks. Which had denied the Labour Boss, Jeremy Corbyn, however, consistently and participate to be bound, that the government rules out a “No Deal”.

And so it remains, for the time being, a single grave of a fight. One step forward, one step back. Means: Standstill. May is likely to issue again next week to Brussels, fly in the hope of concessions at the Backstop. And there she meets apparently a lack of understanding, because the European politicians Theresa may’s rates have long been looking as a party political manoeuvre – and plenty of bluntly say so.

vote of confidence

The victory of the lesser Evil: the Tories ‘ Theresa May can not fall

By Michael Streck

The German foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, for example, was gone with some hopes in this day. “We don’t know what you want in London. We need to know what you want in London,” he said.

in The coming days could be significantly enlightening. Not because May could suddenly have a Eureka Moment. But rather, because the members of this battle of attrition the nose, as well as the population. For submission to the house of Commons a series of proposals this week to the farewell deal with the EU. If Downing Street is afloat of concrete, the members of Parliament with a cross-party constitutional Coup in the Hand.

to go If not, threatens the theatre of Westminster in the extension. Want to see the however, a long time ago.