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Canadian police bodies of the murder suspects, teenagers (21.50 PM)and it looks Deadly sword attack in Stuttgart: the attacker should have bought a gun only on the Day (18.51 hours)safety deficiency: Bundeswehr makes all the “Tiger”combat helicopter on the ground (16: 47)live stream leads police to attacker (15.10)AfD due to campaign in accordance with the turn in the GDR in the review (14: 05)Drunk mother abused have been killed infant in Nuremberg on the open road (12.30 PM).

The news today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 23.27 PM: the Dead and the injured in coach accident in Russia +++

In the case of a serious bus accident in the southern Russian city of Novorossiysk, at least two people and dozens were injured. The Interfax news Agency reported several deaths and at least 30 injured, citing the authorities. Were confirmed, therefore, first of all, two Dead. There are unconfirmed Reports that there were more victims. 30 people were reported to be in hospitals. On Board of the bus, several children were, including the injured, it said.

According to the initial findings of the investigators, the driver of the bus had lost control of the vehicle. The exact cause of the accident was initially unclear. A total of more than 40 people were on Board.

+++ 21.50 watch: Canadian police appears to have bodies of the murder suspects, teenagers +++

The two on suspicion of murder in Canada wanted Teenagers are, apparently, dead. There are two male corpses were discovered, which were likely to be Searched, said police in the province of Manitoba. The investigators had initiated two weeks ago, a large-scale manhunt for the 19-year-old Came to McLeod and the 18-year-old Breyer Schmegelsky. The two 18 or 19 year-old youth were the country has been widely sought in connection with three murder cases. They were seen as the main suspect. An autopsy to clarify the identity of the two, reported the Reuters news Agency. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) tweeted in Manitoba: “The search is over. This Morning at 10 a.m., localized in the RCMP-officers of Manitoba the bodies of two men, one of which is believed to be the Suspect.”

“Currently, we believe that these are the bodies of the two Suspects being sought in connection with the killings in British Columbia,” said the Deputy Commissioner Jane MacLatchy at a press conference, reports the canadian broadcaster CBC. The RCMP in Manitoba thanked on Twitter those who had participated in the search.

a Suspected triple murder

“do not Approach them and immediately call 911” – Canada is looking for these teenagers

The canadian police are hunting under high pressure to two teenagers, 18 and 19 years old. They were first missed, and are now suspected of murdering three people. The authorities also warn in front of the two.

Rune Weichert +++ 20.37 PM: Polish court bans neo-Nazi group, after unveiling the video +++

A Polish court has banned a neo-Nazi group, which had celebrated in 2017, the birthday of Adolf Hitler, and was secretly filmed. The court in the South pole niches Gleiwitz (Gliwice) reasoned according to the Polish news Agency PAP that the group’s Pride and modernity (DiN) had been aware of the fact that you can do with the event as a Propaganda for the Nazi ideology. A secretly-made Video of the gathering was to have been broadcast in January 2018 from the news channel TVN24. Men stretching in to the Nazi-esque uniforms, their arms to the Nazi salute. In addition to the trees, hanging red banners with swastikas as well as an Altar with a Hitler portrait are to be seen. The men let out a huge swastika made of wood, burst into flames and playing military marches.

The Polish Agency for internal security was able to identify three of the filmed and arrested. During the search of their homes with Nazi memorabilia, such as uniforms, flags, and books, as well as illegal shot were confiscated weapons.

+++ 18.51 PM: Fatal sword attack in Stuttgart: the attacker should have bought a gun only on the Day +++

The killing of a 36-year-old man on the open road in Stuttgart has been committed with a samurai sword. It was a decorative gun, which had purchased the alleged perpetrator on the Day, said a police spokesman. The weapon is freely available, but it must not be led to the body.

The violent excess had occurred a week ago in the middle of a street in the district of Fasanenhof. The investigators group “pheasant” attempts to with the help of state and Federal criminal police office, in the case of the Jordanian authorities, the identity of the alleged perpetrator to clarify, said the police spokesman continued. First, the investigators went from a 28-year-old Syrians. Doubt had fed the man himself, as he stated at the time of his arrest, to be two years older and Jordanians.

Cruel fact, in Stuttgart

The acts of the Issa M.: Who is the sword of the attacker really is?

The sword of the attacker from Stuttgart has clearly lied about his arrival in Germany. Then it was multiple offenders. The investigators still have a lot of work ahead of you.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 16.58 PM: allowed to Sit on the Spanish steps in Rome +++

Selfies, sitting prohibited: police officers and law enforcers call the tourists on the Spanish steps in Rome recently, if you want to put on the famous steps of the Eternal city. Who wants to see it all for yourself, you must only watch a few minutes of the Drive, and heard a trill from a whistle.

You will not be allowed to sit for a good month on the stairs, said a police officer of the German press-Agency on-site. The new scheme is a Council of renewed catalogue of measures and is already since the beginning of July.

+++ at 16: 47: lack of security: the Bundeswehr is all the “Tiger”combat helicopter on the ground +++

The series of glitches to the flying unit of the Bundeswehr does not break down. As the army announced, stayall the fighting helicopter of the type “Tiger s for the time being” on the ground. Reason certain bolt”, which” could have a lack of to be””, – stated in the message, without going into more Detail. The flying with the helicopter gunship was suspended “provisionally”. On Thursday, a panel of experts with the General flight safety of the Bundeswehr was planned to discuss how to proceed. The army aviation have a total of 53 “Tiger”helicopter.

+++ 16.22 PM: After blood acts: Trump, stricter Checks on wants a weapon purchase +++

US President Donald Trump for the introduction of more stringent Checks on potential weapons buyers. There are in Congress on both sides of the political spectrum, great support, Trump said on Wednesday. “I want to give mentally unstable people have no weapons, or people with anger and hatred, or sick people,” Trump said in front of journalists. He spoke just before his trip to Dayton, Ohio, and in the Texan city of El Paso, in which two Shooters on the weekend, 31 people were killed.

Trump said that there is in Congress a “great appetite” for a tightening of the so-called background checks before buying weapons. Democrats and Republicans are close to a solution. Further steps such as a ban on assault rifles would not be of any assistance, the President said.

+++ 16.10 PM: Pakistan rejects Indian Ambassador because of the Kashmir-conflict from a +++

In the conflict over the Region of Kashmir has Pakistan, the Indian Ambassador and suspend trade with India. The government announced in Islamabad. Previously, the Indian government had abolished by decree the autonomy rights for the India-controlled part of the two countries claimed the Region.

+++ 15: 53: dam in the North of England is safe again – people are allowed to return +++

After a days-long struggle of forces against a threat of dam failure to the residents of the Northern English town of Whaley Bridge can be put back in their homes. The police informed. More than 1500 people had been brought in safety, because of the dam, according to long-lasting, to threatened heavy rains break. The Todd brook Reservoir South East of Manchester had already been in a place severely damaged.

+++ 15: 19: auxiliary organization: More than 500 children in Ebola died +++

In the Eastern Congo have died, according to a relief organization so far, more than 500 children to Ebola. “We have arrived at a dramatic point in this epidemic, the tears so mercilessly children in death, especially the Youngest,” said Heather Kerr, the head of Save the Children in the Congo. A total of at least 737 children have been infected with the dangerous Virus. 40 percent of them are Kerr, according to younger than five.

Ebola, violence, famine

In the DR Congo, thousands die and millions are threatened with death

aid agencies, the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a “second-biggest hunger crisis in the world”. The people there suffer from the Ebola outbreak, and not the end of violence – hardly a public, respected by the world.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 15.10: France: police to stop the attackers for live stream +++

With the help of a Facebook-video French police officers were able to stop an attacker and his victim to save. The officials were showed on Saturday, a live stream of the social network, with attentive, of a violent attack, such as the Gendarmerie told. To see a man with a weapon, struck another man and threatened to kill him.

The forces were able to finally make a house in Miniac-sous-Bécherel in Brittany as the scene of the crime. They arrested the attacker, the victim was injured and was in shock. In a fast-track procedure, the attacker was sentenced to five years in prison, including a year of probation – after he had admitted the fact, and its dissemination on Facebook. For more Details on the Background of the incident were not immediately known.

+++ 15.08 PM: Switzerland closes the centre for unruly asylum seekers +++

Switzerland is closing because of the current low numbers of asylum seekers, at least temporarily, a center for unruly migrants. The facility in Les Verrières for the period from 1. September to 31. December 2019, not assigned, informed the state Secretariat for Migration (SEM). The low utilization led to high operating costs. In the centre, asylum-seekers have been accommodated at the end of which disturbed the public order or the operation in one of the Federal asylum centres. Was provided, in Les, the assignment of Verrières to gradually increase to 60 persons. Since opening in December 2018 and until the end of July, only 33 persons were sent to the centre. In Switzerland, a new law on Asylum in March, in force, in order to accelerate the asylum procedure.

+++ 14.50 PM: Deputy leaves Mainz AfD parliamentary group +++

After a referendum defeat, the Rhineland-Palatinate AfD-a member of the Landtag Gabriele Bublies-Leifert is it from your group. The members present had voted ten to one against its request for dismissal of the Chairman, Uwe, Young, informed the group in Mainz. Bublies-Leifert said: “of Course, I’ll belong as individual members continue to be for the AfD in the Landtag and of course, a member of the AfD to stay.”

Bublies-Leifert had requested the removal of Young, who is also the country party leader, because he does, in your view, too little for the enlightenment of the allegation that right-wing extremist activities in their own ranks. Young rejects the allegations. They were plucked out of the air, purely personal and had to do with politics, he recently told the German press Agency. The conflict had been brewing for some time. The AfD Rhineland-Palatinate had been removed from the circuit Board of Birkenfeld, belonged to the Bublies-Leifert, because of the allegation of financial irregularities in his departments.

+++ 14.32 PM: the number of asylum applications in July and back again +++

The number of new asylum applications in Germany year-on-year decline In July 14.108 the total Initial and subsequent applications have been registered, according to the Federal Ministry of the interior. This was 7.2 percent less than in the same month last year. The main countries of origin of the applicants were Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

In the first seven months of the year, 100.233 applications were received, therefore, a decrease of more than nine percent compared to the same period last year. The renewed decline pointed to the fact that in the coalition agreement agreed corridor for the immigration of 180,000 to 220,000 people annually, under the steps wthe earth could.

+++ 14: 30: Saxony police law comes to the test, + + +

The controversial of the Saxony police law, with far-reaching powers for the officials to come to the constitutional court of the free state in Leipzig to the test. A representative of the Left and Green in the Saxon Parliament informed, a corresponding standard control procedures been applied for. The two Saxon opposition groups want to achieve in this context, the deletion of many of the provisions from the law. In your view, make the law, expanded powers of the police, heavy intervention in fundamental rights is.

The law had been decided at the beginning of April, after a controversial debate on the proposal of the state government from the CDU and the SPD, and to the 1. January enter into force in 2020. The Saxon Green-inner politician Valentin Lippmann believes that, until the decision up to one and a half years pass.

+++ 14.27 at: Pizza after the Brexit: Domino’s million in storage +++

investing after the Brexit still plenty of the ingredients are in place, will increase the number of British pizza chain Domino’s supplies. As the newspaper “The Guardian” reported that a buys Domino’s, while flour and cheese in the UK, around a third of the ingredients refers to the company, but from abroad, including tomato sauce, frozen chicken, tuna fish and pineapple. Now, the pizza chain has invested seven million pounds (7.6 million euros) in the storage.

on exit the UK without the agreement of the EU represents an increased risk for the interruption of the supply chain, said Domino’s in Milton Keynes. “Because of the increased the likelihood of this risk, has taken the group a series of measures to minimize the impact on supply chain interruptions.” There is a risk that it can come as a result of No-Deal-Brexits to long waiting times for trucks at the borders, as well as higher prices for food.

+++ 14.24 PM: EU is helping drought victims in the Horn of Africa +++

The EU supports the ongoing drought-suffering people in East Africa with new aid funds. A total of 50 million euros would go to Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, the risk of a famine ward, announced the EU Commissioner Christos Stylianides. With the additional funds the EU’s humanitarian aid for the Region will increase since 2018 to a total of 366.5 million euros.

According to the EU Commission, are instructed in the Region of the Horn of Africa, currently nearly 13 million people on food aid. Among them, more than four million acute malnourished children and about three million malnourished pregnant women and nursing mothers are therefore.

+++ 14.10 PM: foreign office against “the criminalisation of rescue” +++

With a view to a new Italian law, with harsh penalties for Maritime search and rescue warns the Foreign office in the General Form of a “criminalization of Maritime search and rescue”. “Any proposal in this direction is also something we see critical,” said a spokeswoman for the foreign Ministry in Berlin, on a question of tighter restrictions being imposed in Italy. You also referred to a statement by the UN refugee Agency (UNHCR), the fears that even higher fines and other sanctions, the rescue of private helpers in the future be – or even prevent might. At the same time, the spokeswoman said, but also, you comment on the new law. The process of legislation in Italy still, may would also address the courts of the country in order.

The law provides for penalties of up to one Million euros, if a captain sails a ship without permission in the waters of the country. In such cases, the authorities can confiscate a ship in the future, immediately confiscated.

+++ 14: 05: AfD because of the campaign in accordance with the turn in the GDR in the critique +++

the Leading SPD politician in the AfD have been accused of because of campaign slogans based on the time of the GDR civil rights movement of impertinence. For example, the AfD in Brandenburg, advertises on billboards under the slogan “turn 2.0” with Slogans such as “We are the people!” or “at the end of the turn” for themselves. Many of the hopes of the East Germans in the “first turn” would not have met, the AfD. The Commissioner of the SPD-Chairwoman Manuela Schwesig said, according to a message: “The mendacity of the AfD is hard to beat.”

Schwesig accused the West German AfD heads of Thuringia and Brandenburg, Björn Höcke, and Andreas Kalbitz, the people believe they were in the peaceful Revolution. “You have no idea what it means, in the GDR to democracy and the rule of law on the road.”

+++ 14.01 watch: landslide in Northern Italy – dozens of people brought to safety +++

A landslide in a mountain village in Italy devastation. More than 140 people were forced to leave for security reasons, their homes, reported the news Agency Ansa. The mass had resolved on Tuesday evening in Casargo in the province of Lecco to the East from the lake during heavy rain. First of all, there were no reports of injured or Missing. On pictures of the fire Department on Twitter was to see how the mud made its way, and fences swept away was. Parking cars stuck deep in the mud.

+++ 13.51 PM: Giffey makes candidacy for the SPD Federal Chairman open +++

Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey has left the question of one’s own candidacy for the SPD Federal Chairman open. “This is a question that moves many people, and I will speak to in due time, then it is quite clear”, said the politician on the sidelines of an event in Hamburg’s city hall.