After the unsuccessful summit meeting with US President Donald Trump, and a subsequent friendship visit to Hanoi, North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un Vietnam.

Kim ascended on Saturday according to Reports, the South Korean station in Dong Dang on the border with China, the green, armored special train with which he traveled for 66 hours, after Vietnam A group of Vietnamese, among them government officials, and students, the North Korean and Vietnamese flags waving, adopted by Kim and his Entourage at the station. Kim had previously been with the car in Dong Dang.

North Korea’s rulers had remained after his summit with Trump on Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoi, where he held talks with state President Nguyen Phu Trong. On the last day of his stay, he laid down are still wreaths on a war memorial and a Mausoleum where the embalmed body of Communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969).

The much-anticipated summit between Trump and Kim went surprisingly without a final Declaration. Both sides came closer to the Central question of the removal of the North Korean nuclear weapons, and objected later to each other about the reasons for this.

Trump said, North Korea demanded the lifting of all sanctions against, and the planned disarmament steps have not gone far enough. North Korea’s foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho replied that his country had only called for a partial lifting of the sanctions.

In the as historically ranked first summit with Trump last June in Singapore, Kim had agreed to a “complete denuclearization”. It specific Commitments, until when the country will be nuclear weapons Arsenal wants to disarm missing.