After many years of investigation that previously led to Nowhere, could be pushed Cathy Phillips finally on a hot track. The Agent of the El Dorado Police Department is investigating the case, “El Dorado Jane Doe” for more than a decade. Because to the fact that the woman in 1991, died as a stripper in a dirty Motel room in the state of Arkansas, is about the victims is not known: no Name, no legal residence, no pair has been reported as missing. “Jane Doe” is nothing more than a cipher for the nameless victims.

a social security number, which investigators found at her house, and on a Cheryl Ann Wick, was registered, proved to be a air number. The real Cheryl Ann Wick, was alive, but as “Jane Doe” is also a dancer in night clubs. The murder case has changed in 27 years, to a mystery in the detective story. In addition to the investigators is also a Facebook page tries to gather clues to the identity of “Jane DOE”.

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Posted by El Dorado Jane Doe, in 1991, on Friday, may 2. March 2018

Now Cathy Phillips could have the long-awaited breakthrough. She told the newspaper “Huffington Post”, on the site of a woman GEDmatch tracked down in Alabama, the genetic Commonality with “Jane Doe” parts. Both women are great-grandchildren of a couple from Virginia. Christina Tilford would be “Jane DOE’s” second cousin, Phillips.

Tilford have signed up, according to its own statement a year ago on GEDmatch. Your DNA left you there to evaluate and to their families-track roots. With this result you didn’t expect, but, she told the Huffington Post. You can discover between himself and the woman out of Arkansas a certain Similarity.

A pimp shot “Jane Doe”

Jane DOE’s life ended on 10 July 1991 – shot in the Whitehall Motel in the town of El Dorado. Her lover and pimp, James “Ice” McAlphin initially claimed that his girlfriend had committed suicide. Then he confessed that he had murdered. For 15 years he served. In addition, he offered money to give clues as to the true identity.

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investigators found among the belongings of the victim, menu cards of Restaurants in Texas and Virginia, and diary entries with references to a “Tyrone” and “Gail”. A Bible was dedicated to family members under the last name “Stroud”. The police could also make people search for, the expenses, as friends, “Jane DOE”. Apart from your Stripper name is Mercedes, you know you Cheryl Wick, Cheryl Kaufman or Shannon Wiley. Other told, you’ve worked as a Club dancer in Dallas, but also in Arkansas and Virginia. Jane Doe claimed that she had committed a Bank robbery and was on the run. Other she told that she was a mother of two.

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Cathy Phillips holds everything for mischief. “It is plain from home got out of there,” says the investigator. All the stories? A pack of lies. All the clues, the witnesses, or well-Known gifts, proved to be false leads. All her hope she is now in the DNA comparison. In the family of Christina Tilford just don’t know yet about outliers and members, which would be released as a child for Adoption, explains Phillips. The investigators would seek DNA samples from Tilfords Related to additional Compliance and related track. At least Christina Tilford is touched by Jane DOE’s destiny: “your story breaks my heart. She deserves a name, and it would be wonderful if we could find their children.”

source: “Huffington Post”