The “tree-man” in Bangladesh must continue to hope for a cure. According to the news Agency AFP reported, Abul Bajandar, the bark-like growths suffers at the hands of, back in the hospital. Since 2016, the 28-Year-old 25 operations underwent to the growths to get rid of. After the last surgery in the past year, the Doctors were optimistic, but the Patient left in may, the clinic without consultation with the medical staff.

The surgeon Samanta Lal Sen said the re-free treatment will begin “very soon”. Bajandar shouldn’t have to leave the hospital, the doctor in the transmitter CNN. The growths were not affected only the hands, but had spread to other parts of the body over. Bajandar condition had deteriorated compared to may.

“tree man” has to the second rear case

The 28-suffer-year-old Bajandar was known in 2016, the world as “tree man” because he suffered from an extremely rare skin disease, Epidermodysplasia verruciformis. It is associated with strong growths. In the time-consuming, but free treatment in the University clinic of Dhaka, the Doctors were freed in January 2017, the hands and feet of the former rickshaw driver now of five kilograms of excess tissue. But only a year later, the man fell ill again.

bark-like growths

the “tree man,” in Bangladesh, relapse


suffers, According to his doctor, suffering only a handful of people worldwide with this disease. Bajandar was the first Sick, the Doctors cured.

the second patient with the so-called tree-man-syndrome, they had removed two years ago, the growths on the face and ears, had to accept the Doctors. The father brought his daughter in the meantime, back home, because he wants you to grow up in the hospital.

sos / AFP